WIW 10.01 [tunic sweater vest (UPDATED)]

I've had a sleeveless turtleneck sweater on my fall list for a couple years now, and was happy to see some great options on Angie's recent post on tunic sweater vests. Particularly this orange one from Banana Republic which I snapped up this past weekend during the Seattle meetup. I was instantly smitten with the saturated-yet-still-rusty shade of orange along with the ridiculously dramatic cowl and hem. I'd like to wear it with with my flares but I still need to get them rehemmed, and I will also layer when it cools. For today I paired with white (skinnies, earrings) and gray (boots, bag, camisole, sunnies); and a swipe of pinky lip gloss. Light, bright, and orange = super happy me!

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Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

UPDATE: My husband scored some last minute tickets to the circus! Had only a few minutes after work so I grabbed my rusty jacket and was tickled at how close of a match it was to the new sweater. Will definitely pair again. It was a fun time ^^ Also, this illustrates nicely why I like taking my photos outdoors ;)

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  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 4 years ago

    It looks great Aida.  I ordered it in grey and will try it with white jeans before it snows.

  • Kari replied 4 years ago

    High five, Team Wear! This flame colored knit is so, so Aida. Loved seeing you try it on and love your styling here!

  • Karie replied 4 years ago

    Gorgeous sweater, I love the hemline. 

  • Diana replied 4 years ago

    Fantastic sweater! Love the pairing with white.

  • Brooklyn replied 4 years ago

    Fantastic colour on you and I love how it works with the jeans, booties and delicious fringey bag.

  • Colette replied 4 years ago

    The color is just so beautiful on you and the way you styled it seems perfect.

  • UmmLila replied 4 years ago

    Fantastic look and so in keeping with your style!

  • UmmLila replied 4 years ago

    Oh yeah, eating my words again about thinking this was not a do-able look.

  • Dee replied 4 years ago

    I was just looking at that tunic vest over the weekend and wondering how it could be styled! Well, you nailed it. Love the proportions here and the color.

  • replied 4 years ago

    This red is my favorite colour, so of course I love it!
    It looks so good on you too.
    I also like how the sunglasses come up onto your forehead a bit--very dramatic!

  • replied 4 years ago

    Stunning.  Great score on the sweater too.

  • Maneera replied 4 years ago

    Oh you look fantastic! I can imagine this sweater looking awesome with flares, but it looks pretty damn good with white skinnies too. Love love love the color!

  • celia replied 4 years ago

    Brilliant! That sweater was made for you.

  • Sal replied 4 years ago

    It looks great Aida, I love the colour.  But I love the bag even more, so much fun!!!
    A really great look!

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    Fantastic sweater on you. And beautiful with the light jeans and booties.

  • kellygirl replied 4 years ago

    Aaaahhh! I love this and that fringed bag! I die u r so cute!

  • Firecracker replied 4 years ago

    This is an awesome look, Aida! I was just commenting on Brooklyn's thread about her sleeveless tunic, and you have the same long, lean thing going on here. Perhaps even more so, because your bare arms blend in with the white jeans and the light gray booties and bag. I love the drama of the neckline and hemline, and they are both super flattering on you.

  • catgirl replied 4 years ago

    Well of course this is amazing on you! I like it better than on the model. What a color. It's snowing here so no bare arms for me but you are rocking this look!

  • replied 4 years ago

    Ooooh, I love this look on you Aida! You look fabulous! How great the jacket works beautifully with the tunic too.

  • lyn67 replied 4 years ago

    WOW that's more than brilliant!  A gorgeous combo but be sure your indoors looks are no less fab than the outdoor ones! YLF Aida!:-)

  • celia replied 4 years ago

    Wow, it is a cool twin set. I always get happy when new item colors match old items colors in my wardrobe.

  • Helen11 replied 4 years ago

    Aida, you look gorgeous. What a cool new "twin set"

  • Word Lily replied 4 years ago

    Ahhhh! So great! I love when a new piece meshes so perfectly with what I already have.

  • Meredith replied 4 years ago

    Love this look on you! Hope you had a fun night out!

  • abc replied 4 years ago

    Wow Aida. Both looks are awesome but with the jacket over the top holy cow! Your hair is looking especially great too.

  • Janet replied 4 years ago

    I love this. That color is gorgeous on you! And I really like the version with the jacket. Sounds like a fun night!

    That fringe bag is really cute. I confess that I've never been much of a fringe fan, but I did eye a black fringe bag last night. Decided not to get it, but I seem to be warming to it a bit. I would consider something like what you have here, but in black perhaps. :-)

  • Sterling replied 4 years ago

    You look amazing!!!  And now I want that clutch.  

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    Killer in every way. WOW. Look at the jacket-match. AMAZING. 

    SO fun to have shopped the item with you last week, Aida. I want a bag in that colour. I'm thinking these.

  • Sara L. replied 4 years ago

    Nice outfit!  I love the orange with the white jeans.  That vest is really interesting and I'm tempted to check it out at BR.  I have to keep reminding myself that I don't like to layer and I purged a couple sleeveless turtlenecks recently.  Must resist...

  • Carole replied 4 years ago

    Stunning, Aida! I walked away from that tunic at BR and you are making want to walk right back! And a jacket that matches! Perfect. That makes this so much more versatile! You look so pretty next to the circus photo....all the colors work so nicely together:)

  • catgirl replied 4 years ago


    For those looking for a fun affordable fringe bag, my H&M one has proved to be a lot of value for $15.  Still in stores, and there's a similar one in Aida's light grey.


  • Beth Ann replied 4 years ago

    Holy cow!  You must have been voted "best dressed" at the circus!  Love the energy of orange on you!  The sweater definitely has a retro late 80's / early 90's vibe, but the hi-low hem, and the rest of your styling makes is modern and fresh.  

    This outfit makes me happy!

  • Aida replied 4 years ago

    Wow thanks for all the wonderful comments ladies! For those considering the sweater, I must say it's quite nice. A warm fabrication despite being sleeveless, and it's quite soft and cozy so the cowl is very comfortable (even when it was pressed into my neck with the jacket).

    Cheryle, looking forward to seeing you in the charcoal, I bet it'll look smashing on you styled with some high contrast white.

    Smittie, I usually look for sunglasses that go up above my brows. Definitely in the "bigger the better" sunnies club ;)

    Sharan, interesting thought on the bare arms adding to the length, they definitely seem to; the version with the jacket feels like it has more regular proportions, versus the longer look without.

    Una! It's snowing there already!? That little fringed bag was cute, how fun that there's also a gray option. Light gray seems to be tough to find!

    Janet, this fringey clutch comes in a deep burgundy shade (added Find below). Just sayin :)

    Angie, ooooh yes! The Felina looks especially Angie-styled, yummy pumpkiny shade. I like those strapped clutches too. I have it in my head to find a cognac fringe clutch with a handle.... which probably doesn't exist. Would you wear the rustier orange shade with our Zara jacket?

    Beth Ann, thanks for your extra sweet comment. I did see several people who looked as if they'd just come from work, too. Hadn't thought of this sweater sneaking into the 90s but you're totally right. I guess I can participate in the 90s resurgence, after all! Just not in black ;)

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