Keep or Return: fall items (non-NAS edition)

Hi ladies! NAS purchase thread found here. These are some other fall purchases I made which I would love to get some feedback from you all on. I would like to keep only 10s.

1 - Hinge peacock blouse, from the YLF store.

2 - Halogen shirt dress. I feel like this dress was made for me :D

3 - Dotty blouse. I normally don't go for ruffles, but rather like this one. Too far off from my style?

4 - GAP black slim pants. Purchased after seeing Angie's post with them, been looking for a pair for a while now.

5/6 - GAP faded black dress shorts; 5 is size 4, 6 is size 2. In size 4 the pleats fit better, but is bigger in the waistband and back; in size 2 the pleats poof out, but waistband and back fit better. And overall, do we like the style of these for me?

7 - J Crew silk camp shirt. I think it's too large, and it's no longer available; look at the shoulder seams. What do you all think? It felt much bigger in person than when I see it in the photos.

8 - Old Navy cropped crochet cardigan. This looks OK in the pictures, but in person felt incredibly unflattering and voluminous in the wrong places. Taking this one back.

9 - Target sequin knit vest.

10 - Accessories: GAP bucket bag from YLF store, Target metal belt, Target scarf.


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Keep or Return: NAS fall items

Hi ladies! Back from vacation (those pics will come next week, promise!) and came home to a pile of boxes :) Here are my NAS purchases, I would LOVE to get some feedback from you all.

1 - Trouve camel blazer. Was I the only one who got this in camel? :o

2 - Houndstooth print blouse. I don't like how this fits from the front, planning to return.

3 - Vince Camuto black skirt.

4 - Bagatelle faux fur trim vest. Bit torn on this. One the one hand it's MUCH more glam than my style, and on the other look how cool it is ^^ I think if I kept it I wouldn't have the fashion guts to wear it out. Plus I feel like I need to wear torn leggings and my electric guitar when donning this ;)

5/6 - Cole Haan boots. ALL the boots I tried were too wide in the calf; these were the least wide, but is it OK for them to be a bit slouchy as they are on me?

7/8 - Seychelles bootie (bottom row in 5 and on my right foot/bottom in 6; F21 top row in 5 and on my left foot/top in 6). Got these to replace a cheap Forever 21 pair (not yet broken but I'm guessing it'll happen this season) but I'm just not fully sold on the thick heel (I generally prefer thinner/stiletto heels). Thinking of taking back and trying these pumps instead.

EDIT: I also ordered wool shorts, but they were defective and I have to get them exchanged. I hope they still have my size!


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NAS on order (and a week of vacation)

Well! I finally made it out to a Nordstrom to shop the NAS (still bummed I couldn't make it out for the presale, boo work). It was harder to hunt down what I was looking for than expected; much of what I was interested in was not available in my size at the store so I have ordered a BUNDLE of stuff which should arrive next week:
Pretty much all of the boots were too high or too wide at the top of the shaft; these were the only ones that fit that may work with my style. I am still undecided as to whether or not they actually fit my style but they do fit my legs well; if so, these fill a gaping hole of tall black boot (flat heel).
Cute, floaty, and fun! I was in need of a good basic black skirt.
On my list of Top Important Items For Fall. I tried the light gray for sizing, but these were the pair my heart was set on. Looking forward to playing with these.
My awesome SA was able to track one of these down in my size in their system, so I hope it fits!
Tried the charcoal for sizing, but ordered the camel; am I the only one who got the camel color? :o
This I got in the store and brought home with me.
This I also got in the store and brought home, but the heel felt too wide at the store; need to try with socks to see if it'll work. Will be starting a new thread for this item alone next week.

Hopefully I'm not missing out on anything Important For My Style (if so, do let me know)! I also got some other stuff at the Rack, Old Navy, Target, and some various online purchases (JCrew, GAP, Nordstrom) but I will have to share all of that next weekend. Will be out of town for a week starting tomorrow so I'll post about all of this when I return and all packages have arrived :) Have a great week everyone!


