OT: Week off

Hello lovely ladies! Wanted to let you all know that I will be offline for the next week for my husband's birthday. We'll be taking the motorcycle down the coast and back up (an interesting packing and style challenge....). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, week, and weekend :)

Also, Greg hope the site transfer goes smoothly!



Camisoles with shelf bras

I have a bunch of camisoles that I don't wear because they have a shelf bra built in. While I'm an OK size for these to be functional (though I always wear a bra underneath which makes some of them less functional), they're pretty annoying to me. Has anyone had any success cutting those out? I have a feeling I'd wear my camis a LOT more without that extra bit of fabric.


Weatherproofing pony hair

The blog entry about weatherproofing suede got me thinking about pony hair. I recently purchased my first pair of shoes that are pony hair, pointy leopard pumps. Beings that I'm in Seattle, I certainly am interested in what are the do's and don't's of this material, and if there's anything I can do to improve their chances of survival here. Any thoughts on weatherproofing pony hair shoes?

(Sorry I can't post a pic for another 3 days! But this is them: http://www.heels.com/womens-sh.....opard.html )