New boots

In an effort to expand my boot collection as well as purchase some footwear that I love regardless of hubby's opinion (sorry David!), I've purchased 4 pairs, photos below. The first two should, in theory, be below/to the knee. The last two are high ankle boots.

I'm not sure they'll all fit or look as good as I think, but I'm excited just the same! Curious about your thoughts, everyone. (Sorry Angie, I couldn't wait for your boot basics/expansion post! :) )

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  • catgirl replied 12 years ago

    I like 2 and 3 a lot. 1 is nice too but seems sort of similar to 2 because of the ruching, and I prefer the heel on 2 with the style of the boot. I can't give an opinion on 4 because I could NEVAH wear that heel. Is the idea to keep all of these if possible? That would be fun!

    Go you! Sorry hubby.

  • Angie replied 12 years ago

    No worries! I like them all! It's a question of fit and comfort - and perhaps a little bookending with the lighter pairs.

  • annagybe replied 12 years ago

    Love #4. But I have a weakness for sky-high shoes.

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    Happy to have them well received so far, I don't have anyone around me who has the same taste in shoes as I do!

    I love slouchy boots the mostest, and I also have zero wedge heels (not usually my thing). I shouldn't have a problem with the heel on #4 (I'm also a sucker for sky-high shoes), though 4" is certainly not an all day heel height (5 hours, maybe); good thing I sit at a computer all day. I can keep them all if I love them and will use them, but since I've never owned anything like these I'll have to play with them in person I think.

    I'm up for the challenge of bookending the lighter pairs ;) I have a few pairs of gray/charcoal shoes that don't usually pose a problem but the lighter brown one might be interesting/difficult.

  • kellygirl replied 12 years ago

    Sweet boots! #2 is my fave. They look bronzey-brown--I bet they'll go with a lot in your wardrobe! The heel in #4 looks positively deadly. I don't think I could even stand in them without toppling over : )

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    Kelly, I am very much hoping that #2 is the color in the photo because that is also my favorite of the lot! I wear 4" heels a couple times a week 0:)

  • Lisa replied 12 years ago

    This is a very nice collection of boots, I am a sucker for buckle detailing on boots and like all of these.

  • Harmony replied 12 years ago

    #3 is my favorite but all of them are pretty amazing

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