WIW 12.06-12.10

This past week I had Marley's post about new and unworn items in mind as I put my outfits together. I also tried something new with my hair each day (tried to match to outfits), which I split into this post.

  1. Rarely worn: boots; Never worn: belt.
  2. Rarely worn: sweater and heels; Never worn: color palette.
  3. Rarely worn: orange and green tops.
  4. Unworn: brown vest; Rarely worn: brown blazer; New: heels.
  5. Unworn: navy turtleneck; Rarely worn: heels.

I ended up disliking both the orange and green tops, and will probably toss both; I HAD to add the scarf because the colors just didn't look good on me and needed a more complimentary color next to my face.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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  • annagybe replied 12 years ago

    I really like #4.

  • Angie replied 12 years ago

    I love all the colour combinations, Aida! I especially love the colour combination of #4.

  • Queen Mum replied 12 years ago

    You have a great casual style. I really like the dress on you!

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    annagybe - Thanks, I'm happy to hear that from forwardly stylish you! I rarely do menswear inspired looks like this, but it was fun and I'll definitely be doing it again.

    Angie - I had fun coming up with new color combos for the week, I think these were all new to me.

    QM - Thank you! I'm always hesitant to wear dresses (hard to casual down for me). I'll try to wear them more often!

  • kellygirl replied 12 years ago

    #1 and 4 are my faves. The dress reminds me of the Bellatrix tunic print. It's so nice on you! Looks great with the belt and boots! #4 is a beautiful combination--especially love those teal pumps peeking out. Smashing! #2 is a fun combination too. Not something I would have paired but it really works! Great use of your "rarely worns!"

    ETA: I think this is your first dress post? You rock the dress, Aida. May I ask how tall you are?

  • Lynne replied 12 years ago

    Aida, outfits 4 & 5 are genius - love them. And I love the blue T with your leather jacket, but I think the pants are too light; I'd like to see them swapped out for a darker pair. Your leather jacket pics from your weekend away so inspired me, I went and tried on the jacket I've been umming and ahhing over - again! I've paid for it and the sleeves are being altered now! It should be ready next Wed - will post a pic for you! FWIW (given that I am belt challenged) I'd prefere the blue dress sans belt...

  • rae replied 12 years ago

    Yay for wearing those rarely-worn items; they look great! You wear that color of blue very well.

  • Becky replied 12 years ago

    #1 is my fave. That blue is *your* color. If nothing else, wearing orphaned pieces may clear out your closet if you decide they just don't work for you! :-)

  • bella replied 12 years ago

    I have the same dress from picture #1! It is now in the donate pile since it looked pretty frumpy on me (I didn't really fill the chest part or the sleeves), but you pull it off well. You were contemplating a hair style change at one point. What was the verdict?

  • catgirl replied 12 years ago

    Love the color combos in 2 and 4! You are working it, girl! I wish I could get my act together to do a weekly series like this - it would probably help me figure out where I'm repeating or lacking. I love that you post like this.

  • Ornella replied 12 years ago

    Aida, you rock!

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    Thanks for all the kind comments everyone, it was a very nice pick me up after a hard couple days. I'm also really pleased my menswear look went over well and am encouraged to try another.

    Kelly - I really don't wear dresses/skirts much (to my husband's dismay), mainly because few of the ones I own I really love and I'm never sure what to look for while shopping. I'm in the petite crew, only 5'3" here :)

    Lynne - I'm looking forward to seeing your leather jacket in action (and am shamelessly giddy that I've inspired you to wear it hehe). As Bella mentioned, this dress has a bit of frump to it (especially without the belt), and it nips in way higher than my natural waist so I have to optically move the curve down with a belt of some sort.

    Rae - These are the only items in this shade of blue I have, I'd kind of avoided it thinking it was too bright. But I do like how it looks in the photos, so hopefully I'll start wearing both items more!

    Becky - You're so right, in this week alone I found the green/orange tops should go. I'll have to do another week of rarelyworns sometime to clear out some more :)

    Bella - I do have a hard time styling this dress, and I'll admit I wore my most padded bra to fill the chest out somewhat (and still came out short). I just accept that the sleeves are puffy and a little weird :) I'm still thinking of a change for hair, but probably not until early spring/late winter. I am currently thinking of dying it eggplant though!

