WIW 05.06,07 [sorta springy casual weekend]

Some casual outfits for warmish dry (!) weather this past weekend. Nothing fancy here, pretty much how I dress on most weekends unless I need something smarter: sweater/flannel+jeans+booties for cold weather, tank/tee+shorts+flats/sneaks if it's hot, and something in between for in between. I don't particularly enjoy uniform dressing but have learned to do it for casual weekend wear since that's what works best!

#1 Saturday - Orange/navy striped tee with BF jeans for yard work. While working wore a straw cowboy hat, chambray sneaks, and purple gardening gloves. Tucked the side, swapped to gold loafers and added big gold hoops for quick lunch/home improvement store run (should've also popped on a belt!) then back to more yard work.

#2 Sunday - White and blush linen tee with BIG cuffed jeans, ivory rock earrings, and delicate silver necklaces. Had planned to hit the driving range but instead ran some errands so I opted for these little yellow flats over of the sneakers I'd been planning on. Later went for a walk with my sis and her pup.

And of course, also plenty of lounging around both days ;) Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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WIW 05.05 [Ensemble: Denim Shirt & Bell-Bottoms]

Totally adore the ensemble Angie posted this morning! Soooo up my alley. Decided to risk the possible rain (which held out, woohoo!) and wear right away. Paired with a seriously boxy denim blouse, and went a little more casual on the footwear/handbag front. I felt odd not wearing any pattern/color so opted for some OTT with the baubles, poofier bangs, and finished with some bright cherry gloss. Very happy with the outfit, found it particularly challenging to photograph. Has fab movement in person: extra swishy all over! Planning to don another version soon that's more tailored with a denim button-up shirt and dressier bag/shoe compliment.

I haven't pulled these jeans out in a while because they need rehemming -- I've already had them hemmed once -- but they need nearly another inch (!). I'm thinking I'll cut the bottom bit off to let it fray, and also have it taken up. Probably in the reverse order though ;)

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


WIW 04.14 [Ensemble: Easy "Spring" Tweed]

Hi everyone! Love Angie's ensemble post today, don't have a way to don a spring version hence "spring" aaaand more tomboyish so nixing the "pretty" as well ;) Technically the right components but definitely a winter outfit; the only springy thing here is the exposed ankles! Going for lots of texture: heavy navy-with-gold-sparklies tweed moto over semi-chunky marled turtleneck (both roomy, even though they don't really photograph it) with white BF jeans and shiny black loafers. No time to spend on hair this morning so also popped on a fuzzy leo beret. Finished with some light pink gloss. Easy peasy as usual with these fabulous formulas, thanks Angie ^^

(Nothing new to report on the wardrobe front, just chugging along with what I've got.)

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


WIW 10.07 [ensemble: casual layers & bling]

This morning's ensemble post for casual layers & bling is right up my alley, especially for weekend wear. My wardrobe is currently low on stripes as I've been a bit off them the past couple years in favor of more hectic prints, but was surprised to find that I could still pull a couple versions of the ensemble together. Primarily using striped tees which are reserved for ultra casual wear so it will definitely take a little extra dose of glam to feel fab with them, if at all. We'll see! I'll try those more casual renditions later this weekend, but for work today I thought it'd be fun to do a dressier version.

Balancing the light/dark, both in color and temperature, was a little tricky but I'm happy with how it turned out. After a storm last night it's somewhat sunny today, neither super cold nor super warm, so sheer black hose felt more appropriate than opaque. So then the tall black boots made everything feel overly dark -- until I added the ultra pale gray jacket (though didn't much wear without the jacket except briefly during lunch). Kept the bling tonal (black/white/gold necklace and charcoal crystal studs) and added a little pop of cheerful girly color with matte candy pink lipstick. For maximum glam chose my biggest sunnies and a very shiny metal clutch.

After work hubby and I headed to a hockey game so modified to more casual (and a little more in-line with the ensemble) with a team-colors plaid shirt and black accents. Looked a little more casual untucked but what can I say, I bat for Team Dressy ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 10.06 [inspired by Angie's recent ink gilet outfit]

(Yes I realize hers is more black than ink but I'm doing ink so that's my title story and I'm sticking to it! ;) )

As always Angie's recent ink/black/white outfit is stunning and inspiring!

