WIW 03.21-25 First week of (officially) new style direction

After the style hash of this past weekend, I must say that it was far easier than I expected to get dressed this week! Getting all those thoughts out and in a semi-cohesive form made it possible to dress more organically (subtext: non-analytically) than I have in, well, years. I'm happy to report that these required the same, if not less, thought than previous outfits but with far less stress. It also helps that I got rid of a bunch of stuff in my closet. And that I'm able to finally start wearing some of my new spring purchases :)

All worn to work. I feel chattier than normal, so I shall ramble a little about each outfit.

  1. New for spring: necklace. Tied one of my vintage silk scarves to my purse in a big, floppy bow because I couldn't decide whether to wear the necklace or scarf. I had just resolved to start wearing my silk scarves more, and was pleasantly surprised to read Angie's blog post about them a couple days later. Still loving the red+camel(ish) color pairing.
  2. New for spring: ring, jeans. Since I wear my bootcuts with wide hems as it is, I wanted a more dramatic wide-leg flare and these certainly fit the bill. Hard to photograph though!
  3. New for spring: button-up, heels, necklace. OKAY. I feel this is kind of a cookie-cutter "blogger type" outfit but I really loved it (as did hubby (!)) and felt super great all day. So I'm totally, 100% ok with that. Love the non-perfect circles in this necklace!
  4. New for spring: button-up. I've wanted a chambray button-up shirt for a year or two now and never had the pluck to get one (not sure why?), so I'm happy to have one now; I can see it working in so many outfits! I very much like the vibe of this look, and even had a couple strangers compliment it when I was at the salon. Success!
  5. New for spring: jeans. Today's outfit. I was at work the previous day for 12 hours, felt super duper tired and low contrast this morning. For a "lazy" outfit, I'm quite pleased; almost looks planned ;) I got these jeans in lieu of the GAP L&Ls because those just weren't roomy enough in the right places for what I was going for AND as a bonus these are a much lighter wash. Tied one of my vintage silk scarves in a newer-style knot (as Angie blogged about here).
  6. Bonus previous weekend photo with me in my motorcycle gear; I need to find ways to dress stylishly while wearing gear. Went for the first ride of the year out to breakfast, and had some friends over later (swapped to normal jeans and brown boots for that). Nothing fancy :)

Whew! Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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  • tracy replied 9 years ago

    They all look great, but I absolutely love #2/4 and the scarf tied to the bag.

  • MsMary replied 9 years ago

    FABTASTIC!! I am totally copying #4 this weekend!!

  • carrie replied 9 years ago

    They all look great but I think 3 is my favorite with 4 as a close second. You look fantastic!

  • morethanbeige replied 9 years ago

    Wow, Aida, these are all different looks and I'm really liking your new style direction. #2, #3, and #4 really jump out at me. #2, the wide legs look really good on you. #3 is so cute and I'm thinking of copying this. #4 I like the edge!

  • amyreh replied 9 years ago

    All great, my favorites are #2 and #3!

  • kellygirl replied 9 years ago

    Wel, well, well, Aida, what a remarkable week! I am in love with 2,3,5! I like them all but to me, these stand out! I love that indecision prompted the fab accessorizing of the purse. That made me smile! Love the wide legs and the stripes with the aviator. Tres chic. Same goes for 3. You are right, it does have that blogger look but it's so fab that who cares! It obviously works and it such a gorgeous silhouette on you! Positively fab! Great chambray and army green pairing--that one is sweet too. 5 is fab casual--exactly how I would want to look if I had light wash flares. You look rugged with a girl-ish flair in your gear! I'm giving you a standing ovation for doing so great with your new Aida style!

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    Aida, look at you implementing a plan! You look great - I love how gently you've eased into your new look. It's all still very you but amped up a bit with the new pieces. Very inspiring (as I sit here wearing less than PPL...)!

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    And how do we feel about corduroy trousers these days, Aida?

    LOVE the bow on the bag!

    LOVE the ppl's on your new flares.

    LOVE outfit #3. My favourite. Killer.

    I don't know whether you have French heritage, but you look a little French to me.

    You did am amazing job of road testing your evolved style. Well done!!

  • Isabel replied 9 years ago

    I am afraid that I can't pick one favorite because I love them all. I was once read that true evolution happens in such a way that no one notices it until one day BAM. This reminded me of that. The changes are not drastic but the results are FABULOUS.


  • kimlee replied 9 years ago

    Aida - I think you have done a wonderful job of taking your new style direction and putting it into practice. I especially love looks #2, #3, and #5.

