WIW 07.23 [white-out for the pouring rain]

Today brought us a ridiculous amount of rain, which dampened (hah) my mood a correlating amount. To combat the gloominess, I decided to throw practicality into the wind (hah again) and wear what makes me feel the most cheerful: loads of white. As far as practicality does actually go, it's really not that bad to manage: avoid large puddles, the beret keeps my hair relatively dry, the clutch doesn't get too wet tucked under my arm, and when I get to where I'm going I do a quick wipe down of the shoes. All the water my clothing picked up dries out quickly enough once inside. Easy peasy. Of course, were this not the middle of summer I'd have popped my cream trench coat over the whole thing, but I just can't show the rain any sign of weakness ;)

I bought this sweater, sized way way up, while out with the YLF gals this past weekend. I've been on the hunt for a creamy semi-chunky oversized 90s reminiscent sweater and this fits the bill perfectly. It's super duper cozy and soft, but the open weave (and 20% linen content) makes it rather breezy as well. (Angie -- happy to report that the sleeves stay put, and not much stretching throughout the day.) Should work for fall, spring and summer for me which is perfect. Styled today in a "summery" way, with rolled white skinnies and white pumps. Simple accessorizing because the sweater is a lot on its own, just my rose watch and silver cutout earrings, along with some peachy-nude lip balm to keep the look light. Chose my sequin clutch because sequins also make me happy! And also I liked the texture and shine it added.

When getting dressed I'd expected to have to walk several blocks right in the midst of the heaviest rain, but that turned out not to be the case. I popped on my black beret for outside time to help keep my hair somewhat under control because, well, as a native Cascadian I don't use an umbrella. Worked perfectly, even though I wasn't outside as much as I'd expected. Ultimately this outfit was just what I needed to perk up and get through a very gloomy day! Bodes well for this sweater for fall (and spring, for that matter), when rain like this becomes the norm.

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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Quick NAS question

Hi ladies, I had a quick question about how the stores are handling the mech for this year's NAS. I didn't hit last year's in person so I'm not sure if they stuck with it, but are they doing the thing where they have only some of the items at a store (minus the flagship which has it all) in sizes you can take home that day OR are they doing the thing where all the stores have all the stuff to try on but you then order to ship what you'd want? Thanks :D


WIW 07.09 [white-out for Angie's birthday]

I have a whole bucketfull of outfits to post from the past few weeks, but for today I wanted to post an Angie birthday tribute outfit -- an outfit that is 100% me and makes me 100% happy, but clearly inspired by Angie. I had planned this outfit last night, and was tickled to see Angie's white-out birthday look this morning ^^

During my early time at YLF, Angie helped me come to the realization that I LOVE white. Waaaay more than black which had been my predominant neutral. Looks just as good (if not better) on me, and makes me infinitely happier to wear. I joined Team White and Team White-On-White very early on and haven't looked back! So thank you, Angie, for helping me to realize that although black may be a predominantly favored neutral, it doesn't have to be MY favored neutral. I couldn't be happier with this realization, and it continues to drive all of my wardrobe decisions going forward.

I also wouldn't have tried white jeans (which are now a staple!) without a little gentle push, nor the sequin tank for daytime sparkle even though I have the Magpie Gene; I'd have ruled both of these items as too impractical and not-normal-enough. Good thing I got those thoughts out of the way! And although we style our pieces differently, Angie and I share a very similar style aesthetic so I couldn't help but also don our twinnie clutch and shoes today.

The scarf is new, something I bought while out shopping with a friend this past weekend. I actually purchased it for fall but hey I hover on the outskirts of Team Wear and once in a while pop my head in ;) Minimal jewelry, just small ivory studs and my rose gold watch. Finished off with an Angie-inspired watermelon lip color which I achieved by layering two semi-sheer shades (pinky-red underneath a candy pink crème).

Thanks for all the awesome style advice you've given me over the years, Angie! You are always such wonderful inspiration <3 For you, TWO photos with my usual toothy grin!

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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Rectangle store/brand recs?

A dear friend of mine is looking to step up her work wear, and I was scratching my head trying to remember what stores and brands are best suited to rectangles; she's also tall and long limbed. All I could think of was JCrew and maybe Banana Republic? No brands came to mind. Clearly my rectangle knowledge is lacking!

We're looking at lower-to-mid range for now. She doesn't have huge shopping stamina, so I'd really like to be able to just take her to places that we know ahead of time are rectangle friendly. Once she gets some essentials then we can branch out, but for now I think limiting where we go will be a huge help to her.

