My NAS items (pt1)

I did the preselection at the flagship store in downtown Seattle on Wednesday, and had a very strict shopping list of true wardrobe needs.

I spent most of the time (and budget) getting a long overdue bra fitting done, which was my main priority. It took us about 4 hours (and I feel like I tried everything they had in my size, not nearly as many options as non specialty sizes at least I guess ;)), and we managed to find five (!) bras that fit well, two Simon Perle and three Chantelle Of course, none part of the anniversary sale, but it's worth it to finally have correctly fitting bras. During that time my SA also helped me find some undies and camisoles, happily those were part of the sale.

After that we went to each "tent". The main clothing item I needed was a pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans; my SA brought me just about every pair of black skinny jeans at the store, both sale and otherwise, and unfortunately none were quite what I was looking for so that was a bust. I did find a pair of white trousers that fit beautifully though! Again, non NAS.

As for actual NAS items, I ended up with four pieces: A knit boucle jacket that has a wonderful tailored fit, mossy green striped sweater (which is actually a gorgeous shade of green, much more warm and green than the photo shows), cream fair isle cashmere sweater, and some fun geometric textured nude tights.

I was so tickled that I managed to stick to my list of needs at the store, even if I didn't find everything I needed.... but of course then when I got home I ordered a bunch of other stuff -_- I fully anticipate sending it all back, only one or two of those items are actual needs and I really do need to stick to that. Will post an update when the huge pile of boxes arrives ;) Until then I am SUPER HAPPY with what I bought at the store!

Will post separately about some things I tried but didn't buy.


WIW [some casual hot weather looks]

Here's some of the casual hot weather outfits I've been wearing the past two months. I don't have time at the moment to create my usual collages but I think these show enough of each outfit on their own. Some of these I've already posted and some I'm hoping to still post to my YLF blog, but in case I don't at least I've got them all gathered up here.

I put these in order of outside warmth, starting with cooler then going to warmer plus two dress days (I don't wear them that often, even when it's hot, although they are certainly great for hot days when my brain isn't working). These were worn to a wide mix of things -- some for work, some on the weekend, and some were more gear-centric active-casual needs (like hitting the driving range in #2, or gardening in #15). Because I was so pumped that it worked, I must share that #17 was successfully (!!) modified for evening to head out to a casino with friends: swapped the vest for a lace moto, put on the blush sparkly flats from #4/6, and grabbed a silver clutch. I was fairly happy in all of these, though #9 felt a bit "off" and #1 felt a little too sloppy.

We've got (at least!) two weeks of unseasonably hot weather coming (80+), so I'm sure I'll be able to do a similar post sooner rather than later. Today it is almost 90F/32C and I am wearing #14, feeling very happy and comfortable :D

As always, comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

EDIT to future selves: I've since added a "header" photo so these are easy for me to spot when searching for outfits; so don't forget that all number references prior to my second reply are shifted by one!


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WIW [favorites: April/May]

I hope you gals don't mind indulging me with a photo-heavy post so I can get these outfits in my YLF blog :) These are my favorite work outfits from April and May, excluding this week which I'll (hopefully) post tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't have time to do up my usual editing and collages, so I'm just including an image or two per outfit; please pardon the color/contrast inconsistencies and occasional wind-related blurriness.

Not going to write about each look, but here's a quick rundown of "newer" (SS15, FW14) items. I've also put these Finds, and anything still available, first:

  • Red printed hi-low tank (SS15)
  • Rose gold sparkle sweater (SS15)
  • Faux-leather capris (SS15, wildcard and totally love 'em)
  • Black pleated trousers (SS15, gift from the lovely Claire)
  • Blue watercolor dress (SS15)
  • Dalmatian pointy flats (SS15)
  • Navy floral sweater (FW14)
  • Dark plaid skinnies (FW14, from Suz though YLF this season)
  • Cream block-heeled booties (FW14)
  • Leo clutch (FW14)

Everything else is older, and actually a pretty good representation of the all-season items that are currently in my wardrobe. Even though these outfits are all prior to my recent closet edit, everything here remains in my wardrobe -- probably a big factor for why these looks were faves. I'd basically been wearing items from the edited section already, but having the excess cleaned up helps quite a bit! I've been repeating a lot more (for those who know me, that's a big shift), both entire and partial outfits; several of these have been worn a couple times now. (#3, 6, 12, 14, and 17 were in the running to wear to the meetup if the actual outfit I wore didn't work out.)

I've also been strict with myself about keeping in mind my findings on Collection ROG Aida and where my style is headed and, coupled with the closet edit, I've since been feeling much happier with my outfits.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

EDIT to future selves: I've since added a "header" photo so these are
easy for me to spot when searching for outfits; so don't forget that
all number references are shifted by one!


