WIW 08.29-09.01 ["camping" over Labor Day Weekend]

For many years now, our Labor Day Weekend tradition is to spend the weekend "camping" with all of our friends. Why the quotes? Because it's just barely technically so -- We rent out a small beach house on Camano Island, and then all pitch our tents out in the yard ;) It's always a wonderful weekend, and the perfect way to start winding down summer. We relax, play yard games, go crabbing, and cook up a storm! Feel free to skip ahead to the photos ^^

Extra casual is in order and, even though we have full amenities, my husband and I both skewed to our usual light packing; all of our clothing and toiletries fit into a large duffel bag. Since we had a bit more room than with normal camping, I brought a little more than I usually would for four days:

  • 1 jacket (lined faux-leather moto)
  • 3 tops (two sweaters, one tee)
  • 2 bottoms (faded skinny jeans, blackwatch skinny jeans)
  • 3 shoes (sandals, sneakers, boots)
  • 1 hat, 1 belt, 1 pair sunglasses, 1 pair of silver hoops, and my watch

I also brought an extra top (yellow gingham, unworn) and an extra topper (hoodie, unworn) because we just weren't sure what the weather was going to give us; we got a little bit of everything, and my packing had me well prepared. I do wish I'd brought shorts though, the third day was bonafide HOT (up in the 80s)!

So here are my outfits for the weekend (#1-4). I missed photographing two outfit iterations, so you'll have to do a little imagining here: for nighttime #1 was worn top untucked with the moto, and #3 got sneakers and full-length jeans unrolled once evening rolled around. Also some extra photos from the weekend including the obligatory campfire shot. Hubby and I also had fun playing with the long exposure settings on my little camera after everyone went to sleep, and we got some nifty star photos (#8); I brightened up the color and contrast on those because, well, they're just prettier that way.

A few side thoughts that came up: The first, I had been waffling about keeping this NAS moto since I don't generally wear dark brown; I decided, literally the morning we left, that I would keep it and was much happier wearing it than I'd expected. Second, these jeans bagged out a LOT within an hour of putting them on; I'm hoping to get to Nordies this weekend to see if I can try a size down because I really want these to be a more tailored fit! And third and most importantly, sorting out my active-casual capsule this summer has made me feel a LOT more comfortable with extra casual dressing, and I was able to fully enjoy the weekend without fussing over what I was wearing; now to do the same for fall/winter!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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  • replied 5 years ago

    We call this clamping, so much more fun than actually camping IMHO. All the fun but much less dirt (or at least a way to get clean).

    I love the plaid pants! Both outfits have a great nod to the outdoors but are modern and interesting. And thank you for the little glimpses of the sound, so beautiful, like seeing an dear friend.

  • Caro in Oz replied 5 years ago

    I'm taking notes as summer casual is the part of my wardrobe I struggle with too. Glad you feel good in the jacket it looks fantastic as do the pants. YLF Aida, sounds like a wonderful weekend. The star photos are stellar :) :)

  • Diana replied 5 years ago

    Ha this sounds like the perfect type of camping for me. I don't do anything without indoor plumbing, lol.

    Your ultra casual capsule seems to have come together really well. I particularly like #2, and bonus, I even have similar versions of all the pieces so I am going to try to remember to copycat it when it gets colder here!

  • Mona replied 5 years ago

    Sounds like so much fun. The pictures look great, Aida. Your casual capsule is working great for you. 

  • Janet replied 5 years ago

    Ha! Camping NEVER looks this good on me -- I'm all gear and no makeup and avoid being on the other end of a camera. :-D

    You look great and like you're having a blast. And I LOVE the night sky photos!

    I am once again envying weather that enables you to wear jeans. I love those plaid jeans on you! I got them at NAS and can't wait to break them out, but I'm guessing it will be at least one more week, maybe even two or three, before we get there. Ugh. Today, my reality is dressing for "real feel" temps pushing 100 in an old building where I'll be cranking the AC but it will probably barely cool it off to 80. And my prints are all wavy from the humidity. Fall cannot get here soon enough! Thus ends my weather rant for the season. :-)

  • Karie replied 5 years ago

    I like your way of camping! You have done well with your summer casual capsule. With the exception of needing to toss in a pair of shorts, your packing was perfect too. 

    Fantastic casual outfits!

  • Elizabeth P replied 5 years ago

    What a great weekend... both activities and the capsule.  Your night shots have me wishing I'd thought of doing something similar... we can get some AMAZING night skys at our cottage, but we're now done for the season.

    Can you tell me about the jeans?  I have been eyeing the plaid jeans others have been buying, but none have been in my colours.  But these ones are!  And they seem to have the size I'd need left... unless they run small.  Which skinny's can.  So do they run big, small, are they super skinny, stretchy, etc.  Any insight would be much appreciated.  Or size comparison to other brands.  I love my black watch wool pants, so jeans would be great.

  • Janet replied 5 years ago

    Elizabeth, the Jolt jeans are junior sized -- I sized up to an 11 so they wouldn't be tight-skinny. They are quite short on me, but I only plan on wearing them with booties and boots. Hope that helps!

