Ask Angie: Similar cuts to JBrand?

Unfortunately I will be sending the JBrand Love Story jeans back tomorrow :( I loved the way they fit me but if I get them hemmed the 1.5" I need I just lose too much of the flare. I'm pretty set on having a 20" leg opening. So so bummed, because the material and wash are perfect if only I could keep the leg line and wide opening! I'm thinking a long pair with a 22" flare would work so that when I hem them they drop down to 20". What other brands, premium or otherwise, have a similar fit model to JBrand? Besides my BF jeans and the white KUTs, I haven't bought new jeans in *ahem* several years and have no ideas whose cuts are like what. Or maybe you know another faded (distressed could be OK) pair with a bigger opening that I could try. Thank you!


WIW 04.23 [shorter over short over longish]

Today there's a strong threat of rain, though I've yet to see it, so warmth and dry footwear were the primary orders of the day. I've been wanting to try another look with my little knit hoodie and with today being much cooler it was a good chance to do so.

The initial idea was to wear a longer black blazer and slouchy black mid-calf boots, but the blazer felt too similar to the last time and, well, I still feel like playing around so today I thought I'd play with the layering lines. My sis has a couple denim jackets with sweatshirt/sweater sleeves that I love the look of, but I don't have one myself. I got this cropped faded denim vest recently, and realized I could easily emulate the look by popping it over the hoodie. I pulled all of the collars out onto each other to echo the triple layering at the hems. With all the interest going on up top I went simple with jewelry, just my watch, wedding ring, and a pair of little brass studs to pick up on the buttons.

Since I swapped the blazer with faded denim, when I tried the black boots they felt too heavy; it also felt a bit too rugged overall, for me. The cream booties keep the bottom more streamlined, are refined, structured, and add some additional textural interest. Plus they're heeled and y'all know I like my heels, though I don't think that's actually necessary for this as the layering actually adds length despite all the lines. I liked the low roll yesterday and, since these jeans are also long, I decided to do it again today (I promise I'll leave my pants at full length tomorrow!). The gold sequin clutch seemed like a fun juxtaposition, plus I love how it looks with faded denim. And lastly, I wore light pink lip gloss and a double dose of mascara to further soften/pretty the look.

So the overall look ends up a bit hectic, with a whole lot of different layers and textures (sheer silk, fine knit sweater, distressed denim, normal denim, ruched leather, sequins). But I feel like I did enough to reign things in and keep it refined, though my hair decided to go along with the hectic theme ;) Which isn't a huge problem, it matches my mood today ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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WIW 04.22 [cherries and olives]

(Going to try this whole posting daily thing, we'll see how long I can keep it up before reverting back to weekly ^^)

Last week Joy suggested I pair my blush moto and olive pants, so armed with the inspiration of this outfit, today I'm donning a color combo I generally avoid: olive and pink. That said I quite like how it looks with this soft blush pink as opposed to a more saturated pinky-pink. Of course having a big dose of white doesn't hurt, either ;)

These skinnies are quite long so initially I tried the Big Roll, but without any inside contrast it didn't look right; instead I thought I'd give the low roll a try, a look that's been slowly growing on me. To help counter that I did an asymmetrical semi-tuck (the low-contrast-on-me white pumps also help with lengthening). I did also try adding a white belt, but didn't like the way it messed with the tee's drape.The only thing I'd change, though, are my coral earrings; I think I'd rather have worn white to keep the color palette clean. Finished with a cherry-pink lip gloss. Interestingly, this is the second time in a week's span that I've pulled out my drapey white tee after not wearing it for over a year. Hmm...

Incidentally my cherry trees and early rhodies are all a-bloom, and I felt like I matched my property quite nicely today with the white, pink, and green :D

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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WIW 04.19 [another trendy casual classic]

Well hope ya'all can handle yet another outfit based on Angie's super ensemble! After a long day of rebarking in now-soaked gardening duds, I'm wearing this out for a very casual birthday dinner with hubby's dad. It's not warm enough for a tee, so I chose a striped sweater and thick ponte pants. Accessorized with dainty gold spike jewelry, gold sequined clutch, and went with distressed oxfords as my trendy shoe of choice. Now off for some Ivar's clam chowder, YUM!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


WIW 04.14-18 [a rainy interlude]