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WIW 05.16 [YLF Seattle meetup + little updates]

Hello ladies! It's been a while, my apologies; work has been extra busy and then I managed to injure a tendon in my dominant hand which restricted computer time to work only for a good while. Work continues to be busy but at least I can freely use my hand again! Here is what I wore to the Seattle meetup this past weekend, which you've now also seen in the fun photos Angie, Ann, and Anna shared [1 | 2].

This red tank is new for the season, bought back in March when I was in Arizona for Spring Training and snuck away for some shopping with Claire (so fun!). For spring I've been enjoying wearing it with cropped jackets to really highlight the long back hem, and especially with this little red jacket. Other than the tank and sunglasses, the rest of the items are older favorites. Accessorized with white, gray, and gold/taupe; finished off with a peachy-nude lip.

In meetup loot news, I bought three jackets -- a soft long white blazer, a bright orange tailored blazer, and a taupey-silvery lightweight fabric moto (personally selected by Ann ^^) -- and an oversized gauzy white scarf with little pompom tassels (would you gals believe that I didn't have a white scarf??).

In hair news, my stylist and I decided my hair isn't thick enough for the longer layers I was thinking about so we're going to emulate the round look with short layers and go for a more 80s metalhead thing. Will probably take through summer to get to the final shape and length, so we'll shape it a little closer each month or so.

And in wardrobe news, the day after the meetup I was inspired to finally hunker down and do the first half of a very necessary and a long overdue sweeping closet edit/purge. Once through has reduced about a fifth, and I'm hoping to reduce the same amount or more with a second round soon. I find this aspect of wardrobe management particularly difficult but even at only partially complete, I am already appreciating the results.

As always comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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While we're all considering hair...

I've sported my angled bob a couple years now. Really would like a change, and have been hemming and hawing about what to do for a good while. It's really tough to find good curly hair inspiration that isn't "that curly cut that everyone has", is actually curly vs. straight hair that's been curled, AND that will work with with my fine&thin hair (all the best cuts need THICK hair!). I'd been working towards the round 70s style in #1/2 since December; I've got a variation of it currently, still with a slight angle. But now I'm really digging the bordering-80s style in #3/4.

So I'm thinking keep the volume up at eye level (which I always do anyway), then rounded shape around my head to the chin with wispier curly bits that hang long underneath. Kind of uneven. Haven't had actual bangs since I was a kid probably, not sure my hair will behave as nicely plus my forehead is quite small so it may not be possible. It'd take a while to get the length in #3/4, the final shape would probably happen near the end of summer. What do you ladies think?


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Style direction thoughts (AKA: Thanks, ROG!)

After playing quite a bit with the nifty Random Outfit Generator (ROG) today, I've discovered some interesting things about my wardrobe and the direction my style, apparently, should be headed next. It's not news to me that I'm headed on a (slightly) new path; I'd already jotted down lots of notes about what I had been thinking that direction was, and I've actually been ruminating on this for almost a year now (and taking little baby steps in that direction). It's more a surprise to find that I might not have been quite right about it!

I use my Finds to collect anything that I'm drawn to, things that I'd probably get if funding and fit and space weren't an issue. Using the ROG to generate actual outfits was quite illuminating, in a totally different way than simply browsing through the Finds. What I found was that comparing the ROG with my wardrobe items versus with my collection items revealed a much larger disconnect in style than I'd expected (handy pretend-to-be-Aida links included, if you're so inclined). Of course, my wardrobe section is very incomplete compared to what's available in my entire closet -- in particular it veers spring/summer and active casual because that's what I focused on heavily last year -- but also because I did most of my wardrobe building pre-Finds. And there's definitely more cohesion to Collection ROG Aida which is probably due in part to the much larger number of items to work with and her unlimited funding. But even so, it's quite a useful thing for comparison.

Collection ROG Aida wears:

  • More textural rich pieces
  • A bit more Urban, and bit Funkier/Quirky
  • Far more drape, both top and bottom
  • More cardigans
  • More tees and blouses (less shirts and sweaters)
  • More prints than expected
  • Less neutrals
  • Longer lines
  • Greater variety in bags/footwear

We both wear:

  • A lot of white
  • A lot of plaid
  • Primarily 3-season pieces
  • The same few jacket styles
  • Mostly pants/almost no skirts
  • A pretty soft overall feel

Now in reality I'm not sooo far off of Collection ROG Aida, but there were a ton of generated outfits that I quite liked which I wouldn't be able to emulate using pieces I already have. There were also a couple of pieces I own (toppers in particular) that just didn't seem to go with any of the outfits generated, and while that may be due to the small sample size, in reality I do find it to be the case within my actual working wardrobe as well. And of course, wearing less sweaters isn't practical for my (very wet and mild) climate but I think perhaps it's time to update my blouses.

