WIW 01.25-29

This week I had the unexpected and unwelcome challenge of needing outfits that could take me overnight at the ER (and help with errands, chores, etc.) after a close family member was hospitalized Monday. Luckily it hasn't been necessary and hopefully the next few days are the same. Minus Monday, these outfits are more typical of my weekend wear rather than my usual work wear.

#2 Monday 01.25. Experimenting with soft pants tucked into tall boots. Liked the cropped sweater at first, but found it fussy at the hospital (plus way, way too warm). Felt much better after changing; ...
  Newer: pants, sweater, earrings
  Older: boots, coat, clutch, sunnies

... in the evening hubby brought me an overnight bag including the brown boots in #5 and an oversized charcoal sweater which I wore with the pants in #2 straight through Tuesday night. Was tooooo tired to snap a photo when I eventually got home after 28 hours (most of it awake) at the hospital, but I actually liked the outfit so I'll probably wear it again sometime.

#3 Wednesday 01.27. Was bummed to find that this sweatshirt dress shrunk a bit when I last washed it; I'm hoping I can re-block it back to longer next wash! Simple styling with leggings, boots, and neon necklace.
  Newer: dress, sunnies
  Older: leggings, boots, necklace, coat, clutch

#4 Thursday 01.28. Similar to an outfit from last week for a very soggy day, swapping the top half for a cozy oversized sweater. I liked the other hair 'style' better; this felt a little too boyish. Worn with sentimental necklaces, the shorter a gift of a few favorite charms from my mom and the longer a gift from my husband way back when.
  Newer: sweater, jeans, hat
  Older: boots, necklaces, coat, clutch

#5 Friday 01.29. Not sure what this is but I felt very happy in it! Western 70s glam? ;) Initially tried untucked with stud earrings but MUCH preferred tucked with giant hoops. Bonus that my husband likes this outfit!
  Newer: blouse, jeans, sunnies
  Older: boots, earrings, coat, clutch

#6. Detail photos.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 01.18-22

After the previous week's neutral heavy looks, last week I was in the mood for more color. While I was quite happy with all of these, the last three outfits had a significantly higher happiness factor -- am mulling over what that means exactly! Please pardon the extra inconsistent/incorrect lighting due to the volatile weather; bonus toothy grins to make up for it ^^

#2 Monday 01.18. A simple tonal look: aqua, faded blue, and gray. Charcoal coat and silver holo clutch to pick up on the tonality, and plum gloss for a little wintery darkness. Hair is sooooo overdue for a cut; couldn't control the flopiness so I just left it!
  Newer: jeans, sunnies
  Older: sweater, boots, earrings, coat, clutch

#3 Tuesday 01.19. Long-line white out, without single matching shade ^^ Burgundy moto coat for a totally opposite outerwear darkness (balanced by the boots' black bits) and finished with candy pink lipstick.
  Newer: blazer, sunnies
  Older: sweater, jeans, boots, necklace, coat, clutch

#4 Wednesday 01.20. A colorful black+cognac outfit because, well, you know me. Really liking the cognac accents with this sheer floral blouse and am curious to also try with white bottoms. After not buttoning all-the-way-up in a while it felt fresh to do so again. Orangey lip balm and no jewelry, just because, with a few more prints in the outerwear.
  Newer: pants, scarf, earrings, sunnies
  Older: sweater, boots, coat, clutch

#5 Thursday 01.21. Fun print mix for a VERY soggy day, coupled with a fuzzy leo hat and faux side-swept asymmetrical hair. I have yet to hem these jeans to kick-crop length but decided to wear them just the same along with my silver glitter jelly boots, and added some bright red lipstick for that little extra girly/glam touch. I hadn't really considered this print mix as much of anything, but got several comments on "how crazy" "all of the" patterns were (do picture me doing overexaggerated air quotes). I think I'm getting immune ;)
  Newer: jeans, hat
  Older: blouse, vest, boots, coat, clutch

#6 Friday 01.22. A few days earlier Angie mentioned the "Poppy, Rust & White" color combo which I just love and I've got loads of options for this color combo once the weather warms up. Here's a sort-of-wintery version for a surprisingly warm day. This jacket leans a bit more watermelon (though way less than the photos show!) and, while I know it won't be everyone's cuppa, I find the rust pairing deliciously clashing both in hue and in saturation. Finished with more red (lips) and orange (sunnies, booties).
  Newer: sweater, earrings, sunnies
  Older: jeans, blazer, booties, clutch

#7. Detail photos. Going light on the earrings for a bit, apparently my ears need a little break.

