WIW 04.25 [Ensemble: Blushing Tomato]

Angie's ensemble post last Friday is one of my very favorite color combos, especially with orange, white or pale denim blue thrown in! While I would normally be able to sport all kinds of variations on this theme, at the moment my options in these colors which can be worn together are  limited. Couldn't wait to wear this outfit since it's cool out today ^^

Composed almost entirely of older somewhat sentimental pieces, except for the jeans which are from this season: the red jacket was purchased in LA during a big YLF meetup, several forum members had/have this Angie-pick blush sweater, the gold shoes were a gift from my sister, and the designer of the watercolor printed clutch is the only other person I've come across who shares my sister's name (!) down to the unique spelling. Finished with blush rock crystal earrings, retro sunnies, and a swipe of cherry-pink lip gloss for a little more glam. Was hoping my newish navy mascara and eyeliner would show in the detail photo but it doesn't much appear to so you'll have to take my word for it ;)

A happy outfit, though still feeling rather self conscious sans jacket in such a fluid/fitted silhouette (I'll get used to it eventually? The loud colors though, they're totally cool). I'm also thinking no roll on the jeans would've been a little better proportionally but I liked how it echoed the 3/4 jacket sleeves.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 03.28-31

Hello ladies! Been popping in and reading, but we had family visiting (very rare!) so I've been pretty busy the past couple weeks. And this is a short work week because hubby and I are headed out to eastern Washington for the Desert 100 tomorrow (he's riding). So it's been hectic but good!

I've been trying to keep with the style thoughts that came up in my spring tweed post, mainly to try and incorporate something classic, something pretty/glam, something retro, and something punk/boho. It warmed up this week, though, so the boho side definitely took over. Also swapped my mascara from my usual super black to a new ink shade and am looooving it (even though no one but me can tell).

#2 Monday 03.28. A cooler day so I wanted to play with lightweight layering and tonality. I don't think the boots are quite so bright in person but the warm cognac definitely clashes with the cooler taupe tights (which I find delicious).
  Newer: sleeveless sweater, boots, sunnies
  Older: cardi, shorts, tights, jewelry, clutch

#3 Tuesday 03.29. Got all dressed and snapped photos with the gray pumps then realized that both heel caps had come off! Swapped to gold slipper flats but didn't have time to retake photos -- so I snapped a quick Nordies bathroom shot ^^ Light pink lippie and silver holo clutch (which matched more with the gray shoes, and stands out more with the gold).
  Newer: blouse
  Older: faux leather capris, shoes, jewelry, clutch, sunnies

#4 Wednesday 03.30. Warm enough to go without a cami, woohoo! On the lookout for another summer weight very cropped top but will enjoy this sweater while spring is here. Paired with a beloved skirt for a breezy but warm day. For a little extra color contrast I chose a baby blue box clutch, fished up decade-old self-made turquoise earrings, and finished with some bubblegum pink lipstick.
  Newer: sweater, clutch
  Older: skirt, flats, jewelry, sunnies

#5 Thursday 03.31. "New" navy tuxedo culottes purchased early last spring then set aside in too-safe a place so this is their first outing ;) A little long but fine with taller heels. Grabbed a cropped denim jacket just in case and finished with bright red lipstick. Not sure where the idea for this outfit came from but it hits alllll the right notes and I'm very happy in it today!
  Newer: nothing!
  Older: everything!

#6. Detail photos.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! As always comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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