After a week of beautiful sun, we were back to our usual rain this week. Happily it didn't cool too much and there were bits of sun here and there; today was actually dry (quick, bust out the flares!). Apparently I was feeling a bit quirky this week, looks like my eclectic genes took over ;)

#1 Monday - A color combo I'm loving these days: white+blush+yellow, today adding a big dose of black. This is my interpretation of the cropped+skinpeek trend, to wear a clearly cropped top/jacket but without the skin sliver (a light camisole covers that). Rather-nerdy proportions, probably not for everyone; played up the rockabilly vibe with the big pomp-pony and dainty jewelry (dainty spike earrings, key necklace, and spike bracelet) which I've come to realize I enjoy wearing when I do my hair this way.

#2 Tuesday - Inspired by this outfit. I always love looking at olive and black together on others, but wearing the combo makes me glum. The obvious solution, which somehow never occurred to me: wear olive with white instead! I'm definitely giving this ponte top a workout before it gets put away until fall, wearing it once a week since it arrived.

#3/4 Wednesday - Here's something I never thought I'd say: I think this furry vest just isn't dramatic enough. Perhaps a wider, longer one is in order! New silk kitty-print blouse (waving to my... what are we at now, quadruplets?) and new gold sequined clutch. I was originally going to wear my orange blazer with this, as orange+white+blue is one of my favorite spring combos. But my hair was extra sassy that day so I popped on some bright orange lip gloss and went with the fur instead. Bonus toothy grin photos for Angie <3 (and I'm sure those of you who've met me can hear the accompanying giggles ^^).

#5 Thursday - So this new duster cardigan is a borderline wildcard item for me. This isn't a print style I go for and I bat for Team Jacket, but it does have my colors and certainly appeals to my boho side. It just caught my eye as I passed and, since it was inexpensive, I decided to grab it. I'm expecting it'll only last through the year but should be a fun piece while it lasts. Styled with a light column, but with black boots to complete the 3-piece vertical line. Still had sassy hair going, so added BIG gold hoops and an asymmetrical semi-tuck.

#6 Friday - As YLF's anointed Queen Modern 70s, it's been so fun seeing everyone getting back into the flare groove! I've never stopped wearing mine, although currently I've only got baggy pairs. This is an unstructured volume-on-volume look which I know isn't for everyone and, while it's fun, to be honest I'm not sure it's for me either. I'd be much happier with flares that are fitted through the thigh, especially with longer tunic tops like this. Still working on that (pondering the Love Storys). I had the hardest time getting this swingy look to photograph! And if anyone has ever found themselves wondering, "hey what would Aida look like with bees circling curiously?" well I've included a photo that'll answer that for you ;)

#7 - Nails for the week, though I didn't do 'em until Tuesday night: diagonal mint with a shimmery turquoise. My tip for tape manicures like this: use electrical tape and quick dry oil!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 04.05-06, 12-13 [weekend wear, as the weather warms]

Winter weekend wear is pretty straightforward for me: sweater, jeans, boots, slouchy hat, done. But now with the weather improving, weekend wear needs to start being either 1) a bit more presentable because I'm actually leaving the house, or 2) even more casual because I'm going to be playing outside, but then also presentable because we're usually also out and about that same day. The past two weekends encompassed this spectrum fairly accurately!

#1 - Worn out clothes shopping with my sister. I was primarily seen with the trench on, but got warm quickly; I fly all over the place, especially if shopping for someone (as a few ladies here can attest to, heh). I ended up primarily holding the trench and wearing the scarf, which I didn't get a photo of but I'm sure you gals can picture it ;) I don't have a huge amount of control with this pomp and apparently it felt like channeling some Janelle Monae, which is A-OK with me ^^

#2 - Worn to grab sandwiches to eat at home. The epitome of grab-and-go outfits: yesterday's accessories were still in a pile so I matched a sweater (and really, just about any of my sweaters would've worked), my BF jeans (which are my go-to on weekends), and the closest flats (these goldies were still out from the ballgame earlier in the week); leftover pomp-pony from the previous day, too. Voila, instant outfit.