  • Jonesy replied 9 years ago

    Verrry nice! I'm especially digging 2, 3, and 4, but you are lookin' good each day.

  • Anh replied 9 years ago

    My faves are 3-4 and 5. All your outfits look so comfy.

  • Aida replied 9 years ago

    Thanks ladies, I appreciate all the feedback!

    Tracy, Carrie, Amyreh, Kimlee, Jonesy and Ahn - Thanks very much!

    Mary - I immediately thought of you after putting this on and looking in the mirror, hehe!

    Morethanbeige - I plan to fully take advantage of Angie's advice this spring to sport "many contrasts" :) You'd look cute in a #3 type look, I hope you'll post it.

    Kelly - The whole button-up+skinnies+heels is a newer silhouette for me, I usually wear skinnies with tees or sweaters (well, I guess I don't wear button-ups much in general). I like the structure of it much more than I expected to. I can totally see you in light flares with some of your fab heeled boots and a white jacket!

    Una - I think it's easier to transition when you have a base of established pieces and work your way through those changes; I always feel like when I start wearing lots of outfits composed of all new pieces it's a bit of shock (which can be both good and bad, this past fall I did this and it was pretty great). You've been doing this and quite well, not sure if you see it or not but you are :) EDIT: Working your way through the changes I mean, not going into shock!

    Angie - I'm ambivalent about corduroy (an improvement!) but this pair has gotten toooo big with my weight loss; it's currently sitting in my growing pile of "get these taken in" pants. Mainly I like the color and the wide cut, so when they get replaced it'll likely be with twill pants this color. I don't have any French heritage (but thank you!), my family is pretty much pure Syrian on one side and pure Armenian on the other :) Thanks for the lovely comments, I'm enjoying the evolution so far and am looking forward to slowly incorporating better quality items!

    Isabel - I like that quote! :D

  • Heather replied 9 years ago

    Aida, I am certainly impressed! You wrote all of your thoughts down and presto! Instant implementation! Proud of you and might I add that you look wonderful in every pic. Thanks for the bonus snap of your biker gear.

  • Carole replied 9 years ago

    All great outfits, once again-but Iove #3

  • modgrl replied 9 years ago

    Great style! You are obviously team DIP! You are looking amazing in your new style choices. Look #3 is totally killing it!! I have got to find a way to copy this style!! Thanks for posting.

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Armenian and Syrian works too!

    I'll take ambivalence towards flared cord trousers :)

  • Joy replied 9 years ago

    What a great week! I also like #3 best of all. You look especially slender in those skinnies.

  • Sveta replied 9 years ago

    Those are fantastic, Aida. I could not believe it but my favorite is #3 even though it is too casual for my style. I cannot identify what is so appealing about it to me but I cannot deny it! :-)
    I like how you wear the scarf in #5 and those jeans are so great on you. You are saying they fir looser that Gap L&L, right? What brand and style they are as I am desperately looking for this kind of jeans?

  • Kappy replied 9 years ago

    You look great in all of them! I haven't "been here" long, but I can clearly see a new style direction in these outfits.

  • Shauntelle replied 9 years ago

    Wow Aida! Just... wow! Love them all...

  • cheryl replied 9 years ago

    I cant pick a favorite. They are all wonderful! :)

  • CocoLion replied 9 years ago

    I love them all! #2, #3, #4 stand out in particular.

    The very rich almost shiny black color bookends your hair nicely in #3 while the cream sweater softens you along with the blue. The red bag goes with your lips. Also the pants are very elongating. I've been looking at that picture for a while trying to analyze why it is so fab on you, and I think those are some of the reasons why. Or else, you were just highly radiant and beautiful that day! This look is the Euro-chic vibe you've been seeking out and it's very flattering on you, it looks very Aida.

    EDIT: Details on those black jeans please!

  • Marley replied 9 years ago

    Aida - what a great sequence of outfits! You are really refining your style and I'm loving it. I think my favorites for this week are #3 - you look so feminine and strong - and #5 - the softness of the colors and textures, along with those jeans are perfect! Thanks so much for posting! You are inspiring me!

  • Scarlet replied 9 years ago

    Aida, your style has come so far, but those pants in set 1 are just too big! I see you know this already. I also especially like 3. It just has a special something. Very eye-catching. I actually think you look quite cute in your motorcycle outfit!

  • Saretta replied 9 years ago

    I'd say my favorite is #3, definitely. Number 2 comes in a close second. You look really well put together and comfortable in what you are wearing!

  • replied 9 years ago

    These are all amazing! You look like an incredibly elegant bad-a** stylish woman! Love!

