Hair help wanted!

While I feel like I have a handle on clothing, I'm completely baffled by hair (and make up, but that's another topic for another day). Which I am a bit embarrassed to admit since I'm almost 30. I know we have some excellent hair on the forums and I'd love a little advice!

In the last year I've moved away from washing every day to every 3 days or so and have seen a dramatic improvement in the health of my hair. But I still don't really do anything with it, mainly because I don't really know how (really and truly). I do one of three things: leave it down with its natural curls, put it half up in a clip, or put it all up in a ponytail. That's about it. Generally I let it air dry, though I can kind of sort of use a blow dryer if I try really, really hard.

I'd love to hear suggestions/advice for how to style my fine, thin (sob), curly hair. Not really interested in anything sweet; I'm an 80s punk at heart, I love volume, teasing etc. but I just don't have enough hair for it (and my husband doesn't like that at all, boo). And I'm also a bit of a hippie when it comes to my hair and prefer light to no structure and making use of its natural attributes. So I guess I'm looking for more "rocker" type 'dos. Simpler preferred since my skill level is very low.

I also attempted to "style" it today (and wore light make up, rare!). First time ever trying this, semi-successful; the poof is bigger than it looks in the photo (or maybe that's just to me) and I feel very rockabilly in it! Not bad for first try? Seriously, all comments welcome.

EDIT: sorry for the rant, hair stresses me out -_-


WIW 11.24, 11.25 (Thanksgivings)

This year we hosted our 2nd annual Friends Thanksgiving (outfit #1) which was most excellent. My husband and I smoked the turkey, with all the food otherwise potluck. It was quite the party complete with spending time in the hot tub while snow fell, playing Xbox Kinect games, and having a Generally Fun Time with most guests sleeping the night over. The following day we went to my folks' for another Thanksgiving dinner (outfit #2).

The champagne sweater in #1 is my first dolman sleeved top (very new shape to me), and has lovely little sparkles running through it. I bought it with this event in mind, but I now plan to wear it on non-holiday days because I love it! The charcoal sweater in #2 is in my "maybe" pile, and is one of my few chunky knit sweaters; I'm still not 100% sold on it. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.


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