Camisoles with shelf bras

I have a bunch of camisoles that I don't wear because they have a shelf bra built in. While I'm an OK size for these to be functional (though I always wear a bra underneath which makes some of them less functional), they're pretty annoying to me. Has anyone had any success cutting those out? I have a feeling I'd wear my camis a LOT more without that extra bit of fabric.

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  • Kate replied 12 years ago

    I just cut them out. It's worked just fine for me, and they get more use this way.

  • Aida replied 12 years ago

    Good to know that works just fine. I'll be slashing them all tonight then :)

  • Louise replied 12 years ago

    I wear these sort of cami's for bed x

  • Queen Mum replied 12 years ago

    I either cut them out, or cut a small slit in the bottom middle of the elastic to ease the fit. Either way works great.

  • celia replied 12 years ago

    I never tried to cut them but I'm glad to know that someone else finds them annoying, I thought it was just me :)

  • LoP replied 12 years ago

    I cut them as well.

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