WIW 04.07-11 (all work + a ballgame)

Clearly I am feeling the florals (not just this week but for the season, really). 3 of 5 floral days for this work week, and I used to not be that big on them. I still love my geometrics, but I think there has been an influx in the type of floral I'm drawn to the last two years. I'm going to attribute it to a sudden and surprise warm week after a lot of cool and rain ;)

#1 Monday - I decided to celebrate the warmest day of the week by letting out a little bare leg (woo!). With the short-over-long and high contrast colorway, this outfit has a whole bunch of horizontal lines but since I kept a few of them low contrast it's not too cutting. A favorite spring color combo, blue+white+black with a touch of bright orange (lipstick), along with swapping out the gold jewelry I've been favoring the past few seasons for some well-loved older silver pieces.

#2/3 Tuesday - This day I needed an outfit for work that could take me to a baseball game afterwards, so I went a bit more casual. Basic requirements: A long sleeve tee so I could easily pop my jersey over the top, good walking shoes, and a synthetic bag that doesn't easily get dirty. Dressed that up with trousers and a statement necklace, along with an asymmetrical semi-tuck for some added visual interest with the tee. EDIT: Also loosely based on this fab ensemble MaryK recently wore to a ballgame!

#4 Wednesday - Inspired by this outfit. My husband and I carpooled to work this day, which meant I had to get up a few hours earlier than normal. I was rushing quite a bit (sooo not a morning person), including on the photo front, though hubby was sweet and helped me take them quickly. This was also Una's birthday and this sheer blouse, which I purchased while with her and other fabbers in LA two years back, always makes me think of her so I was happy to have happened to wear it.

(Thursday posted earlier.)

#5 Friday - I was thinking about wearing the bomber+pencil formula Angie posted that morning, but decided instead to give this thick ponte top another wear since I'll have to put it away soon. This is a decidedly boxy look, what with the actually-boxed-shaped top and non-tapered pencil skirt, and felt a bit different than most of my volume-on-volume looks because both materials are somewhat stiff. My sis wasn't into the white pumps with this outfit, perhaps black would have been better.

#6 - Nails for the week, nice and simple. I had the hardest time getting these to photograph accurately. In low light it turns a purple-pinky nude while in the light it sparkles green-gold, and is sprinkled throughout with blush glitters. Really like the dual nature of this!


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WIW 04.10 (for siblings day)

You know how sometimes when you get dressed you realize you've got a lot or all of the same store/brand on? Today, I did that with items that relate to my sister :D

This past weekend we bought matching flats (fun!) for the second spring in a row, and today I built my outfit around them. It was nice out so rolled pants felt in order. The vibe itself is reminiscent of the decade we spent in a punk/ska band together; with the rolled up pants, plaid flannel and pointy flats, I was feeling the rockabilly vibe so I really pumped up the hair and added an extra coat of mascara (+BIG retro sunnies). Also two sets of stud studs and a dainty studded bracelet which I bought while we were shopping together. The watch (which I wear daily) and purse were gifts from her. When I realized how many sisterly elements I had on, I decided to pop on one of the few dainty necklaces I wear: a gold split heart, my half with the writing "big sister" and hers with "little sister".

I had a whole I'm feeling nostalgic outfit post brewing in my head, the recap being: I often have little punk/ska elements and influences in my outfits, and want to work those in more prominently. But instead! On the way to work, my sister messaged me saying she wore our new shoes today. When I told her I also wore them, she commented that we were awesome for magically knowing to wear them on National Siblings Day. I had no idea, but it turns out my outfit is 100% perfect for today ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


WIW 03.31-04.04

Here are my work outfits from last week. The weather perked up quite a bit, so I had fun working in some springier looks. I played with all kinds of spring trends: white, sheer, pastels+black, florals, printed pants, tuxedo striping, flares, fluid/oversized fits... And plenty of "flattering enough", as usual. Also, apparently this was "wear all light footwear" week, which seems to come around more and more often. High happiness factor all around this week, probably one of my faves in a long time!

