Which size Ella Moss moto to keep?

Last one! See, I wasn't kidding that I'm having size issues ;)

The smaller size is fitted on the shoulders and through the arms (not as useful for layering, but the knit makes it possible), and somewhat fitted through the body. The larger size has extra room on the shoulders (the shoulder seam drops past the edge of my arms) as well as through the arms, and is loose through the body. Both sizes can be comfortably zipped up, and both sizes are comfortable since they're a soft knit. I like the pattern placement on the smaller size a LOT better (more white in the front!). Shown here over a fine-gauge turtleneck sweater; since it's not lined I probably would wear more in spring/summer over lighter tops, and this is about as thick as I'd go.

Photos #1, 2: smaller size
Photos #3-5: larger size

Which size looks better to you gals? Thanks in advance for the input!


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Which size Leith track pants to keep?

Hi ladies, another sizing question for you all! These are the Leith track pants that Angie posted, in two sizes. Again the photos look rather similar :\

The smaller size is loose, and the larger size is very loose (feels 90s legit loose, did anyone else see tons of giant track pants back then?). The smaller size has about a 1.5" dropped crotch worn as in #1, and about 2.25" for #2; the larger size is about 3" and adds an additional inch of fabric all around. I would be wearing them lower as in #2 and #3, but posted #1 so you could get a sense of how much smaller the smaller size is. The larger size is borderline falling off of me, by the way; a swift tug could drop them right off! The smaller _feels_ more fab on (since it's so much less baggy) but I have a hunch it's too slim for this type of pant.

Photo #1: smaller size, sitting above hips
Photo #2: smaller size, sitting on hips
Photo #3: larger size, sitting low on hips
Photo #4: Left-to-right - same order as photos 1-3.

Questions: 1) Which size looks better? 2) Are they too long for me?

Thanks in advance for the input!


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Which size sequined tank to keep?

I've been on the hunt for just the right sequined tank for a couple years now, and finally found one that I really like: cream with white semi-matte sequins (yummy white on white!). However, I just can't decide on which size to keep! Both sizes seem like they would work in my wardrobe ><

I promise that both of these are roomy. The smaller size has some semblance of shape (I'm IT/Hourglass) and feels roomier than it looks here. The larger size is waist (and a little bust) surrendering and while I am feeling a bit swamped in it, perhaps it would be more on-trend to have this top be more clearly oversized? I do wish the size difference showed as pronounced on camera as it looks in person. Sorry for the I-just-woke-up hair and face, they are accurate for when the photos were taken ;)

#1, 2 - Smaller size.
#3, 4 - Larger size.
#5 - Gaping armhole in both sizes (smaller left, larger right), but more pronounced in larger size. I am guessing I'd have to have the shoulder taken up to fix this? I've never had this issue before!

Shown with very basic styling. Which size looks best to you gals? Thanks for the input!

EDIT: Had to add what I mentioned in my reply to AJ below regarding movement: they actually both feel good. The smaller size feels "comfortably loose" and the bigger size feels "breezy", if that makes sense.


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K/R All Saints trousers (somewhat urgent feedback needed)

Hi ladies! My husband bought himself these fabulous All Saints trousers which ended up laughably small for him, so this morning he suggested I try them before sending them back... And I kind of really love them, am I crazy on this? They are slouchy without a belt/worn low on my hips (#1), and just a little baggy when pulled up higher and belted (#2).

The back view looks great to me but there is excess fabric in front since these are, after all, men's trousers, especially when worn low on my hips. I tried to emulate how it looks while in stride which is when it's most obvious (#3), though I was surprised to see that the excess looked much more severe in person than on camera (I'm half squatting in the far right photo of #3 to really exaggerate it, as that's how it felt in person heh). I can't decide if or how much this bothers me. Is it something that is alterable? Or do I even need to worry about it? If I do keep them, at the least they will need a dart in the waistband at the back (story of my pants life), and I would also likely taper the hems a bit more so that I'm not limited to only wearing pumps; and then there is the possible alteration to remove some of the excess fabric in front if that's an issue, and not sure how expensive that type of alteration is.

