Need help with wedding outfits, please!

Hi ladies! Sorry I've been MIA; I'm still sick, work is busy, and I've got a cruise coming up on the 19th complete with a wedding and wedding events. Which is what I am asking for help with today :) This is a week long cruise to Alaska from Seattle (but unfortunately we don't stop anywhere near Una!), so the attire is probably going to be different from most cruises. I'm planning to just dress like I normally do for the cruise (haven't even started looking at that part of the packing yet), but do have questions about the wedding+events. Please pardon sick face/hair ><

#1 : Wedding outfit. I have only been to a couple weddings, all 5+ years ago, so I am a little murky on what's appropriate to wear. The wedding itself will be on the ship and in the evening, so I am assuming this means formal but not black-tie. The invitation just says the time (6pm) and then "Cocktails and formal dinner to follow". Please picture these outfits both with these gray pumps and with white pointy pumps which are on their way to me. I'll be adding a skinny white belt to the top (also in the mail).
- Will the white pumps be too "wedding party"? They are a plain, matte white.
- Is this too much white, period?
- As much as I'd like to just wear the outfit as in the far left, I'll likely need a topper. I like the middle option with the blazer but am pretty sure hubby will not. So is the option on the right with the black kimono cocoon too jarring against the light colors?

#2 : Brunch outfit. The day after the wedding there will be a wedding attendee brunch. I am thinking this outfit should be fine as-is, so unless anyone has glaring concerns I'm set with this one.

#3-5 : Cocktail hour outfit. The day before the wedding there will be a "cocktail hour". I do not know exactly what this means, nor the dress code (club? lounge?). This group isn't super dressy, so I am guessing that #3 will be sufficient. But if not, I also have a proper cocktail dress shown in #4-5, which is several years old. It is not solid black, but has an upper mesh layer with gold threads woven in; not sure if you can tell in the photos, but the lower half of the skirt is all mesh and it's very ruffly. I'd wear this with pearl studs and no other jewelry as it's a lot of dress.
- Should I bring both cocktail options or just stick with the more versatile look in #3?
- Does the dress in 4/5 still look OK? It's waaaay more bombshell than I normally wear, but I do skew bombshell for dressy events.
- Is #3 too casual for "cocktail hour"? I'm confused on this one.

#6 : Jewelry. Just a close up of all the jewels I'm wearing in the above outfits. Sparkly things on the left in the wedding outfit, mint cuff and silver necklace in brunch outfit, and bracelet stack in cocktail outfit.

Whew! I know it's a lot to ask, so I really thank everyone who can give me feedback on these. Am I on track or way off base? Does anyone have any other advice on packing for a weeklong Alaskan cruise? Thank you all so much!

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WIW 04.15-19

Hi ladies! Sorry for the absence, I've been sick with a cough that just won't quit. I did manage to get caught up on some outfit photos, though, and wanted to post them. Here's a week of work outfits from mid-April, following the movie poster challenge. Plenty of white and light, and my white clutch is getting tons of use!

1- A twist on a favorite pairing, blouse+jeans+vest, swapping my usual furry vest for my cream biker vest. Worn with cream booties and a white belt to add even more lightness.

2- Inspired by this outfit on Pinterest. Definitely wasn't warm enough for shorts, so I subbed in my olive pants. Have to say I felt very un-fab with the tee on its own (was fine with the blazer on), and have since moved several of my tees to the donate pile. I'd love to get some t-shirt blouses to replace tees' usage in my wardrobe!

3- Inspired by this outfit on Pinterest, but swapping the mint and navy. Skipped the leo pumps since my pants are printed. Worn with candy pink lipstick, which I rarely wear. I think I'd be happier with a bright fuchsia, so that's on my list to pick up sometime.

4- Hubby's birthday, so I wanted to try and wear something he'd like. It wasn't a home run, but he 'liked it enough' so that's a win in my book -_- I'd have popped my denim jacket over the top any other day, but the long BF cardigan turned out nice too. Worn with textured nude tights.

5- I usually wear these shorts in Autumn only, but am trying to work out of that so they get more wear. To keep it light and spring, today I paired with a healthy dose of black and white + a white arm party. I thought this was a fun outfit but hubby strongly disliked this :(

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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