WIW Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Hope you all did/are doing something fun ^^

Closet shopped + DIY costume: Leela from Futurama.

(Had to add a cardigan because, really, it's much too cold for a tank top even indoors! And on the subject of cold, this is my first coat of the season *sniffle*)


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WIW 10.19-21,25,26 Dress the Decade edition

This was a fun challenge! My contributions were a bit scattered, but I've organized them here chronologically by decade. I was trying to make outfits that I could wear to work and feel somewhat modern/not come across as too costume-y, yet still fit with my style; I think the 60s-80s were successful in this, 40s was close, 50s not at all because it's completely not my style (but would've been close with different hair).

  1. 1930s/40s (discussed here). Worn to work, out for sushi.
  2. 1950s (discussed here). Worn to work, grocery store. EDIT: Have to admit that this look grew on me over the day, but I still would have much preferred it with the hair in #6.
  3. 1960s (discussed here). Worn to work, grocery store.
  4. 1970s (discussed here). Worn to work.
  5. 1980s (discussed here). Worn to work, date night dinner.
  6. How I SHOULD have done my hair on the 50s day *sigh* The other hair makes that outfit a miss for me, THIS hair makes it a hit.
  7. My REAL 80s outfit :D (discussed here)

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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Goodies from Lynne :D

After a grumpy day at work, my evening was immediately brightened when I came home to find I had received a package COVERED in pretty Danish stamps. Lynne had offered a few items up for global swap, and I was expecting to find a belt and a flower pin inside. Lynne had very sweetly included not only those items, but an additional tweedy flower pin (love!), skull multi-finger ring (double love!), and two Danish fashion magazines! Just wanted to share that with you all, I'm so excited to play with these items! Thank you so much Lynne (and you clearly have my tastes nicely figured out!) :D

EDIT: Had to add that I'm wearing the white flower today!


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Everett meet-up shopping haul! (+WIW today with them)

Here's what I bought during the Everett YLF meetup shopping trip, it was a blast shopping with everyone! Happily all of these items work nicely together, as well as with LOTS of my existing wardrobe. None are returnable, but I'd love to hear any styling suggestions you ladies have! Lightly styled, but mostly just piling on items to lessen photo load :)

  • gray faux fur trimmed vest (Ann Taylor)
  • wine turtleneck, winter white turtleneck (Ann Taylor)
  • charcoal tweed cropped jacket (Banana Republic, rated "Killer" :D)
  • tassel necklace (LOFT, shamelessly copied from Christy ^^), knot necklace (Ann Taylor, Angie's find for me)
  • brown and white dotty scarf with poofy tassels (JCrew)
  • purple chunky beret, red chunky beret (ok purchased a week ago, but still new; Old Navy)
  • bright red-orange and navy striped tee (JCrew, Angie's find for me)
  • bright red-orange handbag (Kate Spade, Arya has this too!)
  • cognac heeled oxfords (Nine West)

Angie had commented that the orange tee would look fun with the tweed jacket, so I thought I'd roll with that and wear today! Feels very autumnal :) Feedback most welcome.


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WIW 10.08 (Everett meet-up & my first KS bag)

The Everett meet-up and shopping trip was great fun! Detailed blog post to come, and will also post all of my purchases shortly :)

Since we were shopping after breakfast, it was especially tricky for me to find a good fashion-y outfit that would also work as a good shopping outfit (usually shop in a tee+jeans). I really wanted to wear my vintage midi, so I decided to wear this soft, neutral and monochromatic outfit, using my distressed oxfords, (new) plaid scarf, and brown crossbody bag to add a bit of geek-chic (thought it'd be fun with the midi!). Besides getting lovely compliments by Angie and the other YLF ladies, double bonus because my husband really liked this outfit!

At the outlet mall, we of course had to stop by Kate Spade. Seriously, so full of gorgeous handbags! Arya spotted two lovely, bright tomato/orange red crossbody bags, and the SA advised that we hold onto the bags while deciding if we were going to purchase. Good thing, because I was asked several times by other customers where they could find this bag! Ultimately we both purchased so we're bag twins, wooo! And of course I just had to sport the bag immediately (swapped purse contents right in the store), especially since my scarf had a bright coral stripe in the plaid. It was fated! I LOVE my new-and-first Kate Spade bag, thanks for the push ladies :D


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Questions on tricky footwear for midis (and also my heeled loafers)

After reading and rereading Angie's post on footwear for midi-length skirts and dresses, I've got a good idea of which of my shoes will work with midis for me. Except a few tricky ones :) Would love to get some feedback on what you gals think of these. No styling done here, but I do wear this skirt with the waist defined as I have here. And I promise when I wear it out of the house I make sure the hem actually falls correctly (it's a bit longer in the back, but I apparently turned it to the right for these photos).

  1. Heeled ankle boots.
  2. Heeled hiking/moto boots with tread.
  3. Flat slouchy mid-calf boots.
  4. Flat skimmers.
  5. Heeled loafers (I think they're loafers?).
  6. Heeled loafers.

And an additional question regarding the loafers in #5-8. #7 (brown) is detail of #5, and #8 (black) is a detail of #6. These are both 6+ years old, and haven't been worn in a long time because I generally dislike chunkier heels. In light of the platform loafers I'm seeing (I also generally dislike platforms), I thought perhaps they were worth a look. Do they look dated or could I still wear them? I do realize they are both in dire need of conditioner and polish :) Thanks ladies!

EDIT: Swapped my newer photos of the loafers for nicer photos that I took several years ago :)


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