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WIW 01.11-15

It was a neutral-heavy set of outfits last week, predominantly light as usual, with bits of orange and blue. Pretty typical of the types of outfits I've been wearing, lots of skinnies with the occasional something+tights :)

#2 Monday 01.11. Super simple styling, which seems to be my preference with this dress: various shades of gray and brown (the tights are a significantly less purpley taupe despite what the photograph shows). No earrings (weird), finished with plum gloss.
  Newer: dress, sunnies
  Older: tights, boots, coat, clutch

#3 Tuesday 01.12. This ponte top always gives me some trouble despite its interesting, almost-overly-simple design. I think I've about accepted that it's just too large and will likely pass it on shortly. Either way, I've enjoyed most pairing it with light shades as done here -- a slightly longer take on the the cropped pants + high shaft ankle booties look. Plum gloss, big two-tone hoops, and All The Patterns for outerwear.
  Newer: jeans, sunnies
  Older: blouse, booties, earrings, coat, clutch, scarf

#4 Wednesday 01.13. Quite like wearing this tunic and blanket scarf together; extra soft, fluffy, and long. Big scarf means hair up (plus it was pretty rainy). Candy pink lipstick and pink rock crystal studs for a little girly clash.
  Newer: pants, scarf, earrings, sunnies
  Older: sweater, boots, coat, clutch

#5 Thursday 01.14. White-out with cognac/cognac-like accents. Chose the gold belt over actual cognac to soften the contrast a bit, and finished with giant gold hoops and soft cherry pink gloss. My sister got me this brilliant (literally) orange/blue plaid coat over the holidays and I'm quite happy to put it right into rotation! Also sporting a cute little aqua clutch my husband got for me.
  Newer: boots, coat, clutch, sunnies
  Older: tee, vest, belt, jeans, earrings

#6 Friday 01.15. I'm off shirts for the most part these days, but couldn't pass up this very soft flannel which _perfectly_ matches these jeans; the plaid has a patchwork denim feel and I enjoy the almost-denim-on-denim vibe the two (top, jeans) have together. More cognac/cognac-like accents, orangey-pink lipstick, and of course the orange coat with More Patterns.
  Newer: shirt, jeans, earrings, coat, sunnies
  Older: belt, booties, clutch

#7. Detail photos.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW [2015 holiday edition]

Hello ladies! Here's a little collection of my holiday outfits. Mainly I wanted to have them all in once place for easy future reference, hope you don't mind a photo heavy post (I'll keep chatter to a minimum, feel free to skip the text!) ^^

#2 11.26 [Thanksgiving]. My husband likes to bang out ALL the families in one go to get it done, so this year we hit three families on Thanksgiving day. I chose a dark-and-rusty dressy outfit that's friendly for a full day of eating (seriously, soooo much food), and popped light shoes on to keep my happiness up. Pink lipstick for contrast with the rusty print, and giant gold hoops for a little extra glam.
  Newer: blouse, jeans, flats
  Older: earrings, coat, clutch, sunnies

#3 11.28 [Friendsgiving]. We host a large annual Friendsgiving (13 this year), and it's always a trick to find the right balance of casually-dressy-but-also-cookable. This year I used Angie's holiday plaid ensemble. Easy peasy!
  Newer: jeans
  Older: shirt, shoes, earrings, coat, clutch, sunnies

#4 12.06 [Holiday party]. Worn to a very fun "Awesome Girl" holiday party hosted by a couple of (shy ^^) forum members, Beth and Sanda, and it was wonderful to also see forum member Kari there. These crossover pants aren't at all wintery but fun for a party so why not! Added my mom's vintage crystal earrings and holographic clutch for some serious extra sparkle. Also did sheer sparkly eye makeup (party!), though I forgot to actually get a photo of it.
  Newer: sweater, pants
  Older: pumps, earrings, clutch, sunnies

#5 12.24 [Xmas Eve dinner]. Whenever possible, we go out for Chinese food with friends on Christmas Eve. Kept it ultra casual with faded denims, and festive with a cheerful red sweater and giant crystal earrings. Sequins and puffers totally go together, right? ;)
  Newer: vest, jeans, earrings, sunnies
  Older: sweater, booties, coat, clutch

#6-8 12.25 [Xmas]. Same as with Thanksgiving, we spent the day across three families including hosting dinner. For an early breakfast at our house I went simple and repurposed my Friendsgiving outfit. For lunch away I went a little dressier and rewore a recent meetup outfit. And for dinner back at home I modified that outfit by swapping the sweater for a lace moto and the booties for pumps.
  Newer: cream sweater, tunic, jeans, flats, earrings
  Older: plaid shirt, jacket, booties, pumps, cuff, coat, clutch

#9 12.31 [New Year]. My dad's birthday is New Year's Eve, so we always spend the evening with my folks. Casual dinner followed by gifts, games, and watching fireworks on TV.
  Newer: jeans, boots, sunnies
  Older: sweater, jewelry, coat, clutch

#10 01.02 [White elephant]. Took the opportunity to dress up for an annual White Elephant holiday party friends of ours host.
  Newer: sweater
  Older: skirt, hose, pumps, earrings, coat, clutch, sunnies

#11 All the details in one photo.

#12 And a bonus photo of my husband's gift to me: an original Ms. Pacman arcade machine (my favorite game of all time), minus the cabinet paint job which I will be restoring/re-stenciling once it warms up a bit. Soooo fun! :D

Whew! As always comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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