WIW 03.18 [Ensemble: Spring Tweed & Jeans]

Another take on Angie's fab tweedy ensemble this morning ^^

A fun mix of old/new and high/low. This navy/black/gold tweedy jacket is from Zara a few years back, and the Eileen Fisher linen-blend shell is pushing 11 years -- quality is brilliant, especially since it's a knit. Jeans are from early last fall, and of course new silver pumps which several forum members also have. Incidentally they the only successful purchase I've made this year, though I have a few boxes of white jeans to try this weekend (fingers crossed!).

Messier hair, basically what I do for bed ;) I like it much better than the sleeker ponytails I've been doing (which jived better with the rockabilly bangs versus these little curly doodads). Finished with some blush crystal rock studs, coral triple layered necklace, and a swipe of bright red lipstick. Retro clutch and sunnies for, well, more retro.

HUGE high happiness factor. Been very slowly working towards the new style direction and this is spot on. A little more classic perhaps, definitely more retro+pretty, and of course still glam with touches of punk (and boho, other days).

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 02.15-21

Following Angie's post about outfit comfort I decided to spend a few days in outfits that pushed me out of my comfort zone in one way or another. Oh yes, also, I changed my hair style (bangs!!) ;) Had it done just before a 9 day car trip (more on that in a future post) and may-or-may-not like it, still undecided after a month; the good news is that it photographs well and other people seem to like it so it's probably just me -.-

Perhaps not the best week to do it; was feeling ill, just returned from the long car trip, and adjusting to the new hair style which felt a bit of a shock. Still it was a very useful exercise and I'm happy with the results. Primarily I am looking for ways to incorporate more tailoring and structure to my overly-full-of-slouch wardrobe, and am really feeling the need to temper any masculine elements with the new hair.

#2 Tuesday 02.16. Uncomfortable thing: Jacket done up, generally fitted top half. I had the jacket open at first but it definitely looked better zipped up. So I bit the bullet and survived the day just fine! Really love the red+rust combo, and especially like the cool gray thrown in the mix. Pink lipgloss and coral/gold earrings for a contrasting finish.

#3 Wednesday 02.17. Reprisal of an earlier rainy day outfit. Uncomfortable thing: The boyish top half but only because of the new hair. Easily offset by my favorite dainty heeled booties, some pink lipstick, and a pile of rings. 

#4 Thursday 02.18. Uncomfortable thing: All over hectic slouch. Went with a couple of favorites -- love this silk-sleeved sweater even though it's hectically oversized, and am particularly fond of wearing my cheetah booties with these pants -- and then added a rarely worn necklace for a bit of literal hardness. Finished with plum lipgloss and dainty gold earrings (little square posts and a cuff).

#5 Friday 02.19. Uncomfortable thing: Fitted top half and an overall dark look with a lot of black. One good thing about the new bangs is that they're pretty fun with hair up! I'm happiest when wearing black with hair up and skin showing, so I went halfway here: hair up and pumps, but left the sleeves down which I really liked. Added deep red lipstick and gray rock crystals for some extra glam.

#6 Saturday 02.20. Back to normal dressing! A fun little denim-on-denim look for a social work event. This is more in line with the type of "oversized" I'm working towards in my wardrobe these days (i.e. significantly reigned in). The big ankle gap won't be everyone's cuppa but I like the slight awkwardness of the look.

#7,8. Bonus casual weekend outfits! First worn to hang with my sis and catch up on some TV. Second worn for the traditional Valentine's aquarium visit (a week late as we were driving all day on the 14th).

#9,10. Detail photos.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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