WIW 04.11 (Metropolis)

Movie poster: Metropolis (group thread).

This is a simple poster with big impact, and what really jumps out at me are the monochrome palette, strong vertical lines, and the shaded gradient. I planned my outfit around the dark-to-light vertical gradient, and chose heathered/textured items to pick up on the graphite quality of the shading. Today's outfit is the only one where I deviated from the poster art directly, swapping the black-and-gold color palette of the poster for the black-and-white palette of the movie itself.

  • Charcoal heathered tee - dark color (top), reminiscent of graphite shading
  • Gray jeans - medium color (middle), slim as a nod to vertical buildings
  • Cream booties - light color (bottom)
  • Deco necklace - angled lines at the top, nod to the movie's time period
  • White clutch - well this is just for me ^^

I had different nails planned for today but ended up having such a looong day before that I just didn't have the energy (nor time). So in the spirit of the poster I simplified! Instead of my originally planned black-to-silver sponged gradient, I did glossy black (darkest poster shade) and silver accent nails (nod to the robot) with two freehanded black stripes (nod to the vertical buildings). And lastly, in keeping with the b&w theme I wanted a low contrast lip color so I chose a sheer plum gloss. Possibly a less "2013" outfit than it could be, but I feel like the roomy tee, pointy booties, and daytime clutch keep things plenty current.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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  • rae replied 7 years ago
    What a perfect necklace for this challenge! So retro-twenties dystopic metropolitan  I can't stand it. The lines are kind of echoed in the rouching of the booties, too. I don't know how you keep up with all the new nail looks, but I am happy to sit here and drool!
  • jayne replied 7 years ago
    i am not a fan of grey jeans, but this outfit could change my mind.  Loving the metallic touches and those jeans, I must say, just look great on you!
  • Lantana replied 7 years ago
    I very much like the grey palette you have chosen here. I am finding I am more drawn to the current silhouette when it is interpreted, as here, in neutrals. Nails, again, are so effective.
  • shevia replied 7 years ago
    Beautiful and inspirational - I will just make my pointy white shoes flat. Great necklace too!
  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago
    Love this Aida. Your monochrome interpretation really works.
  • Suz replied 7 years ago
    This is gorgeous and I especially love the necklace. Inspired! 
  • Aida replied 7 years ago
    Thank you all! I was tickled that I had this necklace on hand for this poster, it worked out pretty perfectly ^^ I'm a huge fan of Art Deco artwork, and especially love having jewelry reminiscent of the period.

    Rae, the nail plan ended up being almost over-ambitious. I had a hard time keeping up with it! I don't know how nail art bloggers do it, makes me exhausted just thinking about it. Today's nails turned out pretty sweet, so I'm more than happy to finally get to wear it for more than a day :)
  • Day Vies replied 7 years ago
    I love this look ESPECIALLY the necklace. It all works together well and the white clutch is so cute. 
  • Angie replied 7 years ago
  • Aida replied 7 years ago
    Thank you DV an Angie! :D

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