#1 Monday - I bought this creamy, semi-sheer, low-hi (the other way around!) jacket last spring but never wore it; I still loved the jacket, though, so I hung onto it and happily I'm feeling it much more this season. Also, while these baggy BF flares are fun, I would really like to add an equally faded (and possibly more distressed) pair that's fitted through the thigh.

#2 Tuesday - Decided to go with the 'do and don a black outfit my way: with lots of white ;) Top-down dark-to-light gradient with some new slightly-glossy windowpane pants I picked up for spring (I let those white Sloans get away and have been kicking myself for it!). Between the shoulder-emphasizing color gradient, the dolman sleeves, and slightly awkward ankle-length pants this certainly isn't a conventionally flattering outfit on IT me. I do many of these daily, but several of Angie's tips to elongate are very noticeable here: #1-3, 5, 6, and 8. Also had fun with the geometric lines in this one ('specially contrasting the circular earrings) ^^

#3 Wednesday - These little floral pumps are one of the few things I've purchased for spring, which have been on my list of wants for several years now primarily because I am very particular about florals (aren't we all?) but also because I specifically wanted pointy toes. Hooray for pointy toe seasons! This particular print is rather expansive, so I had the SA bring me 4 pairs (which was all the pairs they had in my size) so I could pick the pattern placement I wanted (he was very amused). The top is also new, a stiff ponte with a sheer curved hem extension and leather piping on the sleeves. I actually bought this for fall/winter, but as springs here in the PNW are mostly cold and wet it'll still get some usage for a while.

#4/5 Thursday, also worn out clothes shopping with my sis - Pulled out the old trusty debombshelling a pencil skirt with a roomy top, my favorite way to wear pencils, as well as played with mixing pastels with black. I like it! I spent the morning helping my sister shop for a new job and specifically wore something difficult so I could stay focused on her, but of course managed to pick up a few things for me, too :)

#6 Friday, also worn out for date night with hubby - This cozy tunic sweater was another end-of-season sales item that can continue to get more wear into spring. I think Angie had this on one of her lists a while back? It's super comfy, but fuzzes on everything (because of the angora perhaps). More pastels+black mixing here, along with some new mirrored sunnies and a cream droplet necklace (another thing I've been looking for a long time now!) I picked up the day before. Lots of horizontal lines here with the short-over-long, black skinnies, and cream booties but I quite like the look! Incidentally, this is a significantly less black version of the tunic ensemble Angie posted on the same day.

#7 Nails for the week ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 03.24,29,30 (weekend outfits)

Here are my weekend outfits that sandwiched last week's work outfits. They also all matched the mint/tomato red manicure I had on. I spent much of the weekend doing some wardrobe editing, finalizing my spring shopping list, and sorting through a pile of boxes of online purchases (sent a very large percentage of them back *sigh*).

#1 - Worn to spend a day hanging out with my sis at home. I didn't like wearing my hair this way at its shorter length, so I'll be sticking to the pompadour-bangs rockabilly pony. I'm also thinking it's time to update these white sandals with a new-look pair. I've been eyeing these, if only my size would ever come back into stock.

#2 - Worn out with hubby and a friend, first for breakfast and then ice skating for the first time after going once some 25 years ago. I actually bought this little red sweater last spring during the end of winter sales, but put it away in too good a place and just unearthed it this past weekend. It photographed a bit orangey, but is really a true red.

#3 - Bonus ACTION (action) shot. I confirmed my suspicions that ice skating is hard! Also, that cashmere was far too warm a sweater choice ;) Pretty sure I made an "eek!" face the whole time (had to smile for the camera!), though I am glad that I was eventually able to move away from the wall and skate around on my own by the end of it ^^

#4 - Worn out for a quick bite, after finishing up all my closet stuff and hubby finished up in the yard. These faux-leather striped ponte pants were one of the few things I kept out of the box pile, and I just love them. They're super comfy, why have I not owned ponte pants before?? I felt very very happy in this outfit!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 03.25-28

Hi ladies! Here are my work outfits from last week. One of the spring trends I'm interested in exploring this season is mixing pastels with brights, so last week I painted my nails tomato red and mint (#5) and built outfits for the week that sorta went with one or both of those shades.

