Boot shaft measurement

Where does this measurement start? At the ankle? At the heel?

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  • Queen Mum replied 12 years ago

    I *think* it starts from the arch of the foot. i seemed to have read that on one of the shoe websites.

  • Mellllls replied 12 years ago

    good question...

  • April replied 12 years ago

    Interesting. I have always assumed it started where the upper meets the heel (that is, put the boot on the floor, measure from the floor to the top of the shaft, then subtract the heel height), but your question makes me realize that it may not be so.

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    I'm thinking of Zappos in particular; I have a few boots that I'm thinking of getting but I would like to make use of the measurements they provide so I can pass straight away on the boots that'll be too tall for me.

  • kellygirl replied 12 years ago

    I think it varies from store to store. I believe Zappos is from the arch of the foot. Infinity Shoes said their measurement is from the top of the heel. If it's not in the fine print, I usually call to make sure.

  • Kari replied 12 years ago

    Aida, fortunately Zappos provides a glossary:
    Shaft Height
    "Shaft height of boots are measured from middle of the arch up the inside of the boot to the top of the boot shaft."
    Hope this helps!

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    Excellent, thanks very much! Now to get measuring...

  • Maya replied 12 years ago

    If the boot has a zipper on the side, I measure along that.

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