My NAS items (pt1)

I did the preselection at the flagship store in downtown Seattle on Wednesday, and had a very strict shopping list of true wardrobe needs.

I spent most of the time (and budget) getting a long overdue bra fitting done, which was my main priority. It took us about 4 hours (and I feel like I tried everything they had in my size, not nearly as many options as non specialty sizes at least I guess ;)), and we managed to find five (!) bras that fit well, two Simon Perle and three Chantelle Of course, none part of the anniversary sale, but it's worth it to finally have correctly fitting bras. During that time my SA also helped me find some undies and camisoles, happily those were part of the sale.

After that we went to each "tent". The main clothing item I needed was a pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans; my SA brought me just about every pair of black skinny jeans at the store, both sale and otherwise, and unfortunately none were quite what I was looking for so that was a bust. I did find a pair of white trousers that fit beautifully though! Again, non NAS.

As for actual NAS items, I ended up with four pieces: A knit boucle jacket that has a wonderful tailored fit, mossy green striped sweater (which is actually a gorgeous shade of green, much more warm and green than the photo shows), cream fair isle cashmere sweater, and some fun geometric textured nude tights.

I was so tickled that I managed to stick to my list of needs at the store, even if I didn't find everything I needed.... but of course then when I got home I ordered a bunch of other stuff -_- I fully anticipate sending it all back, only one or two of those items are actual needs and I really do need to stick to that. Will post an update when the huge pile of boxes arrives ;) Until then I am SUPER HAPPY with what I bought at the store!

Will post separately about some things I tried but didn't buy.