#3 - Worn out for a day with hubby and a friend, first for breakfast then AMA Supercross. Casual was the order of the day; I knew we'd be outside all day and late at night, as well as walking/standing for several hours. So I went with a new lightweight patterned sweater and rolled BF jeans with extra comfy nude boots. While I'm quite happy with the outfit, if I were starting it over for the day's needs I'd swap to a proper crossbody bag (I took the strap off almost immediately!) and wear sheer nude knee high socks along with a heavier coat  (it got cooold at night). Either way we had a lot of fun!

#4 - Worn for a brief bit of work on my dirt bike. This is an outfit I normally wouldn't post, nor even photograph. But it's probably a look I'll be in a lot this summer, and it's a category of casual wear I really need to improve. So here's my starting baseline, and hopefully it just goes up from here. Vroom vroom!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 04.07-11 [all work + a ballgame]

Clearly I am feeling the florals (not just this week but for the season, really). 3 of 5 floral days for this work week, and I used to not be that big on them. I still love my geometrics, but I think there has been an influx in the type of floral I'm drawn to the last two years. I'm going to attribute it to a sudden and surprise warm week after a lot of cool and rain ;)

#1 Monday - I decided to celebrate the warmest day of the week by letting out a little bare leg (woo!). With the short-over-long and high contrast colorway, this outfit has a whole bunch of horizontal lines but since I kept a few of them low contrast it's not too cutting. A favorite spring color combo, blue+white+black with a touch of bright orange (lipstick), along with swapping out the gold jewelry I've been favoring the past few seasons for some well-loved older silver pieces.

#2/3 Tuesday - This day I needed an outfit for work that could take me to a baseball game afterwards, so I went a bit more casual. Basic requirements: A long sleeve tee so I could easily pop my jersey over the top, good walking shoes, and a synthetic bag that doesn't easily get dirty. Dressed that up with trousers and a statement necklace, along with an asymmetrical semi-tuck for some added visual interest with the tee. EDIT: Also loosely based on this fab ensemble MaryK recently wore to a ballgame!

#4 Wednesday - Inspired by this outfit. My husband and I carpooled to work this day, which meant I had to get up a few hours earlier than normal. I was rushing quite a bit (sooo not a morning person), including on the photo front, though hubby was sweet and helped me take them quickly. This was also Una's birthday and this sheer blouse, which I purchased while with her and other fabbers in LA two years back, always makes me think of her so I was happy to have happened to wear it.

(Thursday posted earlier.)

#5 Friday - I was thinking about wearing the bomber+pencil formula Angie posted that morning, but decided instead to give this thick ponte top another wear since I'll have to put it away soon. This is a decidedly boxy look, what with the actually-boxed-shaped top and non-tapered pencil skirt, and felt a bit different than most of my volume-on-volume looks because both materials are somewhat stiff. My sis wasn't into the white pumps with this outfit, perhaps black would have been better.

#6 - Nails for the week, nice and simple. I had the hardest time getting these to photograph accurately. In low light it turns a purple-pinky nude while in the light it sparkles green-gold, and is sprinkled throughout with blush glitters. Really like the dual nature of this!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 04.10 [for siblings day]

You know how sometimes when you get dressed you realize you've got a lot or all of the same store/brand on? Today, I did that with items that relate to my sister :D

This past weekend we bought matching flats (fun!) for the second spring in a row, and today I built my outfit around them. It was nice out so rolled pants felt in order. The vibe itself is reminiscent of the decade we spent in a punk/ska band together; with the rolled up pants, plaid flannel and pointy flats, I was feeling the rockabilly vibe so I really pumped up the hair and added an extra coat of mascara (+BIG retro sunnies). Also two sets of stud studs and a dainty studded bracelet which I bought while we were shopping together. The watch (which I wear daily) and purse were gifts from her. When I realized how many sisterly elements I had on, I decided to pop on one of the few dainty necklaces I wear: a gold split heart, my half with the writing "big sister" and hers with "little sister".

I had a whole I'm feeling nostalgic outfit post brewing in my head, the recap being: I often have little punk/ska elements and influences in my outfits, and want to work those in more prominently. But instead! On the way to work, my sister messaged me saying she wore our new shoes today. When I told her I also wore them, she commented that we were awesome for magically knowing to wear them on National Siblings Day. I had no idea, but it turns out my outfit is 100% perfect for today ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


WIW 03.31-04.04

Here are my work outfits from last week. The weather perked up quite a bit, so I had fun working in some springier looks. I played with all kinds of spring trends: white, sheer, pastels+black, florals, printed pants, tuxedo striping, flares, fluid/oversized fits... And plenty of "flattering enough", as usual. Also, apparently this was "wear all light footwear" week, which seems to come around more and more often. High happiness factor all around this week, probably one of my faves in a long time!