    ETA: I have not yet worn mine for any longer than a few minutes, so it will be interesting to see if I have the same experience as Aida with them stretching out. I actually wouldn't mind that so much, since I didn't want these to be tight. But I thought you might like to know for sizing reference, since it seems we're similar in size. 

  • frannieb replied 5 years ago

    You look so fashionable for camping. Not how I look at all - all gear and pretty dirty from hiking ;)
    great casual wardrobe.
    The brown jacket looks great and the last outfit looks perfectly casual comfy.

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    (I like the size of the plaid jeans).

    SO glad you kept the brown leather jacket. It looks super fresh. 

    Aida, you are THE most stylish camping lass. WOW. You have an innate adorableness and magic that accompanies your killer style. You rock my style world. xo

  • Elizabeth P replied 5 years ago

    Thanks Janet!  You have the same ones as well?  How convenient :).  And 11 just happens to be the only "bigger" size left :)

    Aida I've reread your post, and I like how these fit on you as is as well.  I'd glossed over the comment about about them bagging and wanting a smaller size, in my haste to get to the photos.

  • Elizabeth P replied 5 years ago

    Poof, and now it's gone. 
    Interesting, it says it's available, but when I put it in my cart, it's not.  Oh well, wasn't meant to be I guess.

  • catgirl replied 5 years ago

    HAHAHA!  Glamping is what my sister calls it in NY.  You look fantastic - I have to return a bunch of NAS at Nordstrom today and am planning to pick up those pants now that they are on sale!

  • gardenchick replied 5 years ago

    Great looks here! We went camping over Labor Day weekend for a nite, but can't say I looked quite that stylish :-) Love your plaid pants, you've inspired me to look for a pair like that...

  • pil replied 5 years ago

    Mission accomplished! The brown jacket looks wonderful on you, I'm glad you decided to keep it. Sounds like a fun Labor Day weekend tradition. Everyone pitches a tent? No coin tossing for the beds inside??

  • Alana in Canada replied 5 years ago

    Super camping style. Wow. I am glad you were comfy and didn't feel the need to fuss. Yay. There's a victory --and I am so impressed with your effortlessness with these outfits.
    Those are absolutely amazing night and star photos, too. 

  • Firecracker replied 5 years ago

    Congratulations on getting your casual wardrobe sorted. You look so adorable in all of these photos. #6 with your smile in 6 and your hubby's clowning for the camera is such a charming shot. Nice stars, too!

  • catgirl replied 5 years ago

    Btw, whatever the website says there were several pairs of these in different sizes at my store.

  • annagybe replied 5 years ago

    Glamping! Great looks. I really like the first one.

  • Windchime replied 5 years ago

    I'm going to refer to your outfits for ideas next time I go camping, Aida! You manage to look stylish even in the most casual mode--it's amazing! I do love those plaid pants on you. I'm also glad you included the landscape photos; #8 is awesome.

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    Love the idea of glamping! The pictures are spectacular - you and the scenery. Glad you kept the brown moto too.

  • Ingunn replied 5 years ago

    Aida, this looks super fun, and you are adorable, stylish and very inspiring as always. Wow! I love the moto on you, so glad you kept it. The oversized sweater is so fab, too. I like the jeans, but I see what you mean. Good luck in finding a better size. Thank you for sharing this, now I want to go camping again, too. And I never want that. 

  • Day Vies replied 5 years ago

    #5 is my favorite. I love the mix of patterns and styles, edgy + classic, plaid and  polka dots. It looks like you had lots of fun ;-) 

  • Tanya replied 5 years ago

    I don;t know how I missed this, but you look stunning Aida!  What a stylish camper you are.  I especially like all the looks with the plaid jeans.

  • replied 5 years ago

    I hate camping, period. That said, I would like to go camping with you, please .

    Love the plaid jeans/pants - appreciate the looser fit and think it looks sexy on you!  Love the moto jacket, the blue sneakers.....and that man taking the picture ,well, he's a handsome dude too :)  Looks like a beautiful , scenic place - glad you had a nice time!  

  • jackiec replied 5 years ago

    Wow - are you ever a Glamper extraordinaire! I do believe I recognize the first oversize sweater - nice! Your camping outfits are beyond fab. I'm only ever in gear and I'm a bad bad camper. Love the plaid, & moto, and everything. What amazing starry night sky photos you have. Gorgeous.

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Oh wow, what a lovely surprise to see all these comments, everyone! Glad to hear these glamping outfits resonated ^^ To be fair, I'd wear all of these normal camping too. I did draw them up using a lot of elements (particularly the footwear) from my active-casual capsule after all.

    Caro, I hear you on the summer dressing; it took me a long time to sort out for myself. Hope you'll post some of your summer looks as you head into the season, I'd love to see what you're doing.

    Janet, eep that sounds way too warm. How to you unwave the prints? :o

    Angie, I liked the size of the pants the first half of the first day... and then just they got too baggy. I'm still hoping to try the size down, I think my Nordies has it in but I have to try and make some time to get out there. And thanks for the very sweet compliment, I'll happily take adorable and magical <3

    Pil, the couple who actually rents the house gets the bed ;)

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