WIW triple plaids!

A couple outfits featuring triple plaids :D Wore the first (orange/red) out for lunch and errands this weekend, and the second (green/yellow) to work today.

Having trouble coming up with a good explanation of these, they were pretty much off 100% feel. Hectic, just because! In the plaids there's a little shared color (blue across all three in the first, yellow in jacket/scarf in the second), a little shared scale (jacket/sweater in the first, jacket/shorts in the second), and some, but not entirely, shared contrast levels. I don't think any is necessarily required for a successful mix but any one can be a good place to start.

Very happy with both outfits -- lots of color, lots of pattern, lots of texture, and in line with my updated style goals -- and will definitely be wearing again ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 12.01 [ensemble - leggings & the kitchen sink]

A take on Angie's ensemble from this morning. I'm a big fan of kitchen sinks but I like mine colorful, patterned and/or textured. Definitely not layered -- often if I'm layered I probably had to force myself to do it!

I'm missing the whimsical skirt part of the ensemble (not really my jam) which I think is pretty important to the vibe, so instead subbed in culottes because of the longer length. But they're not nearly whimsical enough. Should've gone with a dress, probably, but I quite enjoy the arty glam thing going on here.

Photo #1 is a more faithful rendition of the ensemble but I felt off in it (waaaay too layered, and a bit hard edged, for me). I'm actually wearing it without the jacket ala #2/3 instead; more streamlined, lighter overall, and more colorful feeling. In the spirit of the dark topper listed in the ensemble, for outerwear I chose a somewhat-glam black coat. Also tried this with black loafers but the look skewed too arty; I'm more arty-lite so the patent pumps+extra long glittery earrings (and all the furry bits) added enough glam to keep me happy. I did like the loafers without the leggings but will keep that for spring.

Happy with how this turned out, even if it's not as whimsical as the ensemble (might give it another go next week). Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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