More interestingly, there were a few things about Collection ROG Aida that I had already figured out on my own that I need to start working towards (texture, more urban, better variety in pieces overall) BUT many of her qualities were actually a bit of a surprise. Two in particular:

  1. Drape. I'd been itching for more tailoring since last spring, yet there in my Finds it's all full of drape. Right now a lot of my drape is manifesting as oversized, which is not really the case in my Finds.
  2. Less neutrals. I'm pretty much a neutrals gal at heart, but clearly I'm hankering for even more color (and print).

There was also one additional thing that was a big surprise: Not nearly as sporty-luxe as expected. I'd planned on adding more of those pieces this season; in fact I'd made it one of my goals at the start of the year. I'm not sure whether Collection ROG Aida just isn't that sporty or if  haven't been seeing sporty things that appeal to me, but either way I think I will now prioritize this a bit less.

So! Thanks to the ROG I've got a MUCH better idea about what I need to do moving forward style-wise. And while I don't have the unlimited funds of Collection ROG Aida, I'm hoping that a few smart purchases will get me closer to her. Now to reconfigure my shopping list to reflect what I've found... Then go shopping ^^

(And as a final note: I'm certainly not going to use this as THE hard-and-fast indicator of where I should be headed because the Finds are contingent on what's available online that can be collected by YLF; there's always a good list of things that I'm on the hunt for which never materializes at retail, plenty of pretty things that can't be collected, and some pieces that I collected in prior seasons that I might not collect again now. But absolutely a useful tool to help visualize! And far too much fun to play with.)

As always, comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

EDIT: Further clarifying thoughts, taken from below:
I've continued mulling over the ideas here and have come to some clarification on the issue of drape. Nearly everyone mentioned/questioned it, which is good. What I was looking at as "drape" should, I think, actually be expanded to a collective of drape, fluidity, and motion. That's what I am looking to add more of, and the key there is add -- I don't want a whole closet full of D/F/M, just want to supplement with more pieces of it.


For Angie: Dark cropped pants with light footwear

Ok so after reviewing my last year or two's summery outfits, I actually do the white with dark cropped pants less than I thought I did (probably helps that I don't wear cropped pants all that often, and also that a hard drive crash last spring cost me a chunk of my photos so my records are incomplete). Here's most of what I found, with longest pants at the start. #1 is the only one from this season, I wore it earlier this week actually (aside: suuuuuuper high happiness, holy cats!); I suppose those pants are closer to full-length than cropped but I included them anyway. #8-10 start to kinda employ those tips so they also probably don't count, but they are light footwear when probably dark would work "better".

I'm noticing that oftentimes the white footwear is "bookending" a white top, or at the very least a lot of exposed skin (which on me may as well be white), so that's probably a big factor to why I feel like they work well. I think as long as I include enough skin or lightness elsewhere in the outfit, I'm personally just more comfortable with lighter footwear than with black. No need to answer (rest those wrists!), just wanted to share :)

(Of course, feel free to comment ladies! Work continues to be super busy, but I'm hoping I can get some outfits posted up soooooon <3)


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WIW 03.09, 10 [white and blue]

Short work week, as tomorrow morning I'm off to Arizona for a much needed week of baseball and sunshine ... and a shopping date with Claire, woohoo! :D

#2 Monday - I've been having fun using these mid-rise pants the way I would proper high-waisted pants, if I wore them. Paired with a boxy cropped sweater and an only-visible-when-I-move layer of black underneath (cami, socks). Cream booties for bookending, long silver earrings to add a little extra vertical integrity, and orange lipgloss because it's my favorite with white+blue. You can see why I'm not into high-waisted pants for me -- I won't have any torso left!

#3 Tuesday - Felt inspired to pull out my own very boxy top after seeing Neel's fab outfit this morning. This ponte top is very stiff and very rectangular, pretty opposite what's underneath. Even the neckline is stiff; the faux-leather piping causes it to stand out resulting in a flower-pot effect along the neckline. Paired with flared jeans to balance the volume (plus the fitted thighs add some structure), black pumps to pick up on the black trim, and plum lippie because it felt the least expected with the white+blue.

#4 Detail photos.

Hope you gals have a fabulous week! Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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WIW 03.02-06

Work outfits for the week! Sorry I can't write as much as I usually would, but this has been (and will continue into the weekend) an insanely busy work week. Detail photos all together at the end; did gunmetal nails for the week. Cliff notes for each outfit:

#2 - Monday. Haven't worn this little knit blazer in a couple years, but it keeps surviving the Purge because its sunny shade of orange is one of my faves. Tried to offset the less current shrunken fit by wearing my slim white BFs up higher (making them look like relaxed straights) so the proportions are more similar to high-waisted pants. Gold accessories and bright candy pink lipstick because, you know, it wasn't bright enough already.