#1 - Worn to work, then out to a small typographic dinner party with some type friends. Wanted something relaxed but dressy. This is a variation on an outfit I wore to a type conference back in August; that time I wore my white sequin tank instead. The sheer blush top was more noticeably sheer in person. Red jacket and minty green earrings pick up on the manicure.

#2 - Worn to work. I haven't wear this bomber much (I find them tough to wear, personally) but I quite like how it looks with flared bottoms. Maybe because the flares help balance out the shoulder line? Had fun mixing textures in this outfit: quilted pleather, sweatshirt, cashmere, denim, pony hair, patent leather, matte leather. Red earrings pick up the mani, and the blue/teal shades "go" with it.

#3 - Worn to work. My foray into the cropped-top trend primarily manifests as wearing cropped or almost-cropped lengths that hit just on the pant line; I wear a tonal camisole underneath the tops, in this case a light gray. I particularly like the look with flares, but wanted to give it a go with slouchy pleated pants too. This jacket has little puffed sleeves which I tried to show in #6; as an IT that's not particularly drawn to the cute factor of the puffed sleeve, I do like it in certain cases. I initially had planned to wear this with black shoes and purse, but it felt too autumnal so I switched to cream and white instead. Rust picks up the manicure. Bonus normal toothy smile, for Angie :)

#4 - Worn to work, then a hockey game. Ok so this one didn't fit the "dress to the manicure" theme at all, but at the last minute we got hockey tickets and I decided it was more important to dress in my team's colors (green/black/white). Sporty look with mixed checks, and since my hair is now borderline long enough to do things with again I popped it up into a little rockabilly pony (which I missed more than I expected!). And then since I wanted something to go with my nails, I wore mint stud earrings.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW: early 2014 faves

Hi ladies, I wanted to share a few of my favorite outfits since the start of the year! I've still been taking my daily photos over the last year, though I haven't been posting them. These are pretty representative of what I've been wearing to work so far this year. Weekend wear has been extra casual, usually just a sweater or flannel + jeans + boots + knit hat; I could post a few of those if anyone is interested, but they're pretty basic.

I picked mostly red/blue+white+black outfits below but I've also been enjoying wearing gray, camel, mint/emerald, periwinkle/violet, and lots of white white white. I've also been having lots of fun with my nails (my sis and I did a whole crazy football nail project, with new manicures for each week of the season). And I've started working on some heavy wardrobe editing and replanning, which I'll continue working on over the next month.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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Dropping by to say hi (+WIW)

Just wanted to pop in and say hello ladies! I'm still lurking, still not quite ready to dive back in to Serious Fashion Mode but getting closer. Remixing with what I have in my closet continues to go well, though I have finally sucked it up and ordered a few springy things this week. I miss you gals and hope everything is going well for everyone <3

(Also, I'm wearing this today. Pretty standard Aida fare, nothing new. Although this is the first time I've been able to wear floor sweeping hems in quite a while. *BIG WAVE*)


WIW 11.19-22

Well my little hard drive where I keep all my outfit photos went kaput and I'm still working on getting data off it, but I had this week saved on my computer before that so I'm able to share it! Hopefully I'll get that all sorted out this weekend.

Something Joy mentioned a couple weeks ago really struck a chord with me: "It feels like you have added an element of glamour to your style, while keeping the adventure and fun." She's spot on, and I'm glad to have that idea more crystalized. I'd actually also like to move away from primarily oversized fits to primarily tailored and fluid fits. We'll see how that actually goes, though; to do that would essentially require a wardrobe overhaul and that is a daunting (and expensive!) idea to me -_- For the week below, I was feeling a little blah and happily took inspiration from some of Angie's fabulous blog posts around the time.

#1 - Tuesday. A dry enough day to wear my baggy flares. In Angie's flared pants post, the first image caught my eye with the moto vest layered over a blouse. Mine is a different kind of kitty print ;)

#2 - Wednesday. Of course directly inspired by Angie's hoodie under a jacket post. I thought this would be waaay out of my comfort zone (I'm not even remotely sporty) but was pleasantly surprised otherwise; my hoodie is knit like sweater which probably helped with that feeling. I know the high contrast footwear won't be to everyone's taste but this was a rare occasion where I actually did feel like I needed to bookend to balance out the black on top.

