WIW 02.06-10 MaryK's neutrals challenge!

It's been really fun seeing all the neutral outfits everyone came up with this week! Thanks for the challenge, Mary :D

For this challenge, I decided to wear only what I personally use as my true neutrals: black, charcoal, gray, white, cream, and denim blue. I also wear lots of other neutrals (brown, camel, olive, navy, etc.) but they are usually treated as "colors" in my outfits, while these here I use as "neutrals". I allowed myself 2 exceptions: my red purse because red is the only color I treat as a neutral, and my taupe boots because look how cute they are in that outfit :D As much as I love neutrals, I have to admit that it was tough to do this challenge this week because it's been especially gray and wet (except Tues!), but I really do like how all of these turned out.

I planned all five outfits in advance, and reordered them so both the neutrals and silhouettes were spread throughout the week. An interesting observation: Unlike my adjacent color challenge week, these outfits really didn't deviate from my initial plans at all; the only thing that got changed was the necklace in #4 was originally planned for #5 (I also planned these outfits more completely). I am guessing this has something to do with the fact that my classic/basic pieces in my true neutrals just aren't that fussy or tricky to style; after all, they ARE the items I use to ground my outfits.

  1. Monday, worn to work. Still digging on the flared-over-flares silhouette, so I thought I'd give it a try with this tunic which I've previously only worn with skinnies/leggings. After taking the photos I realized that the hems were caught under my sandals, so I took the back photo to show that I had PPL, I promise!
  2. Tuesday, worn to work and a quick stop by Nordstrom Rack. A neutrals version of Angie's awesome spring denim column formula, though this isn't a column since I used black denim on bottom. But the bright jacket (white) and patterned shoes (houndstooth) are there! I also tried buttoning my blouse all the way up for the first time inspired by Angie's post this day, and really liked how it looks in this outfit!
  3. Wednesday, worn to work. A slouchy pencil skirt outfit, and some neutral pattern mixing (houndstooth and leopard). I have realized that nearly every time I wear this cardigan I button it, which leads me to believe that I need to get myself a leopard blouse! I debated a long time about whether or not to belt this, and in the end decided against it.
  4. Thursday, worn to work and a quick stop by Old Navy. I wanted to have at least one bold, graphic, black-and-white outfit for the week and this was it! Since the coloring is graphic, I went for a simple outfit; I feel this outfit is very "Aida's Style" :) My first time trying legwarmers, I think it worked well.
  5. Friday, worn to work and for whatever's planned for date night tonight. Debut outfit for the MM Flynn boots! In person they are MUCH more taupe, though (as seen here). It's not quite warm enough to forgo tights, so I thought what could be more fitting than to wear my nude microfishnets that Mary sent me :D This outfit reminds me that I very much need to get a cropped denim jacket (3-4" shorter than this one, ideally) for pairing with dresses. And, I'm wearing my YLF Secret Santa necklace from the stylish Kimlee!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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WIW 01.28-02.05

Hi everyone! After my very colorful week, I was back to my usual primarily-neutrals ways; it was coincidentally almost enough for MaryK's neutrals challenge, though I'm actually doing it this week along with everyone. I was quite happy with this week, and am getting back to wearing my jackets and toppers. (I know I don't usually post so many at once, but I wore a lot of clothes last week ;) )

  1. 28th Saturday: worn out to breakfast. This beautiful necklace is from our dear Sona!
  2. 30th Monday: worn to work & out for dinner. A rare day with all browns.
  3. 31st Tuesday: worn to work & help my sis with homework. I know this almost-cropped length jacket that hits at the top of non-high pants isn't everyone's cuppa, but I like it, especially with the big belt buckle ^^
  4. 1st Wednesday: worn to work. After all the black yesterday, I went for zero black this day (not counting outerwear, I guess).
  5. 2nd Thursday: worn to work & out for dinner. My "bad legs day turned good legs day" outfit. Love how it turned out!
  6. 3rd Friday: worn to work & date night dinner. Inspired by an outfit of Jessica's from "What I Wore". I think this is a really fun silhouette (the scarf only came off while eating!).
  7. 4th Saturday: worn out to dinner after a day of gardening. An outfit full of items not worn much recently.
  8. 5th Sunday: worn out to breakfast & back home to watch the Super Bowl. Something somewhat sporty with loosely football-themed colors.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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Turning a "bad xyz" day into a "good xyz" day

I am happily at a good place in regards to my body image, but of course we all have those days when something is "too this" or "not enough that". Yesterday morning I pulled out a pair of skinny pants I hadn't worn in a month or so, and found that they were too tight; they looked like they were painted on, and not in a good way! I lamented how large my thighs were, how I hadn't gotten rid of the holiday weight yet, how bad those pants were making my legs look....

For all of 30 seconds, then I made a decision. I took the pants off, folded them nicely, placed them right on top of my jeans pile, and immediately put on something that SHOWED OFF my legs and made them look as fabulous as they are: winter short shorts, tights, and high heels, all in gray (miles long!). So that every time I passed my reflection I'd see those pretty legs and thighs, and be confident that these feelings were true. My bad legs day turned into a good legs day, and all I did was wrap them in flattering clothing. Sometimes you just need to show off a little, and that's okay.

Thank you, YLF, for helping me to have the knowledge-of-how-to and the wardrobe-with-which-I-can flatter or detract from whichever little part of me I feel like on those days when I feel I need it. But even more so, thank you for helping me realize that sometimes the best option is, in fact, to give those parts a little extra love, and that a little flattery goes a long way <3