WIW cool early spring faves

Aaaand a few cooler early spring favorites (that's all for now, don't worry!). Not expecting much more of this weather ahead until fall, woohoo!

No spring purchases here but a couple from FW17: orange sweatshirt sweater, coral sharkbite sweater, oatmeal shawl cardi, black skinny jeans, plum plaid coat, and burgundy clutch.

Since these were faves I was happy with the whole lot :D I was super pleased at my discipline for repeating high happiness outfits, like these, this past season instead of wearing new combos "just because." Plus it's a lot easier esp. on those days when my brain just isn't going!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome ^^


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WIW mild springy weather

Here's a lot of what I've been wearing for recent milder spring days! Happily repeating these plus some others I haven't photographed recently (older faves which I've shared in the past, particularly this blouse). I think these are pretty representative of where I'd like my style to go -- bohemian, romantic, soft, dramatic with touches of arty, punk and retro. Still enjoying lower contrast outfits (lower contrast to themselves, anyway... they're still often high contrast to me). Most of my spring refresh is done but I would like more silhouette options for bottoms; should be fine once there's more consistent warmer weather, it's the milder crazier stuff that's currently limited. And working on getting a few more pairs of shoes, too; I've got way too many favorites worn to the ground right now and several others on their way there ><

Newer pieces for SS18: taupe suede slim pants, pink ruffle sleeve tee, watermelon denim jacket, sage crochet-yoke tank, red faux wrap top, black/tan marled cocoon cardi, black/white patterned silky track pants, gold/blue stone earrings, ivory 2-tiered necklace.

Pretty happy with all of these but absolute highest happiness: #2/3, #10, #11, and #4 has been a great weekend casual go-to.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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