WIW [some casual hot weather looks]

Here's some of the casual hot weather outfits I've been wearing the past two months. I don't have time at the moment to create my usual collages but I think these show enough of each outfit on their own. Some of these I've already posted and some I'm hoping to still post to my YLF blog, but in case I don't at least I've got them all gathered up here.

I put these in order of outside warmth, starting with cooler then going to warmer plus two dress days (I don't wear them that often, even when it's hot, although they are certainly great for hot days when my brain isn't working). These were worn to a wide mix of things -- some for work, some on the weekend, and some were more gear-centric active-casual needs (like hitting the driving range in #2, or gardening in #15). Because I was so pumped that it worked, I must share that #17 was successfully (!!) modified for evening to head out to a casino with friends: swapped the vest for a lace moto, put on the blush sparkly flats from #4/6, and grabbed a silver clutch. I was fairly happy in all of these, though #9 felt a bit "off" and #1 felt a little too sloppy.

We've got (at least!) two weeks of unseasonably hot weather coming (80+), so I'm sure I'll be able to do a similar post sooner rather than later. Today it is almost 90F/32C and I am wearing #14, feeling very happy and comfortable :D

As always, comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

EDIT to future selves: I've since added a "header" photo so these are easy for me to spot when searching for outfits; so don't forget that all number references prior to my second reply are shifted by one!

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  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Some quick word descriptions for Michelle and Robin:

    1. Navy/white fine striped LS tee with one side tucked into faded slouchy skinny jeans, chambray sneakers, straw cowboy hat.
    2. Turquoise tab-sleeve fluid sweater, shredded pale blue skinnies, chambray sneakers, oversized pink crystal stud earrings.
    3. Navy octopus print tee, faded aqua-ish high rise skinny jeans, mint sandals.
    4. Turquoise/red/white ikat print handkerchief hem tank, gauzy white scarf with pom-poms, white skinny jeans, blush pointy flats with silver studs.
    5. Red hatch print dramatically high-low tank, white skinny jeans, gray ankle strap pumps, wide white leather cuff.
    6. Navy Kit Keller baseball girl tank, oversized cream cardigan, rolled white skinny jeans, blush pointy flats with silver studs, giant gold hoop earrings.
    7. Black and gold foil crane print tee, oversized cream cardigan, black pleather capris, nude short boots, giant gold hoop earrings.
    8. Mustard-lime silk blouse (no idea how to describe this very strange color!) with rolled tab sleeves, black pleather capris, taupe peep-toe shooties.
    9. Cream sleeveless cardigan with bronze sequins over cobalt tank, rolled white/blue ikat print soft pants, snakeskin/tan ankle strap flats, silver bar necklace, wide white leather cuff.
    10. White linen tee with yellow/blue palm print, rust paper bag shorts, white pointy flats, oversized crystal stud earrings.
    11. White/lime triangle print high-low tee, black silky pleated shorts, black/dalmation ankle strap flats.
    12. Navy octopus print tee, baggy cuffed denim shorts, cracked gold smoking slipper flats.
    13. Taupe/black mixed print handkerchief hem tank, cropped acid wash denim vest, black silky pleated shorts, olive oxfords, oversized gray crystal stud earrings.
    14. Red hatch print dramatically high-low tank, cropped acid wash denim vest, rust paper bag shorts, bronze sequinned sandals.
    15. Turquoise/red/white ikat print handkerchief hem tank, baggy cuffed denim shorts, chambray sneakers, straw cowboy hat, gold filigree earrings.
    16. Blue/coral painterly block print sleeved shift dress, chambray sneakers.
    17. White linen dress, cropped acid wash denim vest, bronze sequinned sandals.

    And also attaching finds here :)

    Newer: octopus print tee, aqua high-rise skinny jeans, two ikat handkerchief tanks, white scarf, blush flats, red high-low tank, Kit Keller tank, cream cardi, vegan crops, blue dress

  • replied 5 years ago

    Good grief you have a fantastic closet! Thanks for posting this . I have to say again how great a stylist you are . You really own your look and wear things in the best way. I will say too that your confidence shows in your photos and that alone does wonders for how we/ anyone looks. I need different clothes !!!