    Una - If I had to pick a single thing that's helped my style evolve in the last year, it would be taking photos daily. The site I have linked in my profile I've also found handy because you can enter the items you wear with each outfit, then later click those links to see all the photos where you used that item. REALLY helpful when putting outfits together (especially if you're trying not to repeat for a year like I am :) )

    Ellie - Thanks :D

  • kellygirl replied 12 years ago

    Get out, Aida! I thought you were much taller. You have great posture and poise--it really lengthens you : )

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    Well that makes my day! All my friends are at least 6" taller than me (with several over 6 foot), I usually feel like such a shrimp! My husband doesn't understand why I try to "look tall" when everyone we know already knows I'm mini, but I work hard at it anyway :)

    Taking photos from lower angles is generally more flattering, too; my camera is usually waist height, and if I wasn't too lazy to haul my tripod out every morning I'd go lower still (when my husband photographs me he usually squats like this guy is). And if you're a little more camera savvy, a telescoped lens (zoomed in) will flatter more than a wide lens (zoomed out).

  • puffenstuff replied 12 years ago

    I really enjoy seeing your outfit posts Aida - always so creative and funky! Ok here's my 2 cents worth:

    1- I'm undecided about this one. I think the length of the sleeves is throwing things off a bit, I find with sleeves that end here on me seem to cut the arm off, I prefer either shorter or 3/4 length. Love the boots though!

    2- Loving this with the jacket, it seems like you need that same color family in the jacket and pants to tie it together.

    3- Love love love everything! I'm on my way to steal all these goodies!

    4- I would probably ditch the vest, it seems too similar in color to the jacket and is creating a big band of brown around your waist. Maybe try it with a lighter colored jacket or maybe with the vest open.

    5- I love this look on you, what is it about the shoes that have caused them to be unworn?

  • Tricia replied 12 years ago

    You look amazing in that shade of blue. I also really like #4.

  • Jonesy replied 12 years ago

    Cute layered looks! I love 5 the most--love the heels with the gray socks!

  • Misia replied 12 years ago

    I like #2 and 4! I have to go and check my closet, it looks like you stole my cords, lol

  • celia replied 12 years ago

    My favourites are 1, 3 and 4.Agree with everyone that color combination on #4 is killer on you.
    In general I like all the outfits in here , I imagine if I worked with you and seeing you arrive each day would be a breath of fresh air, because you look so lovely.

  • Lisa replied 12 years ago

    #4 is my favorite. Great idea to add a rarely worn or forgotten item each day. That's a smart way to weed out wardrobe orphans, if it can't work in an outfit, time to go.

  • Mo replied 12 years ago

    Great job working the unworn and rarely worn items! I love how you put the week together, too. The vest outfit in #4 is awesome and I love the bright blues on you. Definitely wear them more ;)
    What program do you use to organize your photos and outfits worn over the year? It sounds like a great way to get a grip on what you actually wear day in and day out.

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    Thanks everyone!

    Puffenstuff - Thank you for the in depth response! The dress sleeves have little ties on them, I'll try tightening them and pushing them up so they're shorter. For #4, I have a navy blazer which I was going to wear originally but instead went with the brown; I'll try a different combo next time! The shoes have a tall platform which makes me feel my feet are balloons, though in the pictures I don't see it as much; must just be in my head :)

    Tricia - Thanks! Everyone's compliments on the blue has inspired me to wear it more!

    Jonesy - I must confess, I usually wear socks with my heels :)

    Renata - I thought the same thing when I saw your post hehe!

    Celia - Thank you very much, I shall be smiling all day :)

    Lisa - It was a useful exercise to be sure (and a fun challenge)! I'll likely do another week like this once the holidays are over.

    Mo - I use a website called "weardrobe"; it's linked as my webpage in my profile. It has good and bad qualities, but for a free, easy to access site I have found it very handy (main complaint: can't edit, delete or view your item list, but I've been pestering them for a while so hopefully they add this feature!).

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