WIW a few from July

A handful of my favorite outfits from the month of July. I felt a bit weird at the thought of going through the weeks and posting everything since it was 2 months ago, so if you want to see the full lot they're all up on my Weardrobe page linked in my profile :) Nearly all of these were worn to work, and I noted where else if otherwise.

  1. 4th of July outfit, spend the day out doors at my in-law's for food and fireworks.
  2. A white-out type look, and new (at that time) nude sandals.
  3. Worn to a friend's art show opening down in Seattle; I was highly amused to be the only one there NOT in black. (And not just at the show, I felt like the whole city was sporting black!)
  4. A look that went through many variations before becoming this. I rather like the 80s Flashdance thing going on now, but didn't like it at all on the day I wore it (kind of odd?).
  5. An adjacent-on-the-color-wheel color pairing. One of my favorite red jean outfits!
  6. My attempt at a summer-time version of the black+camel color combo.
  7. A day on the boat, and a chance to wear my straw cowboy hat for the first time (purchased LAST summer!). After boating, out to a baseball game in the outfit to the right. New (at that time) bucket bag from the YLF store :)

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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