WIW 02.22-26 We have snow!

On snowy, icy, and torrentially rainy days my husband and I carpool to work, so for this week I asked him to take my outfit photos. SO much better than doing it myself! He's magical and somehow makes me look good even when I'm not feeling well (I'm looking at you, last 2 days). I'm debating whether or not I can handle waking up 2 hours earlier so I can have him take my outfit photos every day.

Separate from that, my wardrobe is not really built to handle extended snow since we don't get much of it, and it usually melts after a day anyway. I think I did OK, though I didn't dress much warmer/differently than normal. Wore my hair down more this week as per YLF request. Getting sick of seeing this red bag yet? I'm not, it goes with everything! :)

  1. Worn to work. Ended up leaving the scarf on.
  2. Worn to work. A twist on last friday's Chanel look, made more snow appropriate. Trying a new sheer red lip tint; I like it a lot and will probably wear near-daily.
  3. Worn to work. This turned out better than initially expected. Trying a new bright orangey-peachy lip gloss; not quite sure the color is right for me, but it could just need eye makeup to balance the brightness out.
  4. Worn to work.
  5. Worn to my folks' for dinner.
  6. Bonus: un-cropped shot with the snowy property :)

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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  • Zoe B. replied 8 years ago

    My favorite are 2, 3, and 5. You rock that cable sweater in 3! I like the red lip tint.

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    My absolute fave is #5. I love that leather jacket! Who can ever get tired of anything red?:-)

  • MsMaven replied 8 years ago

    I love them all but especially # 5. I have a cognac leather jacked and you have given me a great idea on a new way to wear it--with a striped top and a necklace. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • O replied 8 years ago

    Such a lovely post about your husband :) And now that you had brought it up, you do have completely different look on your face, very gentle, and it is obvious you're not interacting with the camera only. (I immediately remembered the book "The Bridges of Madison County" and one description in which the main character writes about being photographed by the man she loved.)

    This is a great round, I love the snow. (I know, it's great on photos, if only it could stay there.)

    Can't pick a favorite. Apart from the bag :)

  • jen321 replied 8 years ago

    The last picture is my favorite! Love you in stripes! Cute nail polish!

  • Heather replied 8 years ago

    Aida! You are oh so pretty and brimming with personality. I am in love with the pic of you "walking the line." Great stuff.

  • Lisa replied 8 years ago

    You look great, bless you for doing a non coat photo while outside! That bag is fab and should be worn often. :)

  • kellygirl replied 8 years ago

    Aida, your WIW posts are so fun and inspiring! I especially love the aran sweater in 3 and your signature stripes in 5 and 6. You had a killer week! Great boots, too!

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    Thanks very much ladies!

    MsMaven - I do hope you'll post a photo of your outfit!

    Ornella - My husband is a great photographer, so that probably helps too; I learned all the technical stuff from him. That and he always makes me smile :D

    Lisa - Thought I'd add a photo of how I really felt out there; the things we brave for fashion ;)

  • catgirl replied 8 years ago

    Nice week! I really love #3 (so cozy and simple) and #5. (very flattering). And again, I just enjoy seeing your hair down!

  • AJ replied 8 years ago

    Brrrr...I'm getting cold just from looking at the snow!

    Luv the grey, black and brown combo in #3.

  • Sally replied 8 years ago

    Great looks for the snow. I really like number 3...are those black leggings or skinny jeans? they look great with those boots.

  • Aunty replied 8 years ago

    It may be cold but you are smokin!!

  • Lynne replied 8 years ago

    I love 3 and 5, and I echo what Ornella said - your lovely face is even more photogenic with your man behind the camera, so sweet that you can really see a difference in you :). The bag is divine - were you involved with choosing it?

  • dakota replied 8 years ago

    I always love looking at your photos but I must say the very first thing I noticed was your soft smile and the twinkle in your eyes. You are gorgeous!

  • Polly (thunalata) replied 8 years ago

    Love 5!

  • rae replied 8 years ago

    Snow wear looks great on you! Lucky girl!

  • amyreh replied 8 years ago

    You are looking good in the cold! My favorites are 3&5 and I love the pop of color of that bag!

  • Scarlet replied 8 years ago

    Very lovely! Your photographer probably brings out your inner smile :)

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies! I'm flattered you all noticed (and liked) the difference in the photos. I'm also highly amused that #3 is so popular; I almost didn't try the outfit on because it looked weird in my head. Good thing I did!

    Sally - They're black skinny jeans; they're quite slim on the thigh but the bottom half is more like a normal skinny. My favorite skinny fit, and very versatile especially in black!

    Lynne - The only input I had on the bag was to select red or lavender. I, of course, went with red :)

  • CocoLion replied 8 years ago

    Three and five are 10s! I love how skillfully you mixed colors in #5. We had snow a few days ago here in CA, it must have moved up the coast to W. WA.

    I think the photos you take of yourself are just as flattering but the nice thing about your husband's photos is the expression on your face. He obviously brings out the best in you! You are sort of neutral in your self-photos but in his you have this sweet expression that makes me smile.

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    Coco, I think we blew our snow down to you guys; it was so cold it was in the teens for a few days at night, brrr! Also, thank you very much, I'm blushing at work over here!

  • medusa replied 8 years ago

    My favorite is #5. Great colors for you!

  • Katiepea replied 8 years ago

    It was *so* nice to click on your photos and see icy cold when it is 35C here and I'm meeeeelllllllltttttttiiiiinnnngggg! (Instant mental airconditioning!) :-)

    My favourites would have to be #3 and #5. Oh, and I simply adore that last photo of you too. Your posts are always so much fun to read and look at, they really bring a smile to my face. I'm looking forward to the next installment!

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    I'm giving the whole lot a KILLER rating. You have consistently fab style, Aida :)

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    Thanks ladies!

    Medusa - Thank you! I like pairing tan with richer browns, gives it a bit more depth.

    Katie - Happy to provide some mental air conditioning; I'll take some of that sun ;)

    Angie - Wow thanks, I'm excited to have a full lot of Killer outfits! I enjoyed putting these snow looks together, different sort of challenge than our normal cold weather. (Also, extra *hug!*)

  • O replied 8 years ago

    (I really like your 'behind the scenes' photo :) )

  • Carole replied 8 years ago

    Such beautiful pictures! Your husband is an excellent photographer, but look at his subject...the perfect model! Love all your outfits, #3 and 5 are favs!

  • Jonesy replied 8 years ago

    So cute--I agree that you have a special twinkle in your eye when your hubby is taking your pics! I really like all of these, but I especially love 3 for some reason. I dig how those statement boots really shine, and are complemented by the simplicity of the other elements. The proportions just look perfect too. But everything is cute--always love the stripes on you, and I love that coat!

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    Thanks very much, I appreciate all the wonderful feedback :D Jonesy, you articulated perfectly why #3 works, when I was so sure it wouldn't while the outfit was still in my head. I am going to keep this in mind, especially when I try to style this sweater again!

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