WIW 08.23 Trying AJ's scarf-as-a-vest trick

AJ posted a really cool way to tie a scarf so it could be worn as a vest yesterday (thanks again, AJ!): http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....e-to-plonk

I'm trying it out myself today (wore this to work), and I think it's super fun! My scarf is a bit too big but it did yield some interesting draping and volume because of that. This could be an excellent way to incorporate colors/prints one wouldn't otherwise purchase for a vest. What do you ladies think of how this outfit turned out? Does the scarf tie work with a scarf this size?

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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  • Sylvie replied 8 years ago

    It looks fun and breezy. I like the drapiness.

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    You had me with the polka dots :)

    Fabulous and fun!

  • christy replied 8 years ago

    So fun and different! :) I think the volume and draping looks great - and the polka dots are irresistible!

  • Carole replied 8 years ago

    A+ Aida (that rhymes!) Well done, that is the perfect pattern for a vest! I can't wait to try this too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • rae replied 8 years ago

    works beautifully! love how you styled it!

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    Thanks ladies, and whew glad it's going over well since I wore it out all day :)

    The volume took me most of the morning to adjust to, it's just so different than anything I've got. You can kind of see this in the back shot: because of where the knot is, the drape is circular on both sides but goes UP in the middle which results in a little peak. After hemming and hawing about whether it worked or not, I remembered I'd recently seen some beautiful tops which had backs that were overlapped in just this way and I felt a lot better about it :) I think it wouldn't be as noticeable with a smaller scarf.

  • Sara L. replied 8 years ago

    I think the scarf as vest looks great! What a creative way to use a scarf. I'm going to have to look up the original post and see how it's done.

  • Marley replied 8 years ago

    I LOVE this Aida! Those polka dots just make me smile - and I've just got try this scarf/vest trick! Very fun!

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Aida, I think it looks great. I would say the scarf size is perfect. It's a nice way to add a little something to an outfit.

  • Lisa replied 8 years ago

    The light scarf drapes beautifully here.

  • rute replied 8 years ago

    Love!!!!!!!!!! The scarf is lovely! Love the plka dots and the white shirt!

  • Aunty replied 8 years ago

    It looks great plus it is such fun. Love it!

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    Thank you for all the comments! (It totally just occurred to me that I could've done a yes-no poll for this.) And I'm happy that the crazy draping passes muster; I've got a bunch of scarves this size so I feel a lot better about wearing this again with one of those :D

  • morethanbeige replied 8 years ago

    Wow, the vest is really lovely, Aida. Floaty and light. Looks so fresh.

  • Sona replied 8 years ago

    love the polka dot vest. the drape adds flair too.

  • Erin replied 8 years ago

    Love it! Great addition to the repertoire! I too am heading over to the original post. Those polka dots are really cute.

  • Jonesy replied 8 years ago

    I love how floaty and summery it looks, especially with the white shirt! Fab!

  • AJ replied 8 years ago

    SQUEEE! Yay, Aida!! Scarf vest looks FAB!

    I see what you mean about the back peak. I've only worn my scarf vests with dresses and skirts so far so that didn't even occur to me. However, I think that back peak minor detail isn't much of an issue as you move and the scarf floats.

    So glad you tried it and liked it! You look great! I haven't tried it with a button down yet. I've been enjoying how it dresses and adds some cover-up to tanks/camisoles.

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    Thanks for the great comments everyone! It held up great throughout the day, and I didn't fidget much with it. I'm definitely going to wear it again :D

    AJ, thanks again for sharing this tying technique! I am thinking it'll be great for camping or on the boat to add a little pretty color and print to otherwise gear-heavy outfits. Have you tried it with a heavier scarf yet? It may work with a medium weight scarf into fall, though I don't know how well the draping will work hehe.

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