So over to you gals, what stores and brands fit our lovely Racy Rectangles best? I'd love to hear any suggestions you gals have, either for work or casual wear!


WIW 06.17 [cheerful gingham and earthy olive]

While yellow isn't a color I wear often, I do enjoy wearing warm golden shades. I loved this top/bottom color combo earlier in the year in a wintery look, so I thought it'd be fun to sport a more summery version for a cooler day. Swapped the vest out for an semi-tuck + ivory studded belt (swiveled so the buckle is at my side, more studs show that way!), the nude boots for pretty-much-nude pointy flats, and rolled the hems up. Accented with a pair of pretty boho earrings recently sent to me by our lovely DianeG, dainty gold bangle, retro peach sunnies (the roundness was fun against all the squares), graphic clutch (fun for the bold lines as well as the hard square shape), and a swipe of cherry-pink lip gloss.

Incidentally I wore this a few days before Angie's Dressy Top, Jeans and Brown Accents ensemble and subsequent similar street style posts, so I was amused to see those a few days later. This outfit does feel in the same spirit, and although I used more ivory/white than brown for the accents it still has a similar earthiness to it. Plus my hair adds an extra bit of boho softness.

Nail photo detail in an earlier post (the yellows don't match but it's still fun!), and available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 06.15 [father's day at the museum]

For father's day my dad requested a trip to the Seattle Asian Art Museum which is showing, among others, a wonderful exhibit "Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920-1945". I personally adore Deco art so I really enjoyed it!

After looking at the site for the exhibit, one of the pieces that was posted stuck in my head (#3). I feel like it sums up my current style preferences quite perfectly: a lovely mix of soft and geometric, and even the color scheme itself (cream, pink, light blue, gray/taupe, black) is right up my alley these days. So my outfit for the day was inspired by that piece, complete with Deco clutch and earrings.

There was rain in the forecast, but it only dropped in the morning; I wore my cream trench out for breakfast with hubby before heading to Seattle, but happily by the time we were done in the museum the rain had passed. So the trench sat in the car while we all enjoyed a nice stroll around the Volunteer Park grounds. I had thought about wearing my gray suede ankle strap pumps, but with impending rain decided to go with white leather and actually better liked the crisper look the white gave. Finished the look off with retro sunnies, and wore plum lip gloss for extra color interest.

Big high happiness factor! And a rare sighting: non-weekend casual outfit with blue skinny jeans, which I actually didn't own until this pair. This baggy and ultra faded pair gets a pass, but otherwise I plan to stick to my usual black, gray, and white skinny jeans along with the occasional fun bright/printed denim. But no standard blues, just not my thing :)

Nail photo detail in Tuesday's post, and available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 06.13, 14 [casual in sneakers + faded denim]

Two casual outfits from late last week, variations on a theme: top + faded jeans + sneakers. Pardon the two-up duplication in #1, that's so I can see both outfits when I search my posts ^^

(Opening weekend of the Everett Aquasox, the Mariners Single A Short Season baseball team, which is my personal unofficial start to summer. During their short season hubby and I enjoy stopping by after work on the way home for a hotdog and a game, which doesn't cost much more than eating out would ^^)

#2,3 - Friday: worn to work then to baseball game #1. A slightly dressier version with the silky top and hard clutch. Still getting used to sneakers, so I pulled out an old red pair to test out a more colorful sneaker look (it's OK, not my fave). The forecast was for R-A-I-N, but luckily it just threatened without materializing; I grabbed a hoodie for the game (avert your eyes, Karie!), although it was waaaay colder than expected and I wished I'd worn a proper Big Coat.

I didn't feel super in this outfit, although it's not bad, and actually felt better with the hoodie on because it added some structure. I'm guessing that between the slouchy hat, oversized soft shirt, extra baggy faded denim, and sneakers it all just felt a bit too sloppy for me that day. Without the evening's constraints, I'd have swapped the sneakers for dressier refined shoes, rolled up the sleeves, and put my hair up for even more structure. (I did actually quite like the long torso proportions, so wouldn't have semi-tucked.) Probably I should've just came up with something else to wear and saved this one for another day when I could make those tweaks.

#4,5 - Saturday: worn to the grocery, out dirt biking, out for dinner, then baseball game #2. Another outing utilizing my budding active-casual capsule, so far so good. However, I can already tell that I'm not going to want as many tees as I'd initially planned so I'll need to swap a prospective few out for prospective woven tops. That might be tough though, we'll see how that goes. For riding the only piece I kept on was the tee (100% cotton), everything else was replaced with riding gear and my hair was down in the helmet. Once we were done and packed up, I changed back into my jeans/belt, sneakers, earrings/watch, and then put my hair up with the headband (to help hide crazy lumpy hair underneath!). Much happier than staying in grubby gear, although no stops along the way this time. Later when we went to the game, I ditched my purse and popped on a jacket; we got to enjoy the rain that was supposed to hit the previous night and, even with a blanket, yet again I wished I'd worn a proper Big Coat.

