WIW 07.12,13 [layered dresses for variable temps]

Yesterday and today I needed outfits that would be warm enough for coooooold hospital/clinic appointments*, but then easily made cooler for work immediately following since it's hooooot and there's no AC at my work. I really want to be wearing wearing wearing all my new fab dresses with the lovely weather we've got, so popping pants underneath felt like the best option! Fun colors and patterns chosen for Good  Clothing Energy Vibes. Both dresses were super in the heat, and the layering worked out really well; was a little concerned the pants might be a fussy change but it was easy peasy.

Quick-and-dirty run down of each outfit and stages in #1/2, and more angles etc. in #3-6 (too many photos, maybe!).

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

*Appointments were for my very senior kitty. It was not The Absolute Worst It Could Be, but not particularly good either :(

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  • UmmLila replied 3 years ago

    Is it too much to call these looks boho sweet? Really like them. And best wishes for kitty’s health and life to 100 yrs

  • Like the Season replied 3 years ago

    What clever summer layering. You look great.

    Sending good vibes for kitty.

  • Brooklyn replied 3 years ago

    What an instructive “how to layer in summer” post. Thanks so much for taking the time to take these pics! Both fabulous but my favourite is no 1 because I like the higher contrast.
    Fingers crossed for your kitty.

  • Diana replied 3 years ago

    Love both of the new dresses! I’m impressed by how you’ve managed three quite different looks with each one by just adding and subtracting 2nd and 3rd pieces.

    Sending lots of good vibes for kitty!

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    I hope senior kitty is doing well. Your layering is just fabulous. There are so many good ideas here. My thoughts are those well expressed by Booklyn.

  • Jenn replied 3 years ago

    Oh goodness, I always expect the worst news from the vet, so I’m glad it wasn’t that. I love seeing the clever layering. We have 3 or 4 months a year here where 40° temp swings are the norm, so this kind of dressing is super useful! I would have thought the pants change would be fussy too!

  • jussie replied 3 years ago

    Sorry to hear your pet isn’t good.
    Your outfits are lovely! I like each of the three.

  • Kari replied 3 years ago

    Love these, but the bohemian floral dress is my favorite-a total Aida piece, and also one I could see my sister sporting. This entire series is a masterclass in how to layer in a creative, artsy way that doesn’t look like “too much” at all. I’m quite inspired.

    I’m so sorry to hear that senior kitty is struggling. Hang in there. I’m glad it wasn’t the absolute worst, but any illness in a pet really can be heartbreaking, especially as we can’t explain it to them! Hoping that you get better news.

  • Mirjana replied 3 years ago

    I am absolutely with Brooklyn. Your layering is FABOULUS, it is a good lesson how to do that. Thank you very much Aida to share this, there are so many good . My favourite is #1 , you wear contrasting very well.
    Best wishes for your kitty.

  • replied 3 years ago

    Love your outfit selections and creativity.

    Best wishes to Kitty, I lost my 18 yr old girl on Christmas of 2016, I know how meaningful they are.
    Wishing much more time for y’all together.

  • Becky replied 3 years ago

    Your creative layering is well done to take you through a range of temps. Love to you and kitty.

  • Runcarla replied 3 years ago

    I just love your exploration of pastels. So pretty without being saccharin. The sleeveless bohemian dress looks like a wonderfully versatile piece.

    (Sorry to learn senior kitty is ill.)

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 3 years ago

    Not too many pics at all! The patterned dress is not one I’d think to wear with pants. Between being slightly fitted and the thin fabric, I would be afraid of lumps & bumps,, so I appreciate seeing the angles & poses (& your posing always makes me smile). For the second one, I had the opposite worry (“worry” is too strong a word). I know “surrendering the waist” is a thing, but I wondered if the first pic was just the one moment that some shape was visible, and you were otherwise drowned. Nope, not at all. The other shots make it clear that you are very much still there, and you look great.

    As I head off to the frozen north in a couple weeks, I’ll keep this master class in mind. I have tons of dresses, two new pairs of skinnies, and can’t wait to wear summer sweaters. Thanks for showing that they can all work together!

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