Ask Angie: Flared jean recommendation

I'm looking at getting either the GAP Long and Lean or the LOFT Marissa. I've tried the L&Ls in person, but not the Marissas and the LOFT site has no photo of them from the side. I prefer roomer jeans for this style but I do want the seat to fit fairly snugly (looser thighs are good though). Since you've fitted both of these in person and I have not, which would you suggest for me? Or do I have to go try them both on? :)

EDIT: I've a curvier shape, roomy rear, hips and thighs with smaller waist ;)

ANOTHER EDIT: Do you happen to know the hem measurements of both of these? I don't get why the websites don't show this.

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  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    I really prefer these fits a little roomier, Aida. They look newer and better that way in my opinion. You might need to have the waistband altered - but I just wear a belt and tuck.

    The L&L's have a higher rise and they do stretch a little, which is kind of fab cause they look good roomy!

    You'll need to try them both on - sorry that I can't make the decision for you :(

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    That's what I figured :) I actually prefer lower rises, and the LOFT pair seems to be roomier and looks like it may fit my style more but I dislike the pockets; the L&Ls fit a lot like my bootcuts, roomier when sized up, but I'm not sure if the flare is going to be dramatic enough for me. My LOFT store doesn't have a good selection of denim, I'll try stopping by and see if they have these in to try. Thanks!

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