WIW 11.19-22

Well my little hard drive where I keep all my outfit photos went kaput and I'm still working on getting data off it, but I had this week saved on my computer before that so I'm able to share it! Hopefully I'll get that all sorted out this weekend.

Something Joy mentioned a couple weeks ago really struck a chord with me: "It feels like you have added an element of glamour to your style, while keeping the adventure and fun." She's spot on, and I'm glad to have that idea more crystalized. I'd actually also like to move away from primarily oversized fits to primarily tailored and fluid fits. We'll see how that actually goes, though; to do that would essentially require a wardrobe overhaul and that is a daunting (and expensive!) idea to me -_- For the week below, I was feeling a little blah and happily took inspiration from some of Angie's fabulous blog posts around the time.

#1 - Tuesday. A dry enough day to wear my baggy flares. In Angie's flared pants post, the first image caught my eye with the moto vest layered over a blouse. Mine is a different kind of kitty print ;)

#2 - Wednesday. Of course directly inspired by Angie's hoodie under a jacket post. I thought this would be waaay out of my comfort zone (I'm not even remotely sporty) but was pleasantly surprised otherwise; my hoodie is knit like sweater which probably helped with that feeling. I know the high contrast footwear won't be to everyone's taste but this was a rare occasion where I actually did feel like I needed to bookend to balance out the black on top.

#3 - Thursday. An ode to the big scarf, and a rare almost-black look; but of course I couldn't leave it without any white. Also, that top is actually subtly sparkly. First time wearing this faux fur inifinity scarf, looped around twice, which I picked up in early spring; it felt BIGGER in person than it looks in the photos but was probably somewhere in between. I figured it'd bother me but it was actually totally fine and extremely warm. I'll definitely be wearing it this season. More high contrast footwear because this is already too much black for me, but I must say I really enjoyed the finally vibe; having the scarf and the cardi near my face was a huge help.

#4 - Friday. Heavy frost, so I pulled out a favorite cold weather chunky sweater which I primarily like to wear with slim pants and tall boots. A simple fall back formula for me.

#5 - Bonus nail photos; left from outfits #1/2, and right from outfits #3/4.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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