Hello again, dear YLF!

Hi everyone! I am back from a much needed end-of-year/crazy-holidays break. I've missed you gals! *waves* I have been doing fine, quite a bit busier than usual these days. I'm taking on a heavier workload this year, and while that's good for the bank (and the evolution of my wardrobe!) it does mean that I won't be able to respond to as many threads on the forum as I have in the past. And while I dearly wish I could go through the last two months of the forum to read up on everything I've missed, unfortunately that's not possible. So! On that note, I would love to request from everyone:

1) Tell me how you've been and what you've been up to!
2) If you have 'em, some links to threads you'd like me to read, whether it's outfits you're especially fond of (hey I can always use inspiration) both of yours and of others, and interesting discussions. What better way to catch up than with a curated selection of everyone's favorite threads from the past two months? :)

I'd also like to post my outfits from the past two months to have them in my YLF blog, but realize that this would be some serious photo heavy post spam (probably divided into 4-6 posts or so). Would also like thoughts on that idea, and if that'd be OK with you gals. It'll be a whole lotta me -_-


(And of course a couple of bonus photos! 1) What I wore to the Seattle meetup back in Dec., and 2) a cute sign I saw in Leavenworth over xmas which, of course, immediately made me think of Angie ^^)


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