  • Queen Mum replied 9 years ago

    I like 2,3, and 6 the best...and I can't help but notice that I picked the outfits where your hair was down. I think your hair down really adds to the style quotient of your outfits.

  • Kristine replied 9 years ago

    They all look great, my favorite is #3. I like how you're incorporating more white here and there for spring, it looks fresh.

    I ride too, so I understand the tribulations of helmet hair and constantly changing out boots and shoes!

  • Beth replied 9 years ago

    I just love #3 and I really like the teal top with polka dotted scarf (is that the Halogen scarf?) of #6. Nice work!

  • Lynne replied 9 years ago

    Fantastic, Aida, these are fabulous. The black skinnies in 3 make you look 10 feet tall! 3 is my favourite, and I'm thinking it's because of the long sillouhette these pants give you, and and the high impact contrast of black, white, red, and light blue. I am in love with the necklace - the circles are so organic. Do you remember where it is from?

  • O replied 9 years ago

    I've left this thread for when I have time to absorb it fully and together with the other one about your style direction it is such an educational, thorough read. Thanks for taking time to put it into words and sharing it, it really is inspiring.
    Something that I've missed so far is that you're an engineer, but now it all nicely falls into place. From one to another, I totally understand your analytical side because that's how I get my head around things, style including. I'll be watching your transition to more instinctive style decisions very closely, I certainly need to see how it's done.

    Without reading any of the descriptions and after just glancing over your photos, I could tell they were different. Maybe it's because you have been incorporating your spring buys, but there's an air of fresh, uncluttered look around them, while at the same time you keep that rebellious rock/punk chick that make these looks your own.

    I can see why you call no.3 "blogger type", but because it's on you it looks and feels different. Unexpected, unpredictable for someone like you, shows a confidence that you won't be mistaken for just another blogger based on this. I love it. They are all fabulous in fact and none stands out, that's how consistent they are to me. But if I must, my favorite is no.5 because of that scarf which looks wonderful with that top. The fact it was unplanned, but turned out this brilliantly, just shows how far you are on your desired style path.

    And I love that polka dot scarf in no.6. You always have such fun, feminine surprises hidden underneath, in this case, rough biker's shell. You look fab.

  • nicoleb replied 9 years ago

    Love them all! I really love those olive green zippered pocket jeans on you! SO fun!

  • Aida replied 9 years ago

    WOW thank you everyone, I'm floored by all the wonderful responses :D I just want to give you all big hugs!

    Sveta - The jeans in #5 are a pair of DKNYs I thrifted. When I get home from work I'll see if I can find a style name on the tag for you. They are a lot looser through the thigh than the GAP L&Ls, and have a wider fit overall but still with fitted shaping.

    Denise - Thanks for writing your thoughts on #3, I will definitely try to recapture this. The black skinnies are (don't laugh!) from Zumiez (teen skater shop) and the brand is called "Empyre" cut called "Eve super skinny"; I'm not sure why they work so well on me, because my hips are no where near junior in sizing!

    QM - I'm kind of surprised (but happy) you find that leaving my hair down adds style points because all I do on those days is let it air dry, and maybe scrunch some mousse in; almost feels like cheating!

    Kristine - Glad you noticed the little bits of white, it's been hard to switch out of my black mindset! Our weather is still pretty gray and cool so it doesn't feel too springy yet :( I usually braid my hair and wear a head scarf under my helmet to keep my hair in place, but totally forgot to that day (and ate more than enough hair to remember to do it the rest of the season!).

    Beth - The polka dot scarf is from Modcloth, it's this one here. Though I'm eying that Halogen one in the store, too!

    Lynne - I picked up the necklace from Target a week or two ago, but I can't find it on their site :( I will check if they still have them next time I'm there! You are certainly right about the skinnies; even without heels they make my legs look longer and after seeing this, I'm going to try to wear them more often. Plus I just love wearing black jeans!

    Ornela - YES, uncluttered is exactly what I'm going for! I still love layers and plan to don them but I definitely want the finished look to FEEL uncluttered. I think this comes from perfectly fitting clothes (working on improving this) and only lightly accessorizing. Thank you for the insightful response, it's been wonderful reading everyone's thoughts on this especially with such a broad range of analytical/emotional approaches to fashion here. I think being only half engineer-brained is a huge help because I can articulate WHY some things work, but the other half artist-brain can spontaneously form an outfit that works. And then I can figure out why later, if I want to ;) This has always been my approach, but without having figured out what I wanted before it was just moving along too slowly and inconsistently; it's part of the reason that, as much as I love lists and planning, I just can't plan out what I'm going to wear because I do actually mood dress!

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