WIW 09.30 [repeated bottom half]

This is what I was originally going to wear yesterday before changing to the Anthro inspired outfit (I actually feel a bit happier in this version, more patterns!). I almost never wear the same shoes two days in a row, let alone an entire bottom half. But I love the outfit too much to pass up the opportunity to wear while the weather is cooperating -- it's entirely likely that the chance won't come again and I know I'll be sad to have missed it otherwise. No one even batted an eye, of course ;)

Sweater is from NAS, finally getting a chance to wear it. I bought it planning to pair with white and light gray (the stripes' colors) along with the occasional black. However for now, before the truly gloomy weather arrives, I'll be wearing with taupe, rust, and cognac. Finished with blush sparkly earrings to add a touch of glam and cherry-pink lip gloss for some color depth.

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  Older: shorts, clutch, sunnies

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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