Clearly this is a different outfit. For one no cute critter (my old chubby kitty just wouldn't make the same impression), for two no loooong vest. The latter definitely changes the fun proportions of the look but as I lack any sort of similar topper I decided to take the other elements of the outfit: cropped dark jeans, cream booties/necklace, and short sleeves (plus a little party in back). And truthfully this less-layered version is more me anyway. Chose a shiny clutch in place of the structured light gray satchel, and in the spirit of more-is-more added the doorknocker earrings; finished with some rust lip gloss. And because I'm in Seattle and not SoCal, I've also got my cream trench with me for the rain that's been promised us later tonight.

Other fun details: boots/jeans are shared wardrobe items with Angie (not sure if she's still wearing these jeans, though) and the clutch was purchased during a YLF meetup. This swingy blouse was purchased at the inaugural trunk show of local designer Lu. which was started by a friend of a friend, who I attended the show with (Nov. 2013). I love a good sentimental outfit ^^

Very happy with how this outfit turned out, and doubt that I'd have put this outfit together without seeing Angie's post. For a few reasons: I don't often wear blue, even less often wear all blue, and I almost never wear dark wash blue jeans. This pair has been all but orphaned, mainly due to lack of supporting cast (tops/footwear), and previously worn only a handful of times with pumps. Was surprised at how much I like the look with the ankle booties so am looking forward to experimenting further (have plenty of those!). And I don't know that I'd wear these two pieces together without all the added cream -- Good thing I don't have to ;)

Thanks for the inspiration Angie! Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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WMMW (what my mom wore!) 09.19

Just had to share what my lovely mom is wearing today because I love it so much! Fitted black and white floral turtleneck underneath a knit black harem jumpsuit and low-heeled booties, complete with chunky pearl/rhinestone/silver necklace, sparkly bangles, and cheerful pink lipstick. Go Team Maximal+Dramatic (see where I get it?) :D

(Mom often runs her outfits by me for feedback and ideas which is lots of fun; I really enjoy helping her come up with outfits to wear her beloved pieces in a current way as well as how to maximize impact of any new purchases, though she's always had a great fashion eye so I don't know that she really needs my help! I'm also her trend reporter. Earlier today she was wearing a silky apple green pleated bell-sleeved blouse with lace trim and gray jeans. As she says in Arabic, "Moda!" -- On trend! ^^)


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WIW 09.01,02 [ensemble: transitional black, white & grey]

Playing around with rather maximal takes on Angie's Transitional Black, White & Gray ensemble. Thursday was entirely pleasant weather, today is another matter -- I don't think "blustery" cuts it! Not terribly cold though, just heavy wind/rain/thunder/etc. Fall is definitely here in the PNW.

#2 Thursday 09.01. Heavy texture mix with a hectically large pompom scarf (much more hectic in person) tied in a loop with blunt ends for a little geometric contrast. In the spirit of "more is more" added a cuff, several rings, and printed ponyhair flats plus snakeskin shimmery clutch. Finished with my biggest round sunnies to echo the pompoms and rusty orange lip gloss.
#3 Friday 09.02. Texture/print mix with variable scaled high contrasts (plus nude fishnets which don't show in the photos). I don't normally like wearing black footwear with bare looking legs but these stompy boho boots worked well and also added to the maximal effect so why not. Finished with rusty orange lip gloss and of course trench and hat necessary for rain! I think the indoors version is fine with the heavy boots however it feels a little off with the outdoor version (my cream booties would definitely feel better there, sadly they're on their last legs so I'm saving for winter when breaks from black are a must) which I tried to offset a bit with the black bag.

#4. Detail photos.

As always comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 08.24-28 [typecon edition]

This past week I attended a typography conference in Seattle; I don't normally go to them but couldn't pass up the chance to attend so close to home! It was far more hectic and busy than I expected due to having many impromptu Actual Work meetings -- plus it was an excellent opportunity to chat with all the global folks I work with and rarely get to see! Was quite happy to have aimed for creative business-casual for the entirety... Was less happy at how early I had to get up each morning since I was driving into the city versus staying downtown but I managed ;) 

I did consider planning the entire conference wardrobe ahead of time but, as a mood dresser, that rarely works for me. Instead I selected about 10 outfits I've already worn and know felt fab then chose from the list each morning. Each day's needs were slightly different though highly walkable shoes daily were a must, plus comfortable for loooong days. The weather was also a little ridiculous, with the first few days around 90F and the latter few days down to 70F. Happily the AC at the hotel wasn't crazy so it was perfectly fine to "dress for the weather."

