I'd like to _show_ you WIW 10.01-10.05 but...

... my computer died!! I'll spare you the geeky details, but I spent two days reviving it and got it working yesterday, only to have it die worse today (hardware failures). *sigh* It's both my work and personal machine, and I'd already been planning to upgrade this Xmas when the cool touch hybrid laptops come out but this timing is the WORST. I'm going to try and borrow another laptop because I have tons of work imminently due, and in the meantime will use my phone to check in on the forum -_-

So, I guess I'll be painting you a word picture of my week since you've seen very nearly everything before. Time to get those imaginations going!

Monday - brown striped v-neck oversized sweater semi-tucked into rust-orange paper bag shorts, bright cobalt suede low cone heels, rose gold oversized watch, long gold dangly earrings. For outside I added my camel and cream polka dot tasseled scarf, oversized aviators, and slouchy navy mini hobo.

Tuesday - taupe fitted long sleeve tee with new oversized silk square scarf muffler style (burgundy plaid and b/w leo print), white slouchy skinnies tucked into tall taupe heeled boots, rose gold oversized watch. For outside I added my cropped faded denim jacket, oversized aviators, and pewter slouchy safari purse.

Wednesday - navy fitted turtleneck tee tucked into vintage wash baggy flared jeans, black western belt with silver studs, charcoal shoeties, black oversized silk square scarf muffler style (firework print), blush moto (same as Angie's), rose gold oversized watch, brass and black doorknocker earrings. Holding my navy mini hobo as faux clutch.

Thursday - cranberry turtleneck sweater tucked into hubby's faded Levis (my BF jeans) with chunky messy rolled hems, vintage cognac belt, leopard pumps, rose gold oversized watch, long gold dangly earrings. For outside I added my gray shrunken cropped blazer, oversized aviators, and pewter slouchy safari purse.

Friday - violet/white ikat cardigan done up over long black tank, emerald skinny jeans, black patent loafers, silver hoops, black watch with a black/silver multi strand chain necklace wrapped like a bracelet on one arm, 2 chains and 3 pearl bracelets on the other arm. For outside I added my black and white polka dot fringed scarf, oversized aviators, and pewter slouchy safari purse.

Can you picture these? :)
EDIT: If I wasn't on my phone I'd link all these items for you, my appologies!

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  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Oh, Aida - I am SO sorry about the computer. You and Rae have both had computer woes this week!

    I am loving the sounds of Thursday especially. Raspberry and leopard - an unusual but gorgeously spicy mix!

  • bj1111 replied 7 years ago

    ooo...i'm already picturing how i can copy thursday...

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    So sorry about your computer Aida - it's amazing how much we rely on them isn't it?

    I must admit, I enjoyed "reading" your outfits! Your descriptions are so wonderful I can actually picture them. I love Tuesday's outfit - taupe, white and burgundy together is delicious!

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    Oof. I (literally) feel your pain. Best of luck getting the work done in time, and I'm imagining some good stuff in terms of outfits. :)


  • Kiwichik replied 7 years ago

    Oh no! I guess I'll have to use my imagination.

  • JulieJohn replied 7 years ago

    So sorry to hear your computer plight. Sickening how much we need those little device devlis, ain't it?

    Gawrsh, I can't tell you how much I love your outfit descriptions. The only thing better would be to see them, but I must not be greedy. I have created a spreadsheet just for your ideas called "Aida's color inspirations". Can't wait to try to recreate with my own raw materials.

    Now, a question: how do you create your color pairings, and what is *your* inspiration? Although I am an artist, and think constantly (if not more often) about color, I humbly admit I am not capable of anything like your beautifully complex color combinations. I would love to know how you concoct these delicious visual feasts.

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    Thank you for the computer commiseration and for playing along with me, ladies! I'm in the process of recovering my data and hopefully I'll have these photos to share next week once I get back from LA.

    JulieJ, thank you very much! I am happy to hear that you enjoy my color combos, as that's one of my most favorite things to experiment with. I do come from an artsy background, though my engineering skills are more well known here :) As for where I draw my color inspiration from, well that's a hard one for me to articulate. There are the "usual" inspirations such as nature, art, etc. which are things I am always paying attention to (color, proportion, detail, etc.). There are outfits I see others wear, which is less common for me. And then the main one is... simply staring into my closet; I have my closet organized by item type and then by color, specifically so that it's very pretty when I look inside. I usually come up with my outfit while brushing my teeth, just staring into my closet and seeing what jumps out at me that day.

    So. The longer answer :)

    The color complexity is sort of built into my wardrobe because of my approach to color. I am an Equal Opportunity Color Wearer (as Mary has brilliantly put it), so I have many colors in my wardrobe; I also use _several_ neutrals as my "base" instead of just one or two (which can be tricky to manage); and I also also wear both cool and warm colors/neutrals, though I tend to prefer warmer shades.

    With all of that in mind, I operate under this thought: Any color in my wardrobe can potentially be paired with any other color in there, because they share the commonality of being flattering to ME and therefore, on some level, must work with EACH OTHER. Maybe it's not quite a true blanket statement, but so far it has worked very well for me.

    This is a very freeing concept! But can be quite a challenge to maintain. Not only do I need to be very disciplined regarding allowing only flattering colors into my wardrobe (which I suppose we should all be doing anyway) and keep track of which pieces are in what colors, I also need to keep track of which neutrals are used in which pieces; using less "base" neutrals would make this whole thing a LOT easier, as would using less colors. But it is a challenge I very much enjoy because it ultimately allows me to come up with really fun color combinations. I do feel like this concept would work regardless of how many colors one has in their wardrobe, as long as they are disciplined about what goes in.

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