I do need to decide by tomorrow morning what to do with these, and will be showing hubby tonight for his opinion. What say you ladies, keep or return? Thanks!

EDIT: mostly-styled photos here : http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ost-774720


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OC Shoptoberfest loot!

I had a blast shopping with everyone down in OC, and as I told several of the ladies I actually enjoyed helping them finding pieces they needed much more than shopping for myself. Still, I came away with a great haul and was pleased that everything I purchased was on my list for fall. None of this is up for return, so hopefully you all like these items as much as I do :D

  1. TOPS. Cobalt blouse (Zara), floral sheer blouse (Topshop/Nordstrom), black/cobalt striped sweater (Marshalls), tan/cream/navy striped sweater (JCrew).
  2. JACKETS. Black military (gift from Una), bright coral blazer (H&M). There was also an amazing black leather jacket at Zara that I can't get out of my head, but perhaps it was a wee bit small (I totally forgot to snap photos). I'm keeping my eye on it, and if it goes on sale I will probably snag it.
  3. BOOTS. Olive flat foldover lace up boots by Steve Madden (Nordstrom Rack).
  4. ACCESSORIES pt1. Costume jewelry (Forever 21), two-tone snake belt (Marshalls), vintage dark brown leather belt (swap meet), black and white silky scarf (H&M, the photo isn't blurry, it's just a crazy print!).
  5. ACCESSORIES pt2. Taupe leather clutch with metallic pressed print (Lola 76, bought directly from the designer), pewter slouchy bag (Marshalls, planning to stud this cutie), sheer leopard tights (Marshalls).
  6. The lovely ring JulieJohn made!

As one of the few NOT on Team Wear, I have surprised myself by wearing a lot of these items this past week. I've already worn the cobalt blouse, black military blazer, boots, both belts, half of the jewelry, and the clutch! Clearly I did well :)


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My NAS purchases (squeaking 'em in just before the sale goes live!)

Well I didn't think I'd be able to hit up the presale, but finally decided I could budget it in and popped over today. I was able to try nearly everything I had wanted at my small little Nordies, and came away with 5 pieces. And then when I got to my car, the engine light came on and it wouldn't start... so I may have to return some or all of them -_- Either way, I would love to hear your thoughts on these!

#1 Vince Camuto Contrast Trim Houndstooth Blouse - Love this blouse, but I kind of feel like it should be longer? This is a petite and the sleeves are borderline long already. I very much need a few more long sleeve blouses for fall/winter.

#2 Halogen Belted Ponte Skirt - A bit long, even in the petite which this is. I was disappointed that nearly all the other skirts I tried were very thin and showed my tissue weight layering tank when tucked. This one has a nice weight, and will be great when the weather truly cools down.

#3 Halogen Colorblock Crewneck Sweater - I know everyone is on a loose top kick, but in cold weather I really like fitted tops best. I've been looking for a colorblocked sweater since last year that wasn't dark, and while I was hoping for something colorful I like these light neutrals a lot.

#4/5 Blush moto - Not online anywhere from what I could see. One of my TOP MUST HAVE items for this season was a light colored leather jacket, ideally cream or light gray. This blush shade is so pretty and unexpected, it's lovely! (Angie is this the same one you ended up getting?) If I had to keep only one item, this would be the one. I just loooove it! Probably won't wear it done up, but photo included anyway.

#3-5 Fergie 'Linda' boot - I'm a bit torn on this boot. The shaft seems a weeeee bit tall, and it's also a teensy bit wide on my calf so once the leather softens up it's going to slouch. Which I think will ruin the cool structured vibe it has (you can see it already starting to loosen in the photos). Plus I'm not sure I can handle the width through the ankle due to the spat style. Plus plus hubby hates them quite a lot >< So I'm still thinking this one over. I don't _need_ more tall boots, but hey you can never have enough in the wet wet Seattle weather. It would probably be more useful to get a bootie or two, but I didn't see any that I wanted.

#6 Nordstrom 'Graphic Dot' Tights - Also wanted to bolster my hosiery collection, and have been wanting to add some fun textured nude tights since Angie's Japan series of posts.