Nail photo detail in Tuesday's post, and available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 06.12 [sporty with big hair]

This is a straight up copycat of one of the example photos from Angie's recent Sporty-Luxe blog post, the last in the second row. Bomber jacket zipped up? Check. Rolled BF jeans? Check. Pointy ankle-strap pumps? Check. Clutch? Check. Easy peasy, done and done :) Added my 80s mirrored sunnies for more sporty fun. And further accessorized on the luxe side with a dainty gold bangle, candy pink lipstick, double-coated mascara, and I've also worn long earrings with the pomp-pony for the first time; while I quite like it here, I fully expect it to continue being a rare occurrence.

Three interesting details:

ONE: To give this jacket an even stronger shouldered look, I folded both halves of its shoulder pads (oh yes!) to the back instead of splitting them around my shoulder. Instant faux sharp shoulder look. What can I say, this IT enjoys a sharp shoulder!

TWO: I didn't like how the belt looked done up all normal like. I actually preferred the look without the belt but needed it to ensure the jacket would behave. So I swiveled it around and buckled it on my side to give it a more asymmetrical feel, as well as show more of the studs from the front.

THREE: To play up the sporty I had to put my hair up, of course, and the "pomp" part of my pomp-pony is extra big today (I don't have much control over it, heh). It really does photograph quite nicely. But the full height is the same distance as the tip of my nose up to my hair line! In person it's much more much than it looks in the photos; you can kind of get a sense of it from the middle photo. Too big? Not sure, but it is pretty fun.

Nail photo detail in Tuesday's post, and available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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Thank you Diane :D

Just had to share this cuteness with you all!

In my mailbox yesterday I found a mysterious package with my name on it. With a UK customs label. I hadn't ordered anything internationally recently, had I? I didn't think so, and was a little confused until I turned it over to see our lovely Diane's name on the back. Along with a very sweet card was a pretty little package that contained some delicious sounding English chocolates, a pair of beautiful boho earrings, and the cutest little hand-stitched wall hang (which I will be putting up in my craft room, where Bilbo's cousin AKA my Kitty also enjoys spending some time!). Thank you so much Diane, you certainly didn't need to send me anything but I love what you sent. It turned out to be a fun little birthday exchange, didn't it? :D


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WIW 06.11 [big blue]

In true mood dressing fashion, today I could tell you why this outfit might work but not why I put it together the way I did.

Initially, I was inspired by this pinned outfit. I love the orange/black/white color combo and wear it frequently though less frequently than I did last year (recent examples 1|2|3), so I couldn't say that I was necessarily inspired by the colors there. I do have a bright orange sweater and I do have a snake print skirt, and had in mind the idea of pairing them together (similar to the way Mary recently did). But as the morning wore on the less I wanted to wear that. Not just that I didn't feel like it, it was a seriously strong emotional desire against it. Very strange. Yet I was still attracted to the outfit. So I thought about what it was that was REALLY appealing about the outfit, what was it that if removed would totally change it. And I decided it was the silhouette and proportions: a very long oversized sweater over a slim skirt. That was what I wanted to wear today.

Happily the only sweater long enough was this light blue one, which satisfies my current inclination to pair any black with pastels. I realize this won't be for everyone; the sweater is big, like tent-ish big, so that is a lot of light blue going on without any breakup. But it's super duper soft (and fuzzy) and has excellent drape to it, so the volume doesn't bother me.

I'd already rebelled against the more classic rendition of the outfit, so my initial choice of black/pony pointy ankle-strap flats was out. No idea why, they're plenty current looking. Perhaps a bit too classic then. Pumps were out too in that case. Thought about sneakers, loafers, booties... None felt right. Instead I pulled out my rarely-worn oxfords, from the very back of my shoe rack. They felt perfect! I also tried every single purse I own (no joke). Again nothing felt right until this tan/neon orange clutch. And again, no idea why. If I could've paired ANY purse, I'd have chosen a holographic clutch. Which I don't have but perhaps I should remedy that ^^

So there you have it, completely emotional dressing today that even I couldn't completely parse. I do feel like it all works quite nicely, though, and felt quite happy in it. What do you ladies think?

Nail detail photo in yesterday's post. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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