#1 Monday - I bought this creamy, semi-sheer, low-hi (the other way around!) jacket last spring but never wore it; I still loved the jacket, though, so I hung onto it and happily I'm feeling it much more this season. Also, while these baggy BF flares are fun, I would really like to add an equally faded (and possibly more distressed) pair that's fitted through the thigh.

#2 Tuesday - Decided to go with the 'do and don a black outfit my way: with lots of white ;) Top-down dark-to-light gradient with some new slightly-glossy windowpane pants I picked up for spring (I let those white Sloans get away and have been kicking myself for it!). Between the shoulder-emphasizing color gradient, the dolman sleeves, and slightly awkward ankle-length pants this certainly isn't a conventionally flattering outfit on IT me. I do many of these daily, but several of Angie's tips to elongate are very noticeable here: #1-3, 5, 6, and 8. Also had fun with the geometric lines in this one ('specially contrasting the circular earrings) ^^

#3 Wednesday - These little floral pumps are one of the few things I've purchased for spring, which have been on my list of wants for several years now primarily because I am very particular about florals (aren't we all?) but also because I specifically wanted pointy toes. Hooray for pointy toe seasons! This particular print is rather expansive, so I had the SA bring me 4 pairs (which was all the pairs they had in my size) so I could pick the pattern placement I wanted (he was very amused). The top is also new, a stiff ponte with a sheer curved hem extension and leather piping on the sleeves. I actually bought this for fall/winter, but as springs here in the PNW are mostly cold and wet it'll still get some usage for a while.

#4/5 Thursday, also worn out clothes shopping with my sis - Pulled out the old trusty debombshelling a pencil skirt with a roomy top, my favorite way to wear pencils, as well as played with mixing pastels with black. I like it! I spent the morning helping my sister shop for a new job and specifically wore something difficult so I could stay focused on her, but of course managed to pick up a few things for me, too :)

#6 Friday, also worn out for date night with hubby - This cozy tunic sweater was another end-of-season sales item that can continue to get more wear into spring. I think Angie had this on one of her lists a while back? It's super comfy, but fuzzes on everything (because of the angora perhaps). More pastels+black mixing here, along with some new mirrored sunnies and a cream droplet necklace (another thing I've been looking for a long time now!) I picked up the day before. Lots of horizontal lines here with the short-over-long, black skinnies, and cream booties but I quite like the look! Incidentally, this is a significantly less black version of the tunic ensemble Angie posted on the same day.

#7 Nails for the week ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 03.24,29,30 (weekend outfits)

Here are my weekend outfits that sandwiched last week's work outfits. They also all matched the mint/tomato red manicure I had on. I spent much of the weekend doing some wardrobe editing, finalizing my spring shopping list, and sorting through a pile of boxes of online purchases (sent a very large percentage of them back *sigh*).

#1 - Worn to spend a day hanging out with my sis at home. I didn't like wearing my hair this way at its shorter length, so I'll be sticking to the pompadour-bangs rockabilly pony. I'm also thinking it's time to update these white sandals with a new-look pair. I've been eyeing these, if only my size would ever come back into stock.

#2 - Worn out with hubby and a friend, first for breakfast and then ice skating for the first time after going once some 25 years ago. I actually bought this little red sweater last spring during the end of winter sales, but put it away in too good a place and just unearthed it this past weekend. It photographed a bit orangey, but is really a true red.

#3 - Bonus ACTION (action) shot. I confirmed my suspicions that ice skating is hard! Also, that cashmere was far too warm a sweater choice ;) Pretty sure I made an "eek!" face the whole time (had to smile for the camera!), though I am glad that I was eventually able to move away from the wall and skate around on my own by the end of it ^^

#4 - Worn out for a quick bite, after finishing up all my closet stuff and hubby finished up in the yard. These faux-leather striped ponte pants were one of the few things I kept out of the box pile, and I just love them. They're super comfy, why have I not owned ponte pants before?? I felt very very happy in this outfit!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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