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Keep or Return: emerald Vince Camuto blouse (Angie's pick)

I haven't been able to get this blouse out of my head since Kari posted it, and then of course Angie listed it in a top picks post. It is beautiful, but I do have a couple concerns.

First off, I don't think I can wear this with pants, right? With these jeans the top sits right above the waistband. If not, then the pencil in #2/3 is the only thing in my closet that I can wear it with. While I love how it looks with the skirt, I'm worried this would be too limiting for me; I do have an open wardrobe hole for blouses, but this one was rather pricey and NAS is coming up. It could fill a hole for "actual dressy top" for an actual dressy occasion, but I have none coming up that I know of.

Secondly, the pleating in front is pulling at the bust which I tried to show in the right side of #3. If you zoom in on the Nordie's photo you can see that the pleats are supposed to lie flat. I feel like this takes away from the architectural integrity of the blouse, but sizing up would make the blouse ridiculously large.

Would love to hear your thoughts regarding my two concerns, versatility for the price and whether the pleats pulling is problematic.


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Keep, Return, or Alter: black and emerald dotty blouse

My sweet sister bought me this lovely blouse as a late birthday gift, but unfortunately the size is one (or two) too large. It is still returnable, but there are no smaller sizes.

Concerns: Very, very boxy. LOTS of width from the side due primarily to strong swayback, and the straight front hem seems to emphasize this. Also, the fluttery sleeves aren't exactly IT friendly and I'm not sure how I feel about them.

Questions: Should I (and is it possible to) have the waist taken in as in the right of #2? I would have it still be cut a bit loose, just not so straight. Also, should I have the sleeves removed so it's a sleeveless blouse instead? Or should I just have her return it?


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Reports booties take two: beige

The beige Report Marks booties arrived earlier in the week, and I was finally able to snap some photos of them. Please pardon the messy bed-head, my free morning time has been few and far between this week.

Compared to the red, I would say I like these a bajillion times more (technically speaking, of course). Honestly it's NO contest for me. These boots didn't seem to work with any of my skinnies, and are too wide for my straight legs which means they would be shorts/skirts/dresses only (my wide leg pants are hemmed for higher heels) as expected. And since I wanted a summer boot specifically, these are definitely more suited to my style than the red (I had originally been hoping for cream). I know everyone really liked the red but I think colorful booties may just not be for me.

The color is somewhere in between what you see in photo #2. Not quite tan, not quite beige. I WISH they were the color they look in the outdoor photo, that would be exactly perfectly what I wanted. So I am not sure if these are too greige for me? But I do like the shape and they are very comfortable. These are also less suede than the red (weird?) and I like this material a LOT more. EDIT: Have to also say that my skin is not nearly as pink as it appears in these indoor photos, it definitely has a bit more gold to it.

So what do you ladies think of these? What do you think of these versus the red? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!


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K/R colorful booties

So I bought both the DV booties in orange and the Reports in Red during Norstrom's half yearly sale, and I am unfortunately not feeling either of them. I'm pretty set on returning both (and exchanging the red for tan) right now. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that while I love colorful pumps and flats, colorful boots just don't seem to work for my style (and I have a lot of boots!).

The orange are pretty cool, fun color and all. Photos #1 and #2 are ways I would wear them (pardon the wet hair there). These boots seem like they'd be "me" but I just can't get myself on board with them. I'm definitely not on Team Chunky Shoe, and these feel that way to me. They're not quite sleek, not slouchy, not oversized. The neither here-nor-there coupled with the heavy foot visual feel just doesn't do it for me.

So then the red I actually quite like... minus the color. Again, red boots seem like they'd be "me" right? Photo #3 is sorta how I'd wear them, but pretend I'm wearing the tee in #2 and that I didn't just wake up ;) This pair has a much shorter shaft which I like, but of course are QUITE gapped around my ankle. But it looks purposeful, and I do have an oversized/slouchy element to my style so I actually really like that. But I just can't see myself reaching for these; in almost all the outfits I am imagining where I would wear them, I would just much rather grab a neutral boot OR a colorful flat/pump. I have often found myself reaching for essentially these boots in tan or nude, though, so maybe I should exchange them for the tan color option.

So, what do you ladies think? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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