WIW 04.27 [formula: duster & separates]

Hello ladies! After a little spring mini-heat wave I was bummed about the cool weather today ... until seeing Angie's delightful formla this morning. As always, Angie to the rescue ^^

I LOVE duster length soft toppers! My solitary structured woven duster bit the dust (haah ~) last year (the whole back seam unraveled, boo) or I'd definitely have tried a version of example #5 from the blog post. Since my only other woven duster is a high summer piece I thought I'd play with this new sorta cardigan? duster -- It's a very open-weave knit with material which feels more like a thick embroidery thread or extra fine rope rather than normal yarn.

#1 is what I'm actually wearing today. Totally love it! Would never have put together without the blog post.

#2-4 are a few other ideas that popped to mind when reading the blog post (esp. examples #1 and #4), none of which are fully hashed out nor styled. When I bought the duster, I was expecting that it'd behave like gray in outfits but this morning was surprised to find it actually acts more like a fine black&white print! So I'd also love to try over a full column of white and maaaaayybe if I'm feeling it a column of black. Maybe. Also some olive. Also also some dresses.

Looking forward to playing with it some more and, as always, thanks for the awesome inspiration Angie! I will definitely be referring back to the blog post.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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