WIW: early 2014 faves

Hi ladies, I wanted to share a few of my favorite outfits since the start of the year! I've still been taking my daily photos over the last year, though I haven't been posting them. These are pretty representative of what I've been wearing to work so far this year. Weekend wear has been extra casual, usually just a sweater or flannel + jeans + boots + knit hat; I could post a few of those if anyone is interested, but they're pretty basic.

I picked mostly red/blue+white+black outfits below but I've also been enjoying wearing gray, camel, mint/emerald, periwinkle/violet, and lots of white white white. I've also been having lots of fun with my nails (my sis and I did a whole crazy football nail project, with new manicures for each week of the season). And I've started working on some heavy wardrobe editing and replanning, which I'll continue working on over the next month.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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Dropping by to say hi (+WIW)

Just wanted to pop in and say hello ladies! I'm still lurking, still not quite ready to dive back in to Serious Fashion Mode but getting closer. Remixing with what I have in my closet continues to go well, though I have finally sucked it up and ordered a few springy things this week. I miss you gals and hope everything is going well for everyone <3

(Also, I'm wearing this today. Pretty standard Aida fare, nothing new. Although this is the first time I've been able to wear floor sweeping hems in quite a while. *BIG WAVE*)