#2 Wednesday 08.24. To attend a Mariners game with a big group on a very hot day, then later in the evening to attend the conference's opening lecture. I found this day's outfit by far the most challenging! Opted to skew casual with team colors, accented with gold filigree earrings and cognac/snakeskin for bag/shoes.
#3 Thursday 08.25. Had a half-day workshop to attend so again opted to skew casual; I also knew I would have two 20+ minute walks going to and from the workshop location, again in very hot weather. I love pairing taupes with white and this has been a favorite outfit this summer. Finished with blush rock crystal studs, my biggest sunnies, and peach better-than-nude lip balm.

#4 Friday 08.26. First full day at the conference spent almost entirely in worky meetings, plus a lovely long social dinner event outside on the patio. I figured a ballroom full of graphic and type oriented folks would enjoy a hectically bright outfit so I chose another favorite. Unfortunately the fabric along one of the seams on these pants started to pull apart so it was good that my top was longer! Not sure if it's fixable, need to take it in to check.

#5 Saturday 08.27. Conference lectures and more meetings this day, followed by a lovely dinner at the home of a local designer we recently collaborated with. Extra tired this morning so a graphic dress made the morning much simpler! Paired with my usual faves for this dress: gold (shoes, giant hoops), white (clutch), and cherry lip gloss. Easy peasy.

#6 Sunday 08.28. A split for the final conference day: morning lectures, lunch with forum member Ann (dashielle), then back to the conference for dinner and an evening drinks event. Had lots of comments on the sleeveless turtleneck; after a few days in Seattle, many non-locals suddenly had a very clear understanding and appreciation of how the PNW climate is perfect for this kind of seasonally confused garment ^^

And apologies but I didn't remember to snap a photo with Ann but of course she looked fabulous! She was wearing the lovely navy loooong R&B vest over a navy top, and then I think black skinnies and boots (my brain had stopped working by Sunday). After a yummy lunch at Serious Pie we stopped by Nordies to drop the vest off for alteration and take a peek around the fancy fall stuff which was fun.

#7 Bonus. Action icon workshop photo, complete with terrible posture (really should fix that, someday). That is my little fishie on the big screen, heh.

It was wonderful being able to shop my closet for the entire conference, and not feel like I had to go out and rush to buy anything new. Being home each night was also nice even though the commute cut a chunk of my sleep. If I were traveling I would totally take this same approach even if it meant over-packing (I'm usually a lighter packer). Anyone else pack like this for conferences versus a true capsule or planning each day ahead of time?

As always comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 08.10 [another tunic, cropped pants, jacket, and heels]

On the blog yesterday I'd commented that I wouldn't want to wear any of my dresses with the look, but couldn't get this idea out of my head so decided to try it out today before the heat returns in a day or two.

So! Short fluffy white dress with white kick crops and white pumps; I did try a few other shoes (these, these, and these) but liked best the simplicity and cleanness of the very plain pumps. Topped with a cropped denim moto that's actually a very pale gray, about as light as possible without actually being white. Accented with silver (clutch, earrings) to keep with the light and tonal theme plus add a little shine, and finished with bright orange lip gloss to add a little warmth.

Really love how it turned out! (Color me completely surprised ^^) I don't think I'd like it with any other color cropped pants; the all white is definitely the major appeal for me -- arty without the black. Will definitely wear again and going into cooler weather can easily swap the kick crops out for ankle-length white skinnies; and when it's really cold the pumps to cream booties.

As a small aside, I feel entirely comfortable taking a little leeway with the formula and donning a dress that's a bit above the knee vs. at the knee -- I'm short, after all! If any of you other petites are interested but on the fence about this formula, try it with a dress/tunic that's just above the knee for easier-to-navigate proportions especially if heels are out.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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WIW 08.09+ [tunic, cropped pants and jacket]

Another inspiring post from Angie this morning (of course)! The tunic with cropped pants and jacket formula has been on my radar for a couple seasons now, especially the very dramatic versions with the loooong tunic as in the post. Last fall I finally found a fab longer semi-sheer olive tunic with which to sport it and have been happily wearing the combo since.

Today (#1-2) I went with cropped black pants and an acid wash denim vest for a warm but somewhat stormy "fall is definitely on its way" sort of day. Opted for flats, though if I were sitting more of the day I'd have gone with my charcoal boiled wool pumps. Accented with more silvery elements to go with the vest and flats (holographic clutch, giant hoops, fox ring) and finished with a swipe of cherry lip gloss.

Posting some other outfits with this formula I've worn in addition to today's outfit for fun, #3-9 ^^ I'm happy with how much variation I've been able to get out of what is essentially the same outfit, especially since it utilizes the same big impact piece though I certainly wouldn't complain if another lovely long tunic crossed my path. And after looking through these I'm keen on trying this tunic with my orange kick crops!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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