WIW 06.20-26

A week of outfits from last month (still behind, doh). Skipping the 24th, posted about it here; it goes between #4 and #5 :)

  1. Worn to work, then out for tacos where we ran into some friends (fun!). This top is super fun with high waisted wide-leg jeans ^^
  2. Worn to work. I've had this top for a year and a half and this is its first outing; when I saw it online, I totally fell for the cute gold crane print but the shirt was so boxy and flashy that I just didn't know what to do with it. So it sat on the hanger. Well, I'm so happy that I'm finally comfortable enough with my style to wear it because I still love it!
  3. Worn to work. Tried pulling my ankle-length leggings up, but they were SO BUNCHY. Need to pick up a below-the-knee length pair.
  4. Worn to work. Love how this turned out! Though I do think I should've sized down on this top.
  5. Husband and I took a short weekend bike trip over the mountains to Wenatchee for some sun. We spent the day and evening in Leavenworth walking around, checking out the shops, and fooding, then later went back to Wenatchee to catch the Mariner's game at a small bar followed by late night Mexican food & margaritas!
  6. Second day of the weekend trip to Wenatchee. Had breakfast then rode home the long way; spent the rest of the evening doing housework.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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Seasons of silk

I'm planning to buy my very first (!) silk shirt and was wondering if silk is a seasonal fabric, and if so which? Also, anything I should know about silk care?

(It's an olive tab-sleeve camp shirt so cut and color will work for all seasons.)


Keep or Return (summer filler, photo heavy)

I bought some summer filler pieces that I was missing, and would love to get some feedback from you all :) Would like to return anything below an 8, and open to all opinions and styling suggestions.

1 & 2 - Green printed tee, red striped tee, denim shorts. I would like to replace my plain tees with more interesting ones for casual weekend outfits, camping, riding, etc. Leaning towards returning the red unless it's a 10 (not too versatile this boxy and short). How are these shorts for baggy denim shorts?

3 & 4 - Crochet circle top.

4 & 5 - Striped circle top. Leaning towards returning, I like my other yellow printed one better and this one seems too large though it's the same size.

6 - Sheer polka dot top. Would love to hear styling ideas on this one; would it work into fall?

7 - Paper bag shorts. Been eyeing these for a couple months. Are they too baggy? This is the correct size for me. Also would love to hear styling ideas. (Jonesy, you were looking at these in black I think, did you end up getting them?)

8 & 9 - Yellow gingham shirt, plum chino shorts. I love the shirt, but I think it needs back darts or something (this is the smallest size). These shorts are a pretty vibrant plum color, but possibly too wide hems?

10 & 11 - Colorblocked skirt, nude/metallic sandals. The back of the skirt doesn't poof so much, there's a box of buttons back there ;)

12 & 13 - Necklace, shades.


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WIW 06.13-19

A week of outfits from a few weeks ago (gah, getting so behind on photos). Skipped 06.17 as I posted about it here; it goes between images #4 and #5.

  1. Worn to work. Was in the mood to colorblock, but lack items to do so. So I went with a neutral base outfit and paired a bright cardi and necklace. New cuff.
  2. Worn to work then out for Type Tuesday (monthly gathering of local folks who work with type). Still in the mood for brights! The debut of the awesome top sent to me by MaryK :D I really loved how the faded denim works with the orange+white. This necklace was an amusing topic of conversation at the pub, with its over-the-top layers ^^
  3. Worn to work, then to watch hockey (not-so-subtly wearing Vancouver's colors, but.. they didn't feel like playing apparently :p). These great nude fishnets were also gifted by MaryK; the netting on these is larger than my other pair so I'm happy to have both sizes now. Feeling more comfortable styling my denim jacket these days, and I'm kind of wanting to get a really light wash one.
  4. Worn to work. I like this muted palette for summer, though I don't have a lot in these colors.
  5. Worn to lunch and shop for father's day gifts with my husband.
  6. Father's day outfit. Worn to breakfast with my in-laws, then to my folks' for a late lunch. I tried several outfits (too cold for a dress, my last attempt before this got the comment "your first grade class will like it"...) before giving up and just wearing this. Not awesome but not terrible. I'm really feeling the need to get more clothes that fit me ><

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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