WIW 04.23-26 [mini spring heat wave]

We recently had a lovely week of unseasonably hot weather -- in the mid 80s, which is a solid 20-30F degrees warmer than usual for this time of year here. It was fun to pull out both old and new summer pieces, almost like a little summer test run. One of my summer goals this year is to wear dresses more but no worries I will continue to be a solidly representing member of Team Shorts.

photo #2 has a new jacket, rest are oldies but goodies. Loved the vibe this outfit has, would like more of it. Can't really see them but worn with big hammered gold hoops (they're in the Finds).

photo #3 is a go-to favorite outfit I've been wearing for a few years now (since 2015 maybe?). Updated with boho rose gold accents and new sunnies.

photo #4 is a mix of oldies worn in a new (?) way. A little hectic ^^ A rare outfit accented with silver. Ended up a lot warmer than expected so I was mostly sans jacket.

photo #5 is mostly newer (watermelon jacket, pink patterned dress). I got this cotton sack dress mainly for those really hot days when clothing just doesn't sound good and I think it will work really nicely for that!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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WIW 05.03 [another duster & separates]

Yesterday I thought I'd try another version of duster+culottes for some unseasonably warm weather. My initial purchasing thought for this semi-sheer navy duster was to wear with jean shorts and a breezy tank in high summer but this turned out pretty fun, too!

This is definitely one of those outfits that is extra tricky to photograph since every piece has both volume and a lot of movement (and me too during photo time, apparently ><). I very much enjoyed all the swooshing around ^^ Maybe not everyone's cuppa with the flats -- it would certainly be more conventionally flattering with a little heel -- but I liked the more relaxed vibe the flats offered.

Unfortunately the navy dye isn't quite set and rubbed off on various things throughout the day. Any tips on how to set it?

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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