WIW 10.12-15 (OC Shoptoberfest outfits)

Well I'm sure you've seen me in these by now, but here's what I wore for the OC Shoptoberfest meetup weekend! I tried to sneak in my outfits photos in the mornings before breakfast, all rush rush and hush hush (of course everyone still noticed ^^). Shopping loot thread can be found here.

  1. Friday; worn for the flight down (6.5 hours total time) + awesome potluck at the hotel. Debut of red plaid skinnies, they were SUPER comfortable to wear on the plane! Looking forward to wearing them more this fall/winter. I also was wearing the blush moto on the plane when cold, but didn't get a photo of that.
  2. Bonus early group shot at the hotel (several ladies joined later), with our "Happy Birthday Greg!" sign. Left to right: JulieJohn, Mochi, Rae, Kari, Alaskagirl, MaryK, Aida.
  3. Saturday; worn to the Huntington swap meet, shopping/lunch (OC Mart Mix and Metro Pointe), and dinner (Karl's brewpub). Since this day was half outside and half inside, I opted for more skin since I much prefer to be cold than hot when the weather is warm. It doesn't show very well but this blouse is navy and the shorts/shoes are black. Since the outfit was so dark I couldn't resist adding my neon necklace :)
  4. Bonus group shot at lunch. Left to right: Mochi (front), Alaskagirl (back), Marley, MaryK, Kari, Sylvie, Aida, Isabel (MA), Rae, Vicki, JulieJohn.
  5. Sunday; worn for a FULL day of shopping at the giant South Coast mall, and later to dinner (PF Changs). This day was fully indoors, so I wanted something a little warmer. I was worried my hubby's jeans would be difficult to wear for shopping (due to needing to adjust the roll), but they ended up being just fine. I'm not usually on Team Wear, but liked this belt I'd bought at the swap the previous day much better than the tan one I'd brought with me. Una's photo of me and Rae shows this outfit quite well, too!
  6. Monday; worn for a half-day of drinks and food with Isabel + flight home (6.5 hours total time). Can't see it too well in the photo, but my blouse here is a sheer blush and almost exactly the same shade as the leather jacket. My husband liked this outfit best of the group, so I wanted to wear it when he'd be picking me up from the airport.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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  • Zapotee replied 7 years ago

    Holy smokes, you killed it.
    It gives me so much happiness to see all of these pictures. I need this year to go fast so I can attend the next meetup!

  • Raisin replied 7 years ago

    Great looks! I can't believe how well you wear plaid pants...not many people can do that! I love your shorts outfit too, and you really look good in slim/skinny pants. Love it, love it, love it!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    It's all SO CUTE, Aida, I really just can't stand it.

    That group photo in #2 is mesmerizing. (Thanks for Greg's b-day wishes Mary!).

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    I'm new to this blog so I don't know what the meetups are, but they sure do look like fun! Aida, you look fantastic in every photo! I love all your outfits!

  • nancylee replied 7 years ago

    What great photos! And I love your shopping and traveling outfits, Aida. Casual, chic, and comfortable.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    Too much fabulousness in one thread!!!

    I love how you combined your hubby's jeans with ladylike pumps!

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    The blush moto is so perfect on you! I love in it both outfits. The red plaid skinnies are made for you. I also really like your cross body bag and how well it works with each outfit. You have great re-mixing skills; I can identify the repeat items but the outfits each look completely fresh and interesting. But the group shots - wow. Everyone smiling so beautifully, everyone looking so fab. What a wonderful set of pictures!

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    Thank you ladies! I definitely packed more than I usually do (style standards to uphold!), and normally would have repeated more pieces. Outfit #2 and #3 were initially swapped so the outfit continuity would be a bit more varied, but then our activities swapped too.

    RunnerRae, thanks! I have a huuuuge thing for plaid pants, though I haven't owned any in years. Glad to hear they work for me as I would love to get another pair in wool :)

    Angie, I think Una mentioned it in Greg's birthday thread but we toasted to Greg's birthday quite a lot over the weekend! And you know, I usually don't go for "cute" but they really do look that way right? Must be the giggles coming through the photos ^^

    Karie, there are several "meetups" across the country where YLF members get together for shopping, or food, or the like. This particular one was a big meetup in OC, and several of us flew down for the weekend. They're loads of fun!

    Shannon, thanks! Pumps will almost always be paired with these jeans because they need all the femming up they can get hehe

  • MsMary replied 7 years ago

    SO FUN!! I especially love the "Happy Birthday Greg" shot! "Happy Birthday Greg" became our substitute for "Say Cheese" for all the group photos all weekend!

    Aida, you looked amazing all weekend but that final outfit is just off-the-charts fab!! Love the matching top and leather jacket!

  • Sylvie replied 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting photos Aida! You look awesome in your cropped pink moto.

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    We had a couple of fails before that group shot (like one where Rae's head appeared to be growing out of my side)... So much fun!

    Rae and Aida both looked like celebrities in that shot outside the hotel, and I was like the camera crew. And these outfits held up AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL day.

    I need to do a poll and see how many people ended up with my cast-offs. I brought quite a few to the meetup. I'm thinking Rae, Aida, MaryK... anyone else?

  • annagybe replied 7 years ago

    Love every outfit.

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    Okay I'll put a wow in this one. WOW. #3 takes my breath away you look amazing.

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone!

    Una, I'm glad these outfits held up all day! That was actually something I wanted to be sure of while planning what I was going to wear :}

  • morethanbeige replied 7 years ago

    These pictures are so fun! That blush jacket is TDF!

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    Thank you MTB!

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