Oversized leather jacket inspiration?

Hi ladies, I'm looking for some inspiration for an oversized black leather jacket I have. My sis bought it for me many years ago when I was bigger, and it had an oversized fit back then; were I to buy the jacket today, it would be two sizes smaller. But it's so beautifully made that I have held onto it. Since oversized is in right now, I've been thinking I should pull it out and enjoy it while I can! It's similar in style to the one below, but without that waist seam. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to see them. Thanks :D

EDIT: I realize it might be specific to how my particular jacket looks on me, here's me in my jacket. It's entirely likely that the jacket is just too big to make work, but I'd like to at least try.

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  • annagybe replied 6 years ago

    I have mostly seen oversized moto styles, rather than yours. My Acne moto is oversized




  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    Oooh Anna those are great, thank you! I'm also seeing mostly motos, which is why this style was giving me some trouble. I swapped the image out with actual photos of me in mine, if that helps at all. I've a hunch I might have to wait for fall to get this to work.

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    Scrunching the sleeves really helps.

  • annagybe replied 6 years ago

    Hmm, I think that jacket style is hard to look intentionally oversized.

  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    Yeah, that's what I've been feeling as well. Motos make sense, these don't seem to. Too bad I didn't ask for a moto styled jacket back then! With the sleeves pushed up it looks more intentional, but maybe not enough.

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    My first thought is that this jacket isn't oversized enough. I do like it with the sleeves scrunched, though. Hm, I wonder if shortening the sleeves to 3/4 length would help?

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    I'm not sure Aida. I like it with the sleeves scrunched. Wearing it over a skinny silhouette might accentuate the "oversized-ness" of it. I'm pretty confident you can make it lookk fab. Also have you tried it over slouchy pants!

  • Mona replied 6 years ago

    I agree with others that sleeve scrunching definitely helps. With the right bottoms, the jacket will look totally over sized and modern.

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    It does look better with the sleeves scrunched. Perhaps try it with skinny jeans. I do think it might just be too big to make work as you intended. Since it's been a few years, would sis mind if you sold it and bought something smaller?

  • gryffin replied 6 years ago

    Aida - Did you ever see the movie "I love trouble" with Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte?  She wore a similar jacket with wide leg soft silky pants and a scarf and well the fact that I remember it a gazillion years later says something!!  It was really elegant.  I love oversized jackets over skinny layers in general - like Rae suggested the Helmut Lang kind of look.  I think it would be really interesting to play with it's proportions.  At least that's what I would do.  Beautiful jacket - I would make it work too!!  But then that's me!!  Good luck!  (sorry can't find pic it was the elevator scene!)

  • viva replied 6 years ago

    I love Rae's idea of shortening the sleeves. That's the kind of suggestion that always blows me away because I would never think of it on my own, yet when I ponder it, it seems to have the potential to make this jacket really, really cool.

  • crutcher replied 6 years ago

    Just read Joy's article from NYT on oversizing...Definitely go with the leather jacket...I have a vintage leather that is much bigger than yours and I wore it all winter with a smile...

  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    Thanks for all the responses ladies! I think it's the shoulders that are giving me fits. They're a little big now, too big to look good as a "normal" size but not big enough to look truly "oversized". Selling is an option, though I'd been too emotional about it previously to consider it; I don't think my sis would mind in terms of practicality, but she's even more emotional than I am about things! I think I'd prefer to sell than to shorten the sleeves, though that's a pretty brilliant idea if the shoulders weren't in limbo. So sleeves up is a must, slim or slouchy bottoms are what I'll try. We've got some cooler weather coming up so I'll experiment and see if I can come up with anything that feels good. Thank you for all the help!

  • Thistle replied 6 years ago

    Do you have harem pants you could try it with?

    Maybe leggings and an asymmetrical tunic?

  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    Great ideas Thistle, thank you! I don't have those exact items but I have similar typed items that are definitely worth a try.

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