Thanks YLF

... for inspiring me to try things I never thought to try! I'm wearing nude microfishnets today for the first time, something I would never in a million years have thought to wear. Mainly because before coming here I had no idea these even existed. I'm pretty sure they're one of the most brilliant hosiery I've ever worn. Thanks for helping me push my boundaries :D

(Got these from Target, $8. Very light tan color, good for pale gals with olive tones. EDIT: These are actually by Hanes, not Target's brand; added a photo of the package. They seem like decent quality to me but I haven't owned expensive hosiery before so I have nothing to compare to except other non-premium tights :) )


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WIW 04.23-26

Well it was a joy to have my full wardrobe to choose from after the bike trip :) Playing a little catchup, here are weekend and early part of last week outfits.

  1. Saturday. Worn after a day of gardening out for a casual dinner and drinks with friends.
  2. Sunday. Worn for breakfast with friends then to the in-laws' for my husband's belated birthday (and Easter) dinner. These (new and cheap to try out) zippered denim leggings are what rubbed dye onto my cream bag :(
  3. Monday. Worn to work then out for tacos. This is the shrunken and cropped blazer I picked up at H&M down in San Fransisco. I love it! The interior lining is a cute polka dot print which I dearly wish was also the sleeve lining. I'd been having trouble styling these ivory booties with cold weather outfits when really, they're perfect spring boots. Still a new idea to me but makes total sense.
  4. Tuesday. Worn to work. A day dry enough for wide legs, but still chilly. I like the swooshing all the fabric makes :)

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!


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How do you keep light handbags clean?

I'm trying to get onto Team Handbag, and recently bought my first cream handbag which is a synthetic leather-like material. I really love it but I manage to rub it on everything! Most recently against a pair of cheap black zipper denim leggings (to try the trend!) which, apparently, I hadn't washed enough times before wearing so the dye rubbed off. How do you gals who sport white/cream/light handbags keep them clean (besides rub on less stuff ;) )? Any particular products you could recommend for both leather and synthetics? Thanks!