  • catgirl replied 5 years ago

    I love how your shoes keep everything feminine!  You are the queen of sassy, spunky sophisticated style.  The red patterned tank is just as fun alone as it is layered. 

  • Sveta replied 5 years ago

    Nice to be treated to Aida WIWs again - I missed you , little sis! :-)
    You should have linked this to today's bog post as a perfect illustration how to wear handkerchief hem tops to perfection. 
    Love them all but #15 is the best, including the hat and the pose! :-)
    I wish I lived closer and was closer to you in size and height because I would love to come and play in your wardrobe.. 

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    What a stunning series, Aida -- you look unbelievably fresh and pretty! Love your handkerchief hems! I love them all, but 5, 11, and 15 really stand out as special. 15 is just so much fun with the pose -- and the juxtaposition of the casual shorts with the feminine top and the hat is superb. 

    I think I see the issue with #9 -- something about the yellowy cream of the vest doesn't want to play with the blue-ish grey of the trousers...and/ or there is a textural thing going on there that isn't just "so." But that is only if one looks for a problem (or if one is wearing it and feeling slightly off all day...). 

    And I agree, #1 is a bit too straight tomboy for you -- lacking your feminine charm. 

    What a treat to see a grouping like this! 

  • donnat replied 5 years ago

    My goodness you sure have some beautiful pieces, and such a flair for putting them together.

  • Runcarla replied 5 years ago

    Crushing on your chambray sneaks! And love, love, LOVE #15! Your outfit posts are such a treat.

  • Maneera replied 5 years ago

    Oh my goodness.....Aida, you are the stylish model I've been looking for to get inspired. I almost can't believe how amazing you look in EACH AND EVERY LOOK. I can't even pick a favourite. My eyes bulged out of their sockets right from Pic 1 and I was only more impressed with every picture I saw.

    I can see being chic, casual and comfortable comes naturally to you. YOU are the perfect example of what I meant earlier - people who will combine two simple pieces of clothing but end up looking stunning in them.

    Ok. 'll try to understand your style better by checking out all your older looks too. Thanks for inspiring. You look beyond fabulous.

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    Oh dear, what am I going to say to all this beauty and style. You look gorgeous in blue, you positively glow in #2. #7 wowed me - somehow the gold swan with the soft light colors and black is very special. You look fab in baggy short shorts. The jumpsuit with denim vest works wonderfully. You look adorable in your hat. I love how you have so much variety yet still a distinct style. Keep posting!

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    You have done an amazing thing...made casual hot weather outfits look glamourous. My favorites are 5, 7, 8 & 11. You have a wonderful amount of variety and great accessories.

  • kellygirl replied 5 years ago

    Wow! I don't know what to say except that you look fantastic in everything! How do you do it?! Love your style! Great Seattle sandals in action!

  • CocoLion replied 5 years ago

    #16 really stands out, the dress with the sneakers is so very fashionable, like a Street Style Star from Milan.  The rest of them show your wide style range.  I love that you can pull off a glam rocker look (#8) as convincingly as Boho Lite (#4) and still look like you.  The octopus tee is super fun, it doesn't need much else to make the outfit work.

  • Sterling replied 5 years ago

    Wow.  Numbers 5 and 8 took my breath away.  

  • Summer replied 5 years ago

    I always enjoy your outfit posts, Aida.  You manage to achieve so many different looks from your wardrobe, and you look lovely in all of them.  I love the printed tees - such fun.  

  • jackiec replied 5 years ago

    Oh I've missed you and your WIWs, Aida! It's so great to see you again! Your hair is looking awesome, btw. Can't comment individually, it's just such a treat to scroll through all the looks. Isn't this weather amazing??? You and Elizabeth have inspired me to pull out those pleather crops, although it might be getting even a little to hot for those. Did you shorten yours? I think mine might be hitting me at a lower, less flattering length. That red/orange tank is such a winner on you. I could go on, but I think I'll go back and study it all some more. Enjoy the hot weekend, plus!