#3 - Tuesday: This started as an attempt at Angie's recent Lemon, Light Blue, and Cognac ensemble but I didn't like how earthy the cognac felt with the already rustic gingham and distressed light denim; swapped it for white, my favorite for this color pairing. Silver accessories and soft pink lippe for extra contrast against the bright golden yellow.

#4 - Wednesday. Was in the mood for something cuddly for a very long work day -- cashmere sweater, wooly shorts, sweater tights, faux-shearling lined boots, BIG furry scarf, soft knit hat... Yep that should do the trick ;) Coral lip gloss with parted-and-lifted hair to help counter all the charcoal.

#5 - Thursday. Angie had commented about seeing gals in HK wearing cropped pants over leggings, and this pairing has been stuck in my head since. Today was finally the right weather to try it, totally love the effect although I know this won't be everyone's cuppa. Worn with my longest sweater for a long torso look, but offset to more normal looking proportions by the tall pumps; chose this boiled wool pair for the extra color and literal texture, as my black patent pumps felt too similar to the crops. I equally enjoyed the legging+crop pairing with a shorter top and pointy flats, which I'll wear in the near future. Finished with red lipstick for a little shot of color.

#6 - Friday. Also haven't worn these ultra baggy flares in a couple years; last time around they got 4" heels, so they're super long. For today, they're held up higher with a zebra belt (bonus: peeks out whenever I move) and paired with taller heels (2.75"). I'm mulling over hemming them for 2" heels to wear as a BF-alternative this summer, not sure; they're verrryyy baggy. Decided to play up the volume and pair with a voluminous top. Black accents for contrast, and soft pink lipstick to keep my hair as the primary dark contrasting element.

OK, well, I guess it still ended up long! Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome ^^


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WIW 02.16-21, 24-27

Hi ladies, it's been a while ^^ Work has been extra hectic! I've been checking in on the forum and dutifully snapping outfit photos every day even though I haven't been posting, and promise that I've been representing YLF well. I've got some favorites picked out from the past few months which I'd really like to have in my YLF blog, so if you gals will indulge me I'm going to do a photo-heavy post of winter favorites and weekend looks soon. As much as I want to get back to posting more regularly, I probably couldn't go back to daily or near-daily until the end of the month or so. In the meantime I'm starting with two weeks of work outfits, sorry for the overload ;)

I haven't really been shopping so all of these outfits are composed of "old" items, as is the case with much of what I've been wearing overall this season. Since our winter has been so mild (sorry to the gals who are buried in snow!) I've been able to use several pieces from this past spring/summer's purchases (in these outfits, the white skinnies and windowpane trousers). Everything else here is at least a year or more old. I have been grateful for the mild weather since it's allowed me to mix my all-season items in with my fall/winter pieces to keep things feeling fresher! In particular here: a couple of pieces were purchased for fall out of season last spring (the marled sweater in #1 and the colorblocked cashmere sweater in #5), one is a gift from my sis (the holo clutch), and just two are actual "new for fall" purchases (the chain detail booties and the leo clutch).

Not going to write a whole thing about each outfit, just a brief thing or two:

  1. Inspired by Angie's ensemble to mix ink, brown, gray, and black but obviously sans ink (has olive and denim blue instead).
  2. I don't know if I'll participate in the high-waisted pants trend, but I have been enjoying tucking into my few mid-rise bottoms.
  3. Also still enjoying mixing pastels with black.
  4. An old favorite combo. Didn't end up wearing it without the jacket.
  5. A take on mixing black,red, and white with some gray thrown in for good measure (more colors! more patterns!).
  6. Another take on mixing black, red, and white with my skin acting as the white element (a perk of being pale). You gals have already seen this on Angie's Westfield Chinese New Year's blog post.
  7. Detail photos for the week. Plum lippie in 1, 3, and 4; orange in 2; cherry-pink in 5; nude-for-me peach in 6.
  8. Even though it's been fairly dry I haven't worn many of my wider pants this winter. This is a favorite outfit from early last year.
  9. A little romantic-tomboy in dark and moody colors. I normally wouldn't wear my hair down with an outfit this dark, but the huge swathe of lace on the neckline of this sweater goes a long way to making me feel light enough.
  10. Haven't worn this dress in a couple years but the wintery colors and light fabrication make it quite nice for spring-like weather!
  11. A more standard weekend look for me, but I needed the outfit to also work for a hockey game in the evening. Made sure to incorporate several black elements to help the exposed black tights balance better.
  12. Detail photos for the week. Plum lippie all week.
Overall, despite being only somewhat happy with my current fall/winter wardrobe I am still quite happy with the way I've been able to style those pieces this season, particularly when I'm able to mix in items from my spring/summer wardrobe which, stylistically, resonate better with me.

As always comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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