WIW 08.10 [another tunic, cropped pants, jacket, and heels]

On the blog yesterday I'd commented that I wouldn't want to wear any of my dresses with the look, but couldn't get this idea out of my head so decided to try it out today before the heat returns in a day or two.

So! Short fluffy white dress with white kick crops and white pumps; I did try a few other shoes (these, these, and these) but liked best the simplicity and cleanness of the very plain pumps. Topped with a cropped denim moto that's actually a very pale gray, about as light as possible without actually being white. Accented with silver (clutch, earrings) to keep with the light and tonal theme plus add a little shine, and finished with bright orange lip gloss to add a little warmth.

Really love how it turned out! (Color me completely surprised ^^) I don't think I'd like it with any other color cropped pants; the all white is definitely the major appeal for me -- arty without the black. Will definitely wear again and going into cooler weather can easily swap the kick crops out for ankle-length white skinnies; and when it's really cold the pumps to cream booties.

As a small aside, I feel entirely comfortable taking a little leeway with the formula and donning a dress that's a bit above the knee vs. at the knee -- I'm short, after all! If any of you other petites are interested but on the fence about this formula, try it with a dress/tunic that's just above the knee for easier-to-navigate proportions especially if heels are out.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 08.09+ [tunic, cropped pants and jacket]

Another inspiring post from Angie this morning (of course)! The tunic with cropped pants and jacket formula has been on my radar for a couple seasons now, especially the very dramatic versions with the loooong tunic as in the post. Last fall I finally found a fab longer semi-sheer olive tunic with which to sport it and have been happily wearing the combo since.

Today (#1-2) I went with cropped black pants and an acid wash denim vest for a warm but somewhat stormy "fall is definitely on its way" sort of day. Opted for flats, though if I were sitting more of the day I'd have gone with my charcoal boiled wool pumps. Accented with more silvery elements to go with the vest and flats (holographic clutch, giant hoops, fox ring) and finished with a swipe of cherry lip gloss.

Posting some other outfits with this formula I've worn in addition to today's outfit for fun, #3-9 ^^ I'm happy with how much variation I've been able to get out of what is essentially the same outfit, especially since it utilizes the same big impact piece though I certainly wouldn't complain if another lovely long tunic crossed my path. And after looking through these I'm keen on trying this tunic with my orange kick crops!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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WIW 08.08 [black + pastels]

Hi ladies! Angie's post about pairing pastels with black this morning is right up my alley. One of my favorite ways to wear black, actually. As I commented on the blog, I wear this most in winter and spring; in summer I tend to swap the black for white with pastels or else simply black+white, and in the fall I tend to pair both the black and the pastels with richer more saturated shades like rust and teal versus with each other. Was inspired by the post today to do a semi-summery version for some semi-summery weather.

This tunic was an easy choice because it's black, cream, and three pastel shades (pink, yellow, blue) -- the whole post all in one go! (The colors aren't nearly as saturated as the stock photo shows.) Added peach studded flats, blush moto, and peachy-orange sunnies for a few more pastel shades; leatherette capris for texture contrast; and for some extra sparkle my sequin clutch and layered gold+silver earrings. Finished with a swipe of cherry lip gloss. Easy peasy! Somehow forgot to put on my watch (!) prior to photos, but rest assured it's on now ;)

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome ^^


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