  • texstyle replied 5 years ago

    Such a treat Aida to see so many of your great outfits in one post - loving this, can't choose a favorite but your poses, colors and interesting details are really wonderful to look at. I esp. love 5, 6 and 15.

  • Elle replied 5 years ago

    You have a wonderful sense of style and I particularly like the way your shoes and purse transform your outfits.  My personal favorite is #7 but #5 and #15 are close runners-up.

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Oh my, thank you all so much! You ladies sure know how to make a gal feel loved ^^ Including #5 (and to a lesser extent #8) was probably cheating a bit ;) Happy to hear that these outfits resonated; it has taken me a long time
    to figure out how to feel happy in my hot-weather casual outfits (Joy is spot on about my needing to keep a little glam element), and I do still struggle a bit when it's for something decidedly active.

    Lisa, thank you very much <3 I hope these were of some help to you, I think of your style as even further polished and refined than mine so I could see how really casual stuff, which seems to be necessary in the heat, could be tough (it is for me too). You've also got some pretty fabulous pieces, missey! My biggest hurdle is to allow myself to/make myself spend $$ on casual clothing (which I don't find interesting) and then actually, you know, wear those things out and about. What's the worst that could happen, a tee needs replacing? There'll always be something fun and new to replace it with, and hey at least casual clothing tends to be less expensive. Going for natural fibers helps a lot too, though that ups the expense a bit.

    Svetlana, that would be super fun! I have a feeling we could probably share a few tops and jackets ;)

    Suz, hmm good thoughts on #9. After thinking on it, I think perhaps it was more of a feeling thing than a visual thing -- Those pants are quite roomy and I seem to feel best in them when they're paired with a silky top, NOT rolling the hems, and wearing heels; and then that tank was one of those fitted ribbed numbers, which I'm never comfortable in. Easily remedied for future wears, at least!

    Maneera, aw thank you! Happy to inspire :D It took a LOT of experimentation both at first and ongoing (and of course there are still days now when it's tough, we all have those) but it's definitely possible to get to a place where it feels natural. I don't know if you are a mood dresser, but if so, it may be worth jotting down a few notes about how particular items in outfits made you feel in addition to the outfits themselves (at least to start with). For casual clothing in particular, I find that balancing the form and function can be deceptive without some actual "field testing" data, you know? Sometimes the reality, whether feeling or usage, is surprising.

    Jaime, I appreciate the wonderful detailed comment, hugs to you!

    Joy, YES I think that is the key for me -- Somehow try and incorporate just a little glam. I definitely feel my best, in any outfit really, when that's an element! Tough to do with true casual wear sometimes, but I think it boils down to not worrying about the pieces and quit being precious and just wear them already. Easier said than done sometimes.

    Denise, ooh Milan! Usually my favorite street style to peruse during Fashion Week (what can I say, I loves me some sparkle). Boho-Lite is usually my go-to in summer for sure, though I am happy to hear the glam rocker is coming through more (something I've been working on).

    Summer, yes patterns are a key element for my casual wear. With my focus on Minimally Maximal, I feel like solids don't pack enough punch for these simpler types of outfits. Prints get me a lot of visual bang!

    Jackie, I find it hard to believe those crops hit you lower than mine do, you're several inches taller than me (and mine are like 1/3 down my calves). I actually wish they were an inch shorter, but this length is OK. They are fitted enough that I can scootch them up a tick to get them to a more flattering place, is that something you could do too? And definitely too hot to wear them now, which I won't at all complain about ^^

  • amiable replied 5 years ago

    Wow!  These are so gorgeous!  I love the red ikat and handkerchief hem tanks.  Thanks for treating us to your WIWs!

  • Beth Ann replied 5 years ago

    Love the Americana-summer look of #1 --- very vintage Levi's in look.  I'm also partial to the slight Bollywood energy of #4, the arty-modern #5, and the Asian serenity of #7.  And kudos for finding such a grownup and modern way to wear shorts!

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Thank you Amy and Beth Ann!