#3 - Thursday. An ode to the big scarf, and a rare almost-black look; but of course I couldn't leave it without any white. Also, that top is actually subtly sparkly. First time wearing this faux fur inifinity scarf, looped around twice, which I picked up in early spring; it felt BIGGER in person than it looks in the photos but was probably somewhere in between. I figured it'd bother me but it was actually totally fine and extremely warm. I'll definitely be wearing it this season. More high contrast footwear because this is already too much black for me, but I must say I really enjoyed the finally vibe; having the scarf and the cardi near my face was a huge help.

#4 - Friday. Heavy frost, so I pulled out a favorite cold weather chunky sweater which I primarily like to wear with slim pants and tall boots. A simple fall back formula for me.

#5 - Bonus nail photos; left from outfits #1/2, and right from outfits #3/4.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 11.11-15

Hi ladies, here are my work outfits from last week! Much less auto-pilot than I've been, which I had fun with. Even though I was off shopping for the last several months, I did look through the NAS goodies because I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't. The tweedy skirt in #3 is one of the few things I bought; this look from the fall shows has been stuck with me so I was delighted to find something similar although mine is much shorter, which I prefer in fall/winter anyway. I did buy a couple other things too (coat, blouse, bomber), so those will probably start popping up in outfits soon. Everything else in these are older items you've seen before :)

#1 Monday - A little black+navy, pattern mixing, and daytime shine. Plus a slouchy hat, just for fun.

#2 Tuesday - Mixing fuchsia and red. I normally wouldn't match the shoes, but was in a matchy mood that day I guess.

#3 Wednesday - A random warm day, 58F! I've pinned several outfits with this boxy-top-over-flared-skirt silhouette, and finally gave it a go. Just love how it looks with the stiffer skirt! I've also got another softer flared skirt with which I plan to sport this silhouette for the season, so hopefully it's YLF approved ^^ This outfit also accompanied me to lunch with hubby before work.

#4 Thursday - Wanted to get in some furry vest before it's too cold (this one is hard to layer once the winter coats come out); wasn't too successful over this stiff blouse unfortunately, it kept bunching up funny. I haven't worn my pendants in a looong time, but pulled out one of my favorites for this outfit. Bonus pop of neon!

#5 Friday - A color palette I'm really into for winter, and a different type of volume over slim look: BIG volume tee, lightly oversized moto, and slim pants. The jacket doesn't fully reign in the volume, but it does seem to give just enough shape.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 11.09-10 (anniversary in Portland)

This past weekend hubby and I took a short weekend trip down to Portland to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary; we'd been wanting to check out Multnomah Falls for a while so we figured we'd pop down to check out the falls and eat some delicious food! We had enough time to stop at two falls, Wahkeena (#3 left) and Multnomah (#3 right), though it was already getting dark by the time we got there. After that we had dinner at one of my favorite places, Kale (Japanese curry), and then found a neat little bar that was quite literally under ground (you took a staircase cut into the sidewalk to head underneath the building above). The next morning we had a tasty breakfast at one of the nearby hotels, and then headed back home. A fun, albeit short, low key trip :D

Here are my super casual outfits for the super casual weekend, along with some pretty pictures of the falls. #1 is what I wore on Saturday, #4 is what I wore on Sunday. Sartorial choices based on the following:

- The bulk of the weekend was spent in the car (it's about a 3.5 hour drive each way) so car comfort was top priority; stretchy twill pants and loose sweaters are great for that.
- We pack very lightly when we travel; the two outfits are essentially the same, swapping one sweater for another.
- Thirdly, I figured there might be a small hike to get to the falls (there was, and we did), plus a bunch of city walking; enter the rugged but cushioned leather boots.
- And lastly, there's always a chance of rain so a waterproof jacket was a must; I didn't feel like brining a trench, and instead brought a pleather jacket and a short lightweight puffer for nighttime.

And as always, we're terrible about getting photos with both of us in them. So here's the best one I have from the weekend (#2), taken after the short hike, complete with magical waterfall sparkles in the air.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

[EDIT: OK, had to add an alternate outfit shot that hubby took of me with waterfalls because I liked the photo ^^]


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