WIW 10.07 [ensemble: casual layers & bling]

This morning's ensemble post for casual layers & bling is right up my alley, especially for weekend wear. My wardrobe is currently low on stripes as I've been a bit off them the past couple years in favor of more hectic prints, but was surprised to find that I could still pull a couple versions of the ensemble together. Primarily using striped tees which are reserved for ultra casual wear so it will definitely take a little extra dose of glam to feel fab with them, if at all. We'll see! I'll try those more casual renditions later this weekend, but for work today I thought it'd be fun to do a dressier version.

Balancing the light/dark, both in color and temperature, was a little tricky but I'm happy with how it turned out. After a storm last night it's somewhat sunny today, neither super cold nor super warm, so sheer black hose felt more appropriate than opaque. So then the tall black boots made everything feel overly dark -- until I added the ultra pale gray jacket (though didn't much wear without the jacket except briefly during lunch). Kept the bling tonal (black/white/gold necklace and charcoal crystal studs) and added a little pop of cheerful girly color with matte candy pink lipstick. For maximum glam chose my biggest sunnies and a very shiny metal clutch.

After work hubby and I headed to a hockey game so modified to more casual (and a little more in-line with the ensemble) with a team-colors plaid shirt and black accents. Looked a little more casual untucked but what can I say, I bat for Team Dressy ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 10.06 [inspired by Angie's recent ink gilet outfit]

(Yes I realize hers is more black than ink but I'm doing ink so that's my title story and I'm sticking to it! ;) )

As always Angie's recent ink/black/white outfit is stunning and inspiring!

Clearly this is a different outfit. For one no cute critter (my old chubby kitty just wouldn't make the same impression), for two no loooong vest. The latter definitely changes the fun proportions of the look but as I lack any sort of similar topper I decided to take the other elements of the outfit: cropped dark jeans, cream booties/necklace, and short sleeves (plus a little party in back). And truthfully this less-layered version is more me anyway. Chose a shiny clutch in place of the structured light gray satchel, and in the spirit of more-is-more added the doorknocker earrings; finished with some rust lip gloss. And because I'm in Seattle and not SoCal, I've also got my cream trench with me for the rain that's been promised us later tonight.

Other fun details: boots/jeans are shared wardrobe items with Angie (not sure if she's still wearing these jeans, though) and the clutch was purchased during a YLF meetup. This swingy blouse was purchased at the inaugural trunk show of local designer Lu. which was started by a friend of a friend, who I attended the show with (Nov. 2013). I love a good sentimental outfit ^^

Very happy with how this outfit turned out, and doubt that I'd have put this outfit together without seeing Angie's post. For a few reasons: I don't often wear blue, even less often wear all blue, and I almost never wear dark wash blue jeans. This pair has been all but orphaned, mainly due to lack of supporting cast (tops/footwear), and previously worn only a handful of times with pumps. Was surprised at how much I like the look with the ankle booties so am looking forward to experimenting further (have plenty of those!). And I don't know that I'd wear these two pieces together without all the added cream -- Good thing I don't have to ;)

Thanks for the inspiration Angie! Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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