    Beth Ann, I'm touched by the poetic way you've described the vibes you get from a few of these looks. Happy to have put together something so reflective.

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Of course, I love ALL the outfits, Aida. But #5 and #17 are my killer stunning faves. SOOOO nice to see you post again. You know I miss you desperately when you're not here. Much love to you. 

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Aww thank youuuu Angie <3 I wore #17 in whatever-the-wearing-version-of-verbatim is yesterday. It was so easy-breezy to wear, and so nice for the warm weather. Definitely confirmed that I need to get serious about finding a couple more casual summer dresses (preferably sleeved, though this year sleeveless is A-OK). I had loads of outfit ideas for that fluffy white scarf from the meetup in #5.... but that was the only day I've worn it because it just hasn't been cool enough! I plan to give it heavy rotation in the fall :)

  • Windchime replied 5 years ago

    Such a treat any time you post WIW's, Aida. I love the scarf and shirt in #5; the shirts and leggings in #7 and #8, and your fab dress in #17. I'm also noticing your wonderful variety of footwear and your inspired remixing. I will definitely refer to this thread when hot weather arrives here this year!

  • replied 5 years ago

    These are amazing outfits, but I knew you from your blog already, so it's like I was expecting nothing less than awesomeness!

    My fave is your dress and blue shades. ( I really want a pair like that, with the shade that fades, and a touch of colour on top.) Extremely simple outfit that packs a punch.

    Also really like #15 and how you got the two pinks to work together.

  • lyn67 replied 5 years ago

    OMG, all gorgeous, particulary the dresses and the hat! Love all your fluids and drapey hems, playful colors, and consistent style! WOW!:-)

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Aida, can you believe I'm saying that sleeveless is okay this year too. Bless our heatwave. I have a turquoise sleeveless sheath that I'm going to wear again soon. Why not. 

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Thanks for your lovely comments Windchime, Smittie, and Lyn! We've had an unseasonably hot start to summer here in the PNW, and my smallish summer "capsule" is certainly getting its workout.

    Windchime, heee yes I am very much a shoe gal even though I almost exclusively wear neutral footwear. Summer is great for shoes though, I can wear a much broader range of styles when it's dry so I definitely take advantage of that; by comparison the fall, winter, AND springs here are often sooooo wet that I'm basically restricted to boots or booties 80-90% of the time. Of course, I have a good selection of those, too ^^

    Angie, that sounds lovely! Both of the dresses I purchased this year have sleeves (normally ideal), so that white cotton/linen dress in #18 (spring 2014) is getting the most wear for sure. I'm still babying my favorite striped hanky hem dress, and haven't worn it yet in the heat. Perhaps when it cools down a bit so I don't have to worry about getting too much sweat on it ;)

  • Debbie replied 5 years ago

    First I can't believe the temperature there about the same as it is here. We are unseasonably cool and it has rained just about every afternoon. I love all of your pieces. That dress in 16 is perfect and I would definitely be your dress twin if it was still in stock!

  • Lisa replied 5 years ago

    Wow, just wow.  You really have warm weather dressing sorted and each outfit is fun and has interesting details.  That's what jumped out at me, while the prints and colors are lovely, the details on the pieces, especially the varying hemline lengths and styles, really vary up your looks.  Bravo!

  • Sara L. replied 5 years ago

    Love these!  I'm thinking I really need to up my graphic tee game.  Many of my favorite outfits on you are the graphic tees. 

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Thanks Debbie, Lisa, and Sara! What a lovely surprise to see your comments ^^

    Debbie, too bad the dress is gone in your size, I bet it would look amazing on you.

    Lisa, hah thanks very much. It's been a slow process to get to this point, but I am so happy with my approach now. Those devilish details become more and more important with these very simple casual items, so I do go out of my way to make sure that every casual item has at least some thing.

    Sara, I'm a newer-ish convert to graphic tees. In an ideal world I'd wear pretty printed woven blouses made from natural fibers... but in reality I need garments that can play hard outside with me